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Earthquake at New Zealand sparked a tsunami warning

New Zealand is rocked by a THIRD earthquake - this time magnitude 8.1

3/4/2021 11:23:00 PM

New Zealand is rocked by a THIRD earthquake - this time magnitude 8.1

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake has rocked the North Island of New Zealand sparking a tsunami warning.

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DailyMail nyy_cate Close enough to ask if everything’s all right? Do not worry is the hobbits having a party again New Zealand is being battered. The Ring of Fire keep nudging up the Richter scale. 😱😱 DAMN! What did the Kiwis do to piss off Mother Nature? Prayers for all of the Kiwis! 8.1 baap re ! Looks like Mata dharti has some other plan☹

🌏 The world warms up and erupts, repeat DailyMail Anyone going to help would probly have to Quarantine for 2 weeks DailyMail Nickikiwi We are thinking about you and hoping that you and your friends/family are OK.😙 Dammm 💔 The earthquakes have sparked more tsunami fears and urgent evacuation warnings

Tsunami risk? Jesus Haven’t you got a big picture of New Zealand to go with the headline? 8.1 that’s hefty Wow that’s mental! I hope everyone is ok!