E.U. Chief Warns of Danger of Complete Cut-off of Russian Gas

7/6/2022 2:33:00 PM

Ursula von der Leyen said the E.U. needs to prepare for a complete cut-off of Russian gas

Ursula von der Leyen said the E.U. needs to prepare for a complete cut-off of Russian gas

The war in Ukraine has prompted the 27-nation bloc to rethink its energy policies and sever ties with Russian fossil fuels

.Energy coverage from Saudi Arabia to Texas Journalists in 50+ countries follow the constant flow of money made and lost in oil & gas while tracking emerging trends and opportunities in the future of energy.The airline recently announced plans to cut more flights over the busy summer period and apologised to customers for failing to"deliver the service they have come to expect from us".By.

Member countries have agreed to ban 90% of Russian oil by year-end in addition to a ban on imports of Russian coal that will start in August.The EU has not included gas — a fuel used to power factories and generate electricity — in its own sanctions for fear of seriously harming the European economy.Choose your subscription Try full digital access and see why over 1 million readers subscribe to the FT 1 € for 4 weeks.Before the war in Ukraine, it relied on Russia for 25% of its oil and 40% of its natural gas.Chief executive Johan Lundgren said:"I would like to thank Peter for his hard work and wish him well.Read more: Germany Warns of Lehman-Like Contagion From Russian Gas Cuts To slash its use of Russian energy, the European Commission has been diversifying suppliers.“And our efforts are already making a big difference,” von der Leyen said.

“Since March, global LNG exports to Europe have risen by 75% compared to 2021.More from Business.LNG exports from the U.S.to Europe have nearly tripled.” In the meantime, the average monthly import of Russian pipeline gas is declining by 33% compared with last year, von der Leyen said as she called for a speedy transition toward renewable sources of energy.

“Some say, in the new security environment after Russia’s aggression, we have to slow down the green transition.This transition would come at the ‘the cost of basic security’, they say.The opposite is true.If we all do nothing but compete about limited fossil fuels, the prices will further explode and fill Putin’s war chest,” she said.“Renewables are home-grown.

They give us independence from Russian fossil fuels.They are more cost-efficient.And they are cleaner.” Read more: Russia Is Still Winning the Energy War The EU Council agreed last month to raise the share of renewables in the bloc’s energy mix to at least 40% by 2030 — up from the previous target of 32%.In addition, a 9% energy consumption reduction target for 2030 will become binding on all EU member states for the first time.

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Russia and China plus Iran will kill the USA and EU as well NATO. Unfortunately, she is not wrong These politicians are criminals pointing the filthy finger at another criminal making the common person suffer. These gestures will not hurt Russia. The politicians think they look good putting sanctions on their own people knowing it doesn't hurt Russia at all.

Acil eyleme geçin ve uygulayın. Kadirov'un sağ kolu Putin dur demezse Berlin'e yürüyeceğiz dedi. True, EU should not ever have counted on Russia gas/oil, any credibility of support . KGB. As orange guy said, basic principles of market; you scoffed at logic. WhatisBagram level insane public /foreign affairs policy. Nordstream.

This is really these countries own fault for not moving to green by now. Now they face tough love. Be energy independent instead of taking the easy way by buying anyone else’s energy. Create your own power. Solar, wind, tidal, thermal, dams, get it done now. No need to worry her turn coming soon to get rid off. Bojo anytime will be put on the street as karma strikes. Biden next on line unless he makes it his full turn as karma will get this bunches out soon. Putin the great will be our hero and to the world soon.

Better prepare for a complete cut-off of Ursula ... and E.U. EU chief should be careful what she wish for could hurt economy of many members EU.

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and oil and coal and some of those rare earth metals. Sure. No prob. We all need to move away from oil and gas, which are fueling the ClimateCrisis ClimateEmergency margbrennan They weren’t planning for this already We should pray for stop that war So Europeans must pay extra for gas because it hurts Ursula's political views 🤡

Thats the rreality...... Anybody knows about the Russia...... If russian gov stop the cruide oil production and then price will jump from 100 brl to direct 400 brl China say thank you... And India also... This will be tough on a lot of people this winter, but life under the thumb of Putin would ultimately be much worse. I hope the USA helps Europe limit the pain. It’s in our interest as well.

When I first got into trading, It was because I was attracted to fast money. I only started making money when I embraced the slow and steady approach. Kindly contact Bamber__Michael he's the one who has been guiding and trading for me currently Winter is coming !!! People will suffer for the incompetence of their ' leaders ' ...

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Вопрос: Есть ли альтернатива российскому газу? Если есть, то сможет ли альтернатива обеспечить столько же газа, сколько Россия? Richtig. Yes, but do you have any alternatives? If not how? Severing trade ties will result in severing diplomatic ties thus can result great unintended outcomes… OMG!! still you didn’t?

After such an empty statement, not supported by constructive solutions, YOU NEED TO RESIGN I don't know why Russia didn't cut them off 4 months ago. He could have crippled Europe Don't worry though folks Ms von de Leyen won't be affected by the shortages, she'll be just dandy

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'The people in the EU need to prepare to feel the pain'

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