Driver hit 150mph on motorway and went through red light at 100mph

Driver hit 150mph on motorway and went through red light at 100mph

6/9/2021 11:40:00 PM

Driver hit 150mph on motorway and went through red light at 100mph

Nathan Batha sped along the M6 in Cheshire at more than 150mph and through Warrington at 100mph.

The 19-year-old was jailed on WednesdayA motorist drove at more than 150mph on a motorway and then sped through a red light at over 100mph.Nathan Batha's black Audi was spotted speeding through Junction 17 of the M6 northbound in Sandbach, Cheshire, during the early hours of 13 December.

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A police pursuit was stopped for safety reasons as the car undertook other vehicles and the Audi was later seen in Warrington travelling at 105mph.Batha, 19, of Rugeley, Staffordshire, has been jailed for 12 months.Cheshire Constabulary said the pursuit was halted when the Audi overtook and undertook other vehicles at excessive speed.

The Audi was later followed by an unmarked car and Batha was seen travelling along the A57 Manchester Road in Warrington at more than 100mph.image copyrightimage captionNathan Batha refused to answer any questions when arrested, but later admitted two charges

Police said he went through a red traffic light at over 100mph on a road with a 40mph speed limit.A stinger device was used, puncturing one of his tyres, but he failed to stop and he was eventually halted and arrested after going around a roundabout the wrong way .

After he was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court, PC Chris Jones, who led the investigation said: "Batha put his life and the lives of other road users at risk."Batha, of Watkiss Drive, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving without insurance. He will spend his sentence in a Young Offenders Institution.

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think the speed was still in his system during the photo? He looks off his tits in this picture What happened to his nose? Was that something to do with his eyes...? Opening that engine Thoughtless reckless behaviour. A nutter..Wing-nutter Wtf rhysjamesy finally caught you Yeah, he looks quite normal! 🤣😱 He looks as shocked as we are.

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Yeah. He looks stable Was he a naughty boy? Will he get a slap on the wrist? Did his ears slow him down Yes, but escooters are dangerous and cyclists lack manners (or something). He looks like an utter fool. What a bellend No insurance again! When are we going to have electronic means of preventing uninsured and banned drivers getting behind the wheel. 😔

Let’s hope he is banned from driving for a long time. Prick Ban it for life!!!

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Whilst this is a serious offence please concentrate on the very serious government offences and help to put them in the public eye. This story is pointless tabloid trivia. Idiot Wanker ! 😡 he had need for speed and a car more than capable of accommodating said speed JimsWheels One year. What is wrong with the CPS?

Good to see a conviction. I've watched 100s of episodes of Police Interceptors and there's always lack of evidence. Even though I literally just watched police dashcam footage, aerial footage, CCTV and TV programme about the chase. If he had been on a motorbike his ears would have slowed him down. Is that why he still looks dazzled?

He looks troubled 🤔

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Sign him up for Formula One He looks alert. Oh that's weird, usually when it's a non white criminal the comments are all to do with ethnicity and how they're community must feel, or some blm sh!t. This is what happens when you make children too late in life. They come out like this. Say goodbye to your life.

He’s absolutely ripped on meth, just look at those eyes. Looks like a feckin nutcase! Look at the state of that freak, theres too many like him on the road. There needs to be an overall of the drivers test as it is obviously too easy to pass if 'people' like him are passing, people should have to resit their test every so many years as they just get arrogant.

You wouldn’t think it possible to look at him either. 🤪🤷🏻‍♀️🤪 over twelvty mph, i hope he was local

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Coke “I’ve seen things man!” Yup. Doesn't look the brightest. Adderral The eyes of a mad man...😂 Wow, nice job, Audi - even with a punctured tire he was able to keep going 😆 Wow, he might have thought he was on a runway Looks very alert though It might be a good idea to have a medical doctor to examine him and check his thyroid hormone levels. If his eyes persistently appear that way it could be a symptom of hyperthyroidism. That can lead to manic behavior.

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Looks like he shat himself doing it too. Thoughts Andy_Wheatley ?

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