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Editorial: Boris Johnson's absence in the wake of devastating floods will haunt the Tories

Editorial: Boris Johnson's absence in the wake of devastating floods will haunt the Tories


Editorial: Boris Johnson's absence in the wake of devastating floods will haunt the Tories

While the government should invest in preventative infrastructure, the speed and extent of the climate crisis could mean that holding off disasters like these may prove unaffordable

For people to have lost treasured possessions, and, on some cases, had their homes wrecked by the waters for the second or third time in a few years, the prime minister’s assurance that is monitoring developments from the safety and comfort of a country pile in Kent may be thin recompense.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Although Prime Ministers can't be expected to be everywhere, certain situations require a personal touch and leadership. As PMs, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron all visited flooded areas. Boris Johnson had a great PR opportunity and his absence smacks of not caring. If only there was some clue as to how the famous absent father Boris Johnson would step up to his responsibilities...

Minister on question time said all the things they'd done but no one was interested They Boris haters just looking for something to bitch about like when he was on holiday He was elected largely due to intolerance,nationalism and fear rather than empathy or compassion. Why would we expect him to care? Are we naîve as well as gullible?

It won’t. heather151262 I’m glad he hasn’t gone because it proves our point . He thinks he is above the commoners . Hopefully he is digging his own ditch and deep !🤷‍♀️ No sign of our kindly monarchy? Too busy project managing taxpayer funded improvements to Buck House Allchanges Will it tho? Will it? 10 years of austerity and people voted 'for change'. People are fucking GOLDFISH

It won't be held against him as the press & media will not hold him to account & he'll just carry on being abominable HS2 What rubbish you talk ! We're not In America ! If he flew by plane or helicopter you have said it was a waste of tax payers money !! Stop reporting bias and stick to actual news !! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Boris Johnson scraps mansion tax plans in Budget after fierce backlash from ToriesBORIS JOHNSON has ripped up plans to impose a 'mansion tax' for high value homes after facing a fierce backlash from grassroots Tories and MPs in his own party. the establishment the ruling class the 1% ... as long as WE believe ... . He's full of shit As if Boris was ever going to Tax the wealthiest. Those with low incomes will of course continue to pay for these arseholes and billionaire owned media like you will continue to ensure that happens. dontbuytheexpress

wheresboris He doesn't care. The con is done. You can't touch him He's not Canute!!! That's why there is an environment Secretary and Local constituent MPs Nonsense 🙄 Will it... Really? Did Obama Care about the African Americans... Ever? Are we supposed to be surprised by this? Voters made their beds. C'mon somebody on here must have voted for him. Own up.

Have you checked in the ditch and the fridge? The're phelps to them 'n' left behind🙄 Well, top marks for consistency! And why change the habit of a lifetime?

Boris Johnson to refuse to abide by EU rules on tax and workers' rightsBoris Johnson is preparing to dismiss demands by Brussels for the UK to abide by EU rules on tax and workers' rights after Brexit. Follow me I follow back as fast as Ronaldo I’m as sharp as Messi I don’t joke around like Neymar It’s like having your ex tell you what you are going to eat and what you can watch on TV. The EU has not come to terms with the fact we have left yet. It’s one of the stages of grief. They are still in denial.

You mean 'The Independent hopes Boris Johnson's absence in the wake of devastating floods will haunt the Tories'. Get it right, we love your bias hate towards the Tories, but it would better that you just come out and admit it! What exactly is he going to do when he gets there? do you feel haunted facilitating his victory? piss off

Check Whitehall fridges. There’s no election so he sees no point in mixing with thick real people as he sees us. Well apart from trying to be King Canute I cant really see what our Boris cud of done? It's ok, he's traveling by fridge. No it wont. The gammon will fall for his lies again at the next election.

I know you all think Boris is special, but unfortunately he's not special enough to turn up and hold back the water leave him alone.. hes playing with train sets. this real life catastrophic deadly climate shift doesnt matter (;/pureSarcasm\\;)

Boris Johnson could still strike Brexit deal with close EU alignment, says former ministerPrime minister's 80-seat majority 'doesn't mean he will get his own way on Brexit' Well we can only hope he doesn’t. Most importantly not at the expense of border controls or UK fishing. Closer and closer! Anonymous 'Remain-backing former cabinet minister' and the (not very) Independent hoping that if they wish really, really hard their dream of Britain as a vassal state might come true. Not a chance.

Can't haunt people that have no souls to begin with Cameron did bugger all when Somerset was flooded, this is what you get with the tories Honestly such more journalism what laws have we had to follow till recently. Blaming our government and Boris for not turning up is wrong. Why not stop trying to kiss up and blame the EU for enforcing dredging laws. Getting like America and Trump media make fake news everywhere.

IanIrons I bet they regret voting for him Doesn't need to be there. The services and relevant authorities just need to get on with their jobs and sort it out. I've never understood why people demand to see the Queen or Prime Minister. No doubt opportunist Corbyn will be trying to capitalise on it by turning up 🙄

No it won’t Where has he been? Too busy laying into the BBC to trouble himself with ordinary people suffering. Though, frankly, if he'd shown up who would have been remotely convinced? Oh dear another non story. That is why he has ministers to do the job. If he turns up he will be accused of having a photo opportunity. If be doesn't he is accused of not caring. Damned if you do damned if you don't.

Straight out of the Morrison bushfire playbook. He got there votes, why should he care

Boris Johnson aide said black people are mentally inferiorAndrew Sabisky also advocates for enforced contraception and said giving children mental performance-enhancing drugs is probably worth 'a dead kid once a year'. It's clear BorisJohnson one nation politics is not just one England nation but one WHITE England nation. Those who voted for a misogynistic, racist, homophobe have to take responsibility for who they voted for As long as it ain't no kid of yours eh Andy People aren’t nationally tested for their IQ but are designated a range by the few. I recall reading somewhere that if a black person refused to be enslaved they were said to suffer from a mental illness called Drapetomania, quackery at its finest.

They don’t care 😞 getting Brexit done is top priority 🙄 oh wait ... we haven’t got it done yet 😙 how will it? do you want a poster boy or do you want a prime minister that actually does his job? if he wasted time to visit every disaster area hed never get around to doing his real job... Yeah, why isnt he out there with a sump pump?

they don’t care. They’ve made that clear from the get go Has he gone missing again Disgraceful actions from a Prime minister. Who are you taking advice from!!!!! It seems brits are so dumb that Boris can get away with anything. After all they voted for him.. And people are surprised? He already got his votes so doesn’t really care.

It won't because the majority of voters will just forget that he did this. It's yet another failure to act on things, a practice so of the norm that anything beneficial will go down in time. Their failings as a Gov will be forgotten over and over again.

Boris Johnson can make ONE ‘special case’ deal to secure huge Brexit bounceBORIS JOHNSON is about to embark on trade talks with the EU after Britain's departure from the bloc - but a 'special case' post-Brexit trade deal with just one country could secure the boost to the economy the Prime Minister craves, an expert suggested.

Can't hunt a PM that isn't actually there. I think this will haunt remainers more. EU rules on no dredging in a country they don't even understand led to some of this flooding. If we'd of left 3 years ago as expected, we would of been able to change that. Nobody cares. He’s given Little Britain its racism back to keep it warm, rich and successful. (Not that such racism ever went away, mind).

I think he is too busy laying in front of bulldozers at Heathrow Airport It won’t Far more important things to do than visit mere mortals that’s why he has an environment minister , he is so so important Was he busy shooting Man Vs Wild documentary? What do you expect him to do about it? Yell angrily at the water? It's a flood, people need proper emergency care, that's all you can do.

Was he in Hawaii? Does he even know? Has Cummings not told him yet? BorisJohnson

Boris Johnson told to sack adviser who backed compulsory contraception to prevent ‘a permanent underclass’Labour says Andrew Sabisky ‘must be removed from this position immediately’ – amid signs of a revolt by other advisers This governments clearly off to a flying start. He won’t, because he agrees with him. Too right

He doesn't care. Aren’t they used to him being absent when there’s anything serious to work at? Drop the paywall. He is in the fridge

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'Trite and misleading language about Covid-19'

Arrests after men lick hands and wipe shop food

PM’s health continues to improve - No 10

I stockpiled dozens of eggs, fruit & sauces but had to bin it all - I don’t care I’m doing the vulnerable out of food

Will we ever take cruise holidays again?

Chinese billionaire is being investigated after calling Xi a 'clown'

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