Donald Trump, Us Elections 2020

Donald Trump, Us Elections 2020

Donald Trump says he will leave White House if electoral college votes for Joe Biden

Donald Trump says he will leave White House if electoral college votes for Joe Biden

11/27/2020 2:29:00 AM

Donald Trump says he will leave White House if electoral college votes for Joe Biden

President’s comments are the closest he has come to admitting defeat in election and set stage for college vote on 14 December

Last modified on Thu 26 Nov 2020 23.38 GMTDonald Trump has said that he will leave the White House when the electoral college votes for Democratic president-elect Joe Biden in the closest the outgoing president has come to conceding defeat.Biden won the presidential election with 306 electoral college votes – many more than the 270 required – to Trump’s 232. Biden also leads Trump by more than 6 million in the popular vote tally.

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Read moreTrump has so far defied tradition by refusing to concede defeat, instead making a series of baseless claims about alleged ballot fraud and launching legal attempts to challenge the outcomes in several states such Pennsylvania and Michigan.Trump’s comments, made to reporters at the White House after speaking to troops during the traditional Thanksgiving Day address to US service members, appear to take him one step nearer to admitting defeat and might allay fears that will continue fighting the result.

Asked if he would leave the White House if the college vote went against him, Trump said: “Certainly I will. And you know that. If they do, they made a mistake.However, Trump said it would be “a very hard thing to concede” under the current circumstances and declined to say whether he would attend Biden’s inauguration, which is due to take place on 20 January.

“This election was a fraud,” Trump insisted, while offering no concrete evidence of such voting irregularities.The electoral college is due to meet on 14 December when each state’s nominated electors will cast their votes for the winner of the state’s presidential ballot. The votes are officially counted by Congress on 6 January.

Some Republicans have floated the idea that they could ignore the popular vote and appoint pro-Trump electors to change the outcome in certain states, leading to concerns that the president might refuse to leave office. Read more: The Guardian »

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The election was stolen who could vote for Biden in them numbers given his anti American policies ,it doesn't add up That's the dangerous twist he's trying... In the US people don't vote, electoral colleges do. As if he has a choice. Also he’s supposed to be there and actually do his damn job until Inauguration Day.

I would never want to meet Trump. I know myself well enough to avoid the imbecilic Trump Monster. I'd just have to say something to his face, which wouldn't be the best idea. He just makes me so furious with his dark circus act of betrayal toward the American people! More accurate headline: Trump says he will leave White House if his last ditch effort to steal the election from We The People doesn't work and the Electoral College electors resist his intimidation tactics and vote for Biden as required by their state laws

Already have mate time to fuck off That’s nice of him. Supreme Court ruled in I believe it was 2015 that Electoral HAD to vote according to the vote in each state. That means that the Pretend POTUS does not understand how the system works. No real surprise to be honest. He means it literally, he will leave the White House, this side of Christmas, probably to Mar-a-Lago or maybe take a flight out of the country to a dictatorship where he's safe from arrest for the multiple indictments he's likely to face.

Hilary won the popular vote but lost the electoral. His last chance. Or if the vote doesn't go his way? Oh yes we already know that bit! Time to turn water , electric and gas off . Im sure he will take the hint 🤞 Every. Word. A. Lie. He must believe that an alternate slate of electors has been secretly selected, and that everyone else will find out when it’s too late to do anything about it.

Remind me, who is Donald Trump? Going grey has made him no wiser . And does he not know anyone who's not a potential criminal , for example Sheriff Bunny. FFS!!! That and the fact that he lost the election. Is this what passes for journalism nowadays? Someone just threw a bucket of shit at my face. But not the votes of the people?

He should only leave if we can get to the bottom of this. We need to be satisfied this wasn’t a stolen election. He thinks the Electoral College will be manipulated to toss the election to his sorry ass. Can that happen? And can we please get rid of the fu€king Electoral College? The electoral college vote has sailed, reached port and sailed again.

Do you guys understand how things work? There is a lot of shit articles online, but you guys are right at the top. If you can’t trust Dem Govt election workers to count votes at 4 am with no observers allowed, then who can you trust? It’s so nice to see Donald so happy realDonaldTrump If he leave White House , all world should learn Chinese mandarin ASAP, are you all ready?

🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Go u idiot Trump: “Don’t let him [Biden] take credit for the vaccines because the vaccines were me'. You have done nothing, realDonaldTrump. 200K dead Americans on your watch, and counting. You should be leaving the WH and going straight to jail. “When”, sweetie, “WHEN”! Potato says it will be ready on your plate if cooked mashed. yeah the potato has a choice

The election was stolen, all legal votes need to be counted which will negate Biden's totals by millions and President Trump will rightfully be reelected POTUS - Stop The STEAL !!! Hallo, I am Professional Graphic Designer and photo Editor. If your need any Design and photo edit. Please inbox me. Note : I will Provide you One work Free service.

Very very boring. Send a DM if you need your credit card debt cleared I'm a powerball lottery winner and I'm doing this to give back to the society during this pandemic and beyond Ooh, he will obey the law and constitution? What a guy. That’s the idea. 😂😂😂 So it’s not up to Trump. If he did refuse to leave, he would be put in handcuffs, charged with trespassing and escorted out of the White House.

Ok, and what will it take for him to fuck off forever into the sun? LOL. Umm... Well, how big of him. This just makes my blood boil. Why no one tells him to just cut it out is beyond me. They all stood by and let him damage people's trust in this election and in democracy itself. He is crazy Which might not happen if all the states do not or can not certify the votes because of voter fraud.

MSMs are the mice in the sewer, flies on the rotten food, the maggots on the stool. Absolutely waste. Jump before you are pushed. Got his continuity mixed up: he’s referring to an event in the future which in fact happened in the past. A “very stable genius” my arse! He will leave the WH even if they don't vote for Biden By the end of January. Better stop talking and start packing your shit lol this mf has more loose screws than home depot

That’s mighty big of him. Why do reporters ask nonsense Qs like this? You’ll leave , on the 20th of January because u lost . Hopefully you’ll quit sooner. 😢🤥 Bye Don Don't let the door hit you ..... Huh? Since Biden already declared winner, there were clearly already enough electoral votes to make that announcement.

As in that day?...👀 Sounds like a Trumpian concession.Or perhaps resignation?...🤷🏾 Either way, the(always ignored)Majority/Electoral minority made it clear over 2 wks ago. GOOD RIDDANCE! PS: Trump's silence/minimal appearances' strategy leading to self-pardon or 1 from Pence.👀 How soon? Tomorrow would be fine with me and most of the world. It would give the cleaning crews just enough time to cleanse the stench of your foul time

This headline is a bit misleading. The reporter used the word 'if,' correct? And he replied yes Wait a second. Does that mean that he will leave immediately?! 📮Dear Guardian, • On this story, can you please put in the missing word, circled below. • Also maybe proofread the rest of the article, in case there’s anything else. • Thanks for all your fine reporting, and Happy Thanksgiving from your USian friends🖖🏼☮️😎!

IF! FU don There’s a few roos loose in his top paddock. 😂 Usa election that isn't democracy, it is dead.Bloody fraud .If you can't see what has happened,your IQ is zero You know what happen to 'Custer' right. This is gonna end up the same way. The amount of toys he keeps throwing out of his buggy is endless.

Um, didn't Biden win already? So he gets to decide whether or not he feels like leaving office? No? Then why are you reporting this and making it seem like he does? well gee. he has no choice. 🤦‍♀️ Could you do more work and fake it nicely! This one too much traces already! Only the ghosts voted for Biden will believe you! Shame!

Damn crybaby I call bullshit On time-every think have time😊 It is a bit like Saving face l, isn’t it? Nonsense. Although you could encourage all Republicans to boycott the Georgia runoff. Meanwhile in the REALNEWS not reported by the FAKENEWS ~ A judge has halted PA certification. A judge in WI has petition on 150k counterfeit ballots. A judge in NV called evidentiary hearing. A judge in GA granted expedited review. ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

By this he means “when”. Like on 12/15. Don’t let him leave the country. Fake news media! As he sends IRS and FBI agents to have a little talk with every elector. But that is exactly what he is meant to do, why is he trying to make it sound like a threat 🤣 Yeah, it already get out! It’s not a choice

realDonaldTrump do you need help packing? Asking for many friends.🤓 Um ya, you lost, get out. I am not american. My perception of the America has changed since Trump became president. I used to believe that the Americans were decisive and efficient in everything they do. But now I realise that they are no better than us. Well done Trump for being real.

When has Drumph ever told the truth? I assume this headline meant to say 'willing', because he's gonna leave it either way. Very generous of him ! Trump trolls you! The college will not confirm, it will not be able to vote given the ongoing charges for fraud. By december 14, everything is still afraid to change or switch to congress.

I would prefer on the end of pitchforks but that's just me. Just go Donald Duck. I hope he takes not just the light bulbs but the whole light fittings. So yeah he’s leaving!! Bi den!! They did, and he will... both statements are true Well, he's not wrong. Don't leave so soon! I have $100 bet on tasers being used to get you out!

Here comes the wailing, screaming, outrage, incredulity, horror, screeching, crying and apoplectic articles and headlines, along with an ANTIFA surge, as the Biden campaign unravels into a mass of exposed fraud. How magnanimous of him to leave after being defeated by over 6 million individual votes. As if....

Your moving trucks I'm a celebrity get me out of here 🤣🤣🤣 Well this means that the story of Trump's abandonment of the presidency will take a long time and maybe, will lead to unfortunate consequences‼️ ... Through the kitchen and directly to Argentina... Se... That isn't what he said. Watch it and report honestly.

2:29 AM · 27 нояб. 2020 г.·Echobox CacoBrasil2 If Trump tries to delay more states from certifying the vote count, but enough states have certified to give Biden 270, What happens on December 14th? Can just the states that have certified and sent delegates vote? Or do ALL states delegates have to be present?

I read that as trump saying, 'I'm doing everything I possibly can to bribe, bully, intimidate, threaten the electorates and whoever I have to so I can avoid facing Justice.' Well, he doesn't really have a choice. Donkeys only got a few weeks left out of 4 years to start acting presidential.....Can he manage it?

The Electors are appointed by the winning party, so the Electoral College vote is a formality. Trump's remaining trump card is to refuse to turn up to the Inauguration - it'd be a major pr win amongst millions of his supporters and cast more doubt in the minds of the deluded. goodbye Can you imagine, four years ago, the headline: « Obama says he will leave WH if electoral college votes for trump.» Then you see the damage.

He doesn’t have a say in the matter. So, realDonaldTrump, start packing! We can't wait to see this thug go. No shit! That's great. It will give the secret service more time to disinfect the White House. Like immediately ya mean? So much for the stable genius! Jackcdawes That’s terribly generous of him, but I’d rather watch the Secret Service drag him out, kicking and screaming!

Walk out or get dragged out...either way he’s leaving Massive 'IF' word there. We must never ever reward systemic fraud. Otherwise it will never go away. Let both Democrats and Republicans jointly agree to root out this evil and count every legal vote and unite the country. May the legal candidate win the presidency.

realDonaldTrump So you're implying something is in the fix, for you? (Does Donald GET all the names of the Electors? THOSE people need to be protected). He will be booted out on his fat ass. Don't give this guy any more oxygen, please. He would better. 80,000,000+ fraudulent votes🤣 from a fraudulent “billionaire” who used the WH to avoid 7th bankruptcy but failed🖕

Trump won, and he knows he can prove it. It's a meaningless statement. Oh really? So American votes don’t count? So much for Americans huh. Bye! Yea... Trump said that he will release his taxes too... Just lying as usual! «If»? Reality will catch up with him on December 14th. The election results will all be certified and the Electoral College will meet and vote to make Trump’s defeat to Biden official. End of story. Protect2020

realDonaldTrump is showing signs of mental illness... he's becoming delusional and should be removed from office immediately... He is a loser then. No sh|t, Sherlock. I stopped reading this after the first two paragraphs Dreadful journalism Well it’s not even journalism, it’s lies ...I will wake up tomorrow, if the sun rises.

Uh... If? I think you mean “when.” Biden won Not important. He lost. Report what's important. Do your job. Yeyyyyy he should start packing! As if he has a choice. 😂 Day 24, Still acting like a baby. The voters have spoken and if you are an American... You have up until the next President of the United States is sworn in January 2021... You can go play ⛳ and tweet

If? Absolute bulls**t once again from a radical left rag. We know he will. He wouldn’t have a choice. You’re just making up shit, again. Give it a rest. I hope Trump left a large cash deposit when he first entered the White House.. - Donald Trump says he will leave White House if electoral college votes for Joe Biden

What a sport is Present Orangina! It’d be a better season finale if the secret service has to drag him out. I hope the writers reconsider this 'If'. President Blumpkin Pumpkin has lost what was left of his grip on reality. What a fucking sad case. May every one of his holes leak. Vi sta prendendo per il Qulo e voi ci cascate....come polli.

Bye, bye!!! And that’s ... bad? We need Biden 2020.He can solve it easy this virus. You didn’t hear the entire speech did you? My God... When will this drama end? can he just go ahead and do it or do we really have to wait until january He just wants Mike Pence to be President long enough to pardon him and his family. Just you watch.

Gee what a guy there may be a sainthood in it for him If? Start packing your bags What an absolute arsehole!! When is the vote? Tomorrow morning hopefully He thinks this is on his terms...😂😂😂😂😂😂 That won’t happen, promise ummmm yeah, that’s how it works Would still rather see the secret service drag him out.

No one needed his cooperation. Nothing to see here folks, no evidence whatsoever, move on, come on now, bye bye 😒 Yeahhh!!! we stole it right under the eyes of the CIA , FBI , KGB snd electoral commission. We secretly flipped the machines and our army of covert accomplices changed the votes when the sharp eyed observers weren’t looking ! Just wait till they make a movie

Evidences come to light. Trump’s question period showed he is truly mental as he continued to claim his lies are truth. Well, they will thanks