'Eat out to help out' used 10 million times so far

Eat out to help out: More than 10.5 million meals claimed in first week

8/11/2020 12:18:00 AM

Eat out to help out: More than 10.5 million meals claimed in first week

The Treasury has set aside £500m to cover the cost of the scheme for restaurants, bars and cafes.

HM TreasuryDiners used the"eat out to help out" scheme more than 10.5 million times in its first week, the Treasury has said.Under the scheme, which is intended to boost the struggling hospitality sector, the government pays for 50% of a meal eaten at a cafe, restaurant or pub on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

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The discount, which is due to run through August, is capped at £10.Treasury estimates put the average claim at close to £5, making the cost of the policy around £50m so far.HMRC said that, as of 9 August, it had received 10,540,394 claims under the scheme.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak described the figures as"amazing", adding those using the scheme were helping support the hospitality sector.'We've had 15,000 bookings for eat out to help out'The government has set aside £500m to fund the policy.

And it has already led to an increase in the number of people visiting High Streets across the country, according to Springboard, which measures footfall figures.It said the number of people in retail destinations after 18:00 BST last Monday, the first day of the scheme, was 19% higher than the week before. Meanwhile lunchtime visits were up 10%.

However, visits to High Streets are still down significantly compared to the same time last year.The Treasury said that 83,068 restaurants had signed up to the scheme.They include fast-fast food chains like McDonald's and KFC as well as lots of local, independent pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Image copyrightGetty ImagesGovernment figures show that 80% of hospitality firms stopped trading in April and that 1.4 million workers were furloughed - the highest proportions of any sector."Britons are eating out to help out in big numbers," said Mr Sunak.

"And they aren't just getting a great deal - they're supporting the almost 2 million people employed in this sector," he said.The discount is only on food and soft drinks eaten on the premises, so it does not apply to takeaways.There is no limit on how many times the discount can be used in August, or for how many people, including children.

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I've visited a few of Rishi's Restaurants over the last week or so. Most were great but I noticed that one local establishment was serving smaller portions than before. Very naughty! Still possible to redirect to where it’s needed. Chancellor should be congratulated here. I know restaurant owners who are seeing much more business

This is one of the most stupid ideas the brainless government invented at the time of COVID-19 pandemic putting people at risk with the cost of Taxpayers. What’s the likelihood of getting the virus when you eat out bomber8t5 no this wasn’t just my order alone huh huh huh Fast food takeaways should not have been included. Particularly the ones where people consuming them dump the packaging out of the car window. litter McDonalds BurgerKing The litter transformation on country roads when they were closed was great.

No bookings for Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays... a big thankyou to all the people in the Q down at the local foodbank Not me, people are too stupid and unsafe behaviors. Could spend this money better. Hospitality slave wages and immagant wage depression. Dont forget all the places that have signed up, can only pay using cash and are just robbing from the goverment by lying about how many customers they have had

There is, apparently, an obesity crisis, so government gives people money off to increase their intake of calories. There is an outbreak of Covid, so government facilitates crowded pavements and 2 hour queues outside of Nandos and other restaurants. Cook your own food and save yourself money! I didn’t ask for it and when I declined it, request was refused.

Wow has the government actually thought about the impact on staff at pubs & restaurants with this ‘Eat out to help out scheme! The restaurants & pubs are so busy unable to cope ! Just witnessed good hard working staff being reduced to tears by bolshy agressive customers!! 🙄🙄 Amazing how thats traceable

I’ve just booked another 3 restaurant visits utilising the scheme during this month.. Have a nice meal, save a business, save jobs, boost the economy EatOutToHelpOut Wait, aren’t we all meant to be slimmer? Or was that only last week? Now we’re being told to gorge ourselves in restaurants? I’m confused.

BBCPolitics And still nobody suspects any abuse of that system whatsoever.... I bet Wetherspoons is still empty.... but he's still getting paid. How much is this costing Expensive publicity stunt for Sunak that we'll all have to pay for in the long run ‘Chancellor Sunak described the figures as 'amazing'‘ I think he meant “alarming”. 10m in 3 days from a U.K. population of 67m people. 15% of the population? Really? In Stockton we’ll be subsidising the drug lords!

Time to help football out like you have helped retail 🙂 BBCPolitics Life saver for our local independent restaurants and their staff. Only hope September doesn’t just die off like a white rhino!! BBCPolitics I wonder how many meals were given out by food banks last week? Without any contribution from Santa Sunak. Any idea TrussellTrust bankuetuk IFAN_UK ?

BBCPolitics I love eating out 😍 Lol spreading more covid by encouraging people to come in numbers and then shut down restuarants again. Strange tactics Three cheers for the Tories... £34 in Nandos for five of us.. Happy days... Great idea. Happy to be one of them and only eaten in local and independent restaurants where I have been based...

govt propaganda outlet ignores small businesses as 10DowningStreet gives cash to party backers Why can’t people stay at home until this virus has gone Breaking news!!!!! Restaurants found to have made false voucher claims! Good to see that the people that can afford to eat out are getting to eat out more! let's just cancel all further elections and just hail the Tories as the saviour of Britain! Get your fucking act together BBC and stop being the mouthpiece for the utter arse-pieces of Britain!

We're not eating out just because the government wants us to do so. We prefer home cooked meals and they are cheaper. Seems to be the safest place to be.... That deadly Sara/co_vod virus knows not to enter eateries Wowzer! How would this be checked for cash payment claims? I guess lesson drawn from EOTH initiative is it is worth getting infected or possibly die for the sake of a discounted meal.

BBCPolitics RishiSunak Brilliant! Hope it will be extended for another month if demand remains & similar schemes will be made available to different sectors to increase consumer demand & avoid redundancies. Excellent alternative to furlough as it becomes possible to get back to work. No Obesity Promoting obesity.

Will this be rolled out for other sectors and businesses? Or just junk food giants? Health businesses and sports clubs might be one of many more apt to support than Gweggs fat factory, given the link between flu and obesity. Shame grandkids will be paying the debit back for years to come I know it’s to boost the hospitality sector but one minute it’s eat out then it’s we are obese..just saying ...

And those were just tory MPs. All it has done at the pub that I work at is make Thursday, Friday and Saturday quieter. Meanwhile some non propaganda news. And empty restaurants on the other 4 days... How does the treasury know this figure exactly? My daughter and I had 2 lots last week I didn’t eat out I bought shopping for the foodbank BankBillericay instead savinglives helpingothers ... we need to be a little more understanding of others in the current situation ... and I’m still helping the economy

really is a good job the virus is a hoax,you should see the state of the places,no distancing,no ppe SoZages8 “there speaks a winner of EatOutToHelpOut” well..here’s to the other 10 million plus winners. Well done RishiSunak on providing a suitable scheme that benefits everyone, mainly the young & coloured of the UK. Great to see places local/corporate bars & restaurants full

BBCPolitics So at a fiver subsidy a go that's £50 million to the tax payer in the first week? Wowzas Wonder how many false claims put in The Tory party never did anything for free. There must be something. BBCPolitics Done my bit today Some dishonest practices. Hike in menu prices. As well as smaller portion sizes.

Welcome to the land on the obese!!!! I've just landed on planet Earth and it seems you have foodbanks all over the country filled with donations and politicians go to visit them & smile at what a great service they do.. while those who can afford to go to restaurants are getting a lovely discount. Explain please.

So, around £105m worth at the max end of the scale. Can’t wait to see the number of fraud cases this will bring 🤣 BBCPolitics FFS!!!!!! You are NOT the Daily Mail. Can't wait to see the huge price increases to come. Tories never give anything freely without clawing it back with interest later. 2 million in McDonald's probably.

Yesssssssssss free ish food.... Oh wait Fucking idiots Wow, that’s actually pretty amazing The next generation will foot the bill

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