Drivers caught littering on M6 made to pick it up

Drivers caught littering on M6 made to pick it up

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Drivers caught littering on M6 made to pick it up

Footage of drivers littering in an emergency area on the M6 is released as part of a campaign.

Highways England has released footage of drivers on the M6 littering in an emergency refuge area as part of an anti-litter campaign.The drivers were travelling northbound through Staffordshire when they tried to dispose of the rubbish.They were caught on Highways England's CCTV who notified the Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG). The occupants of the car were then forced to pick their litter up.

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To me this story seems a bit strange, why pull into a emergency bay on the M6 in full view of cameras why not just dump the bag I think this is a publicity stunt just to say no littering Give out larger fines. Our environment and biodiversity is more important than some twats who can’t be asked to find a bin

Why blur their faces? ID them. The ridicule from people who recognise them would be a far worse deterrent Good....for less than £15, you can buy a car bin on Amazon (or just chuck it in the back like most people until you get home) He should have been forced to eat it. Excellent ☺ Bone idol cunts everywhere!

stern warning ? wtf. what about a fine ? where is the deterrent? even when caught red handed. Why would they do that when they have a car to take it to a proper bin ? CANADA US CIA EUGENICS CHURCH. CIVILIZED? THE GREAT DARKNESS THE CHILDREN SACRIFICED I hope they were also booked and charged for using a rescue area inappropriately and fined for the initial littering. Otherwise I’m afraid they probably just went somewhere else and dumped it again 🤷‍♀️

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