E.U. Takes Hungary to Highest Court Over LGBT and Media Rules

7/15/2022 5:33:00 PM

The E.U. intensified its legal standoff with Hungary on Friday by taking the country to its highest court

The E.U. intensified its legal standoff with Budapest over Hungary's restrictive law on LGBT issues and media freedom

The E.U. intensified its legal standoff with Hungary on Friday by taking the country to its highest court

July 15, 2022 9:10 AM EDT T he European Union’s executive intensified its legal standoff with Hungary on Friday by taking the country to the E.as stipulated in the Paris Climate Agreement.Archie Battersbee can stop receiving life-support treatment.14:45 UTC Copy A European court has said it can examine M&As among tech and science companies even if one of the parties has no operations in the EU.

U.’s highest court over a restrictive law on LGBT issues and media freedom.Why should gas not be included? What about nuclear power? There are many problems with categorizing nuclear energy as a “transition technology”.The E."But the fight, if it can properly be characterised as such, is no longer in Archie's control.U.Secondly, there are already cost-effective alternatives available, namely cheap and rapidly expandable renewable energies.had already tried for a year to make Hungary change a law that bans content portraying or promoting homosexuality.It was also in contact with the UK's Competition and Markets Authority – which had received the complaint as well – even though the UK is no longer in the political and trading bloc.

The European Commission said it “discriminates against people on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity.Classifying nuclear energy as “environmentally sustainable” entails the danger of misallocating capital to a technology of the past." Mr Justice Hayden went on to say: "This court has to ask itself whether continuation of ventilation in this case is in Archie's best interests.” “The Commission considers that the law violates the internal market rules, the fundamental rights of individuals (in particular LGBTIQ people) as well as—with regard to those fundamental rights—the EU values,” the statement said.It was the latest episode in a long political battle in which Brussels perceives Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as deliberately stepping away from the cornerstones of Western democracy while Hungary depicts the European Commission as overly meddling in internal politics and imposing moral standards it considers far too liberal.In addition, there is clear evidence that nuclear energy causes significant harm to other environmental objectives.Hungary’s right-wing governing party last year banned the depiction of homosexuality or sex reassignment in media targeting minors under 18." He added: "Having come to this conclusion, there emerges the prospect of an end to Archie's life, which reverberates more closely with the way he lived in the past.Information on homosexuality was also forbidden in school sex education programs, or in films and advertisements accessible to minors.In the case of gas, the question arises as well, as to why the European Commission assumes that there are no technologically and economically available alternatives." "It endorses the European Commission's power to review mergers in the tech and other innovation heavy industries, even where they do not meet the merger control thresholds at EU or member state level.

The governing Fidesz party argued the measures were meant to protect children from pedophilia.But the law spurred large protests in the capital, Budapest, and critics, including numerous international rights organizations, said the measures served to stigmatize LGBTQ people and conflate them with pedophiles.Certifying gas as sustainable creates new competition for funds that should be channeled towards truly green alternatives..European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen immediately called the law “a shame” and made it a point of pride to counter it with legal procedures.Friday’s decision was the latest step in the drawn-out process.Modern gas-fired power plants have lifetimes of 25-30 years.“The Commission decided to bring the case to court because the Hungarian authorities have not sufficiently addressed the Commission’s concerns and have not included any commitment from Hungary to remedy the situation,” European Commission spokesman Christian Wigand said.Picture: Alamy A lawyer representing Archie's parents indicated that they wanted to try to challenge Mr Justice Hayden's ruling in the Court of Appeal.

Read more: What Viktor Orban’s Win Means for Putin At the same time, the commission has long criticized the retrenchment of media freedoms in the member state and on Friday it took Hungary to the European Court of Justice because it believes it muscled out a radio station because it refused to toe the government line.Furthermore, the emission limit for newly built plants until 2030 would be 270-gram CO2 per kWh, which is not ambitious enough.Commercial station Klubradio, which went off the air over a year ago, was one of the last radio channels in Hungary that regularly featured opposition politicians and other critical voices during its news and talk programs.Critics of the government say the station’s liberal stance led to a discriminatory decision by the country’s media regulator when it refused to renew Klubradio’s broadcasting license.U."What Archie's case has shown is that systematic reform is needed to protect the vulnerable and their families in end-of-life matters.The station has broadcast only online since losing its radio frequency.“The (EU) Commission believes that Hungary is in breach of EU law by applying disproportionate and nontransparent conditions to the renewal of Klubradio’s rights to use radio spectrum,” the EU statement said.What will be the consequences of this decision—assuming it stands? The taxonomy is the basis for green financial product labels.

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Why is the EU so obsessed with sexual perversions? The EU needs to throw Hungary out, enough of this. As an eu members country must give up their constitutional right and must take in millions of econ-refugees, thugs, criminals from Asia, Middleastern, African including Muslims & jihadists anti Christian.

Deport sexual perverts? stop your woke project thanks

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Doctors can switch off life support for Archie Battersbee, High Court rulesDoctors can lawfully stop providing life-support treatment to 12-year-old Archie Battersbee after reviewing evidence at a hearing in London, a High Court has ruled. High Court are playing GOD. Shame. Shame. Totally Unacceptable. The Law of Karma. 😱 🙏 I would definitely look for a second opinion from a medical panel which is not based in the UK. There are no words. My heart and prayers are with Archie and family

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Court rules Archie Battersbee life-support can endA judge has rules life-support treatment for 12-year-old Archie Battersbee can end. Archie was found unconscious at home in Southend on 7 April. Horrendous for his family but, well, they should have had someone tell them some time ago that this is over. Devastating news. So sorry for this family

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