Eight Ubisoft Xbox 360 server closures coming in September

7/1/2022 9:34:00 PM

Following a scare earlier in the year, multiple Ubisoft Xbox 360 games will be losing online support in September.

Following a scare earlier in the year, multiple Ubisoft Xbox 360 games will be losing online support in September.

Ubisoft has issued a two-month warning for multiple Xbox 360 server closures, with three Assassin's Creed games (III, Brotherhood, and Revelations) among the titles losing online support on September 1st.

Ubisoft later responded with a statement to TA, putting the online issues in affected titles down to maintenance and promising advance warning ahead ahead of any full server closures.Monster Hunter has somehow gone from being an extremely niche series to spawning Capcom's best-selling game of all time with Monster Hunter: World.DualSense.accompanying post on the PlayStation Blog has also shed a little more light on the console port, promising extensive optimisations, an intuitive interface"which doesn’t lose its rich detail and functionality", and controller support designed so that"everything is quickly accessible with simple inputs, creating a quick, smooth and intuitive experience.

Well, here's that notice, so you've got two months to grab all of these online achievements if you want/need them — many smartly started working through them after the outage back in April as it looked like the writing was on the wall for these legacy games, which it now very much is.Any achievements related to online multiplayer or connectivity are expected to be discontinued as a result of these closures.It's one of my favourite gaming series ever, and I've ended up buying no less than three Nintendo consoles purely to play the MonHun games exclusive to those systems, even if I did get a lot more use out of them even after hunting season was over.Ubisoft also notes that people wanting to play Future Soldier's solo campaign after the shutdown will need to go offline to do so.Next, we'll show you how to do just that.Will you be prioritising getting any of these done before the servers are shut down on September 1st? Planning on joining or creating any.Even though Xbox players have relatively limited choice when it comes to games that can stack up to Capcom's co-op action-RPG hunting greats, there's still a few interesting options to try out, and even more if you're okay leaving the comfort of the Xbox world.

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Guess I finally need to get some of these done ... 🙄 Saw that on TA earlier today, so i've decided to reinstalled these Ubi game. Just in case. It finally happened This why multiplayer achievements should not be allowed. If you are still playing 360 games online then you really need to upgrade.

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