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EIGHTEEN elephants are killed by lightning during storm in India

EIGHTEEN elephants are killed by lightning during storm in India

5/14/2021 6:15:00 AM
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EIGHTEEN elephants are killed by lightning during storm in India

Nearly 20 elephants are believed to have been killed by a lightning strike, according to examiners looking into the animals' deaths in the Assam state of north eastern India .

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India installs net to catch Covid dead bodies floating in river GangesA NET has been installed across the Ganges to catch dozens of dead bodies washed up on its banks as Covid devastates the country.

India installs NET across Ganges to catch corpses of Covid victimsBihar's water resources minister Sanjay Kumar said on Twitter on Wednesday that a 'net has been placed' in the river on the state border with Uttar Pradesh and patrolling increased.

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Scientists race to study variants in India as cases explodeA potentially worrisome variant of the coronavirus detected in India may spread more easily Normally I don’t do this, I don’t praise people for any reason,truth be told good work deserve appraisal,I wound deny the fact that I’m super jealousy of your hard work and skill. I’m proud of you and what you do in the life of people we need more people like you Sharon_cryptofx

Vaccine second doses could be rushed forward for millions to fight India variantThe government has released an action plan to tackle surging cases of the India Covid variant - and says bringing forward second vaccine doses to earlier than 12 weeks is one option under consideration Thank God for bringing bitcoin to man, it has being a great source of blessing to all of man kind who have passion for bitcoin trading. Now the poor are getting rich over night and the rich getting richer. LISATOWNSENDC thank you for your proper management,🙏🏻🙏🏻 'and the Government 'will not hesitate to take further action if necessary'.'.... after all this time, they've learned nothing. The time to do something is right now. By the time they act, it will be way too late, and deaths will go through the roof... again.