Prince Harry, Donald Trump

Prince Harry, Donald Trump

Donald Trump refuses to pay security bill for Harry and Meghan

Donald Trump refuses to pay security bill for Harry and Meghan

3/29/2020 11:11:00 PM

Donald Trump refuses to pay security bill for Harry and Meghan

President tweets his intention after Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly moved to California

Harry and Meghan are said to have left their rented home in Vancouver, Canada after taking a private flight to the US before the border closed between the two countries last week.In response to the reports, the US president tweeted: “I am a great friend and admirer of the Queen & the United Kingdom.

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“It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the Kingdom, would reside permanently in Canada.“Now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!”Trump’s tweet came just days before the couple are due to officially step down as senior royals on 31 March.

Buckingham Palace has declined to comment on the reports the couple are now in California. The palace has also consistently refused to comment on security matters involving the couple.Harry, Meghan and their baby son, Archie, are said to be living in lockdown close to Hollywood in accordance with the state’s Covid-19 containment measures.

A source told the Sun the move had been “planned for some time” and that California, where Meghan, a former actor, grew up, was where their “new team of Hollywood agents and PRs and business managers were based”.Before marrying into the royal family, Meghan had described Trump as being “misogynistic” and “divisive” during his 2016 presidential campaign, pledging her vote for his rival Hillary Clinton, and threatening to move to Canada if he won.

Before his state visit to the UK last June, Trump was asked about her comments in an interview with the Sun. He replied: “I didn’t know that. What can I say? I didn’t know that she was nasty.” But he also said he thought she would do “excellently” as a member of the royal family.

The question over who will pick up the couple’s security bill has been raised since it emerged that they would no longer be officially representing the Queen, and no longer use their HRH titles as they forge a new path away from Britain, with the aim of becoming financially independent.

The Canadian government has already indicated that it would not be paying the costs of the couple’s security, although it is a Commonwealth country, with the Queen as its head of state.Last month the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which had been providing protection on an intermittent basis after the couple moved to a rented £10.4m mansion on Vancouver Island in November, announced they would no longer do so.

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In a statement at the time to CBS news, the RCMP said that while the duke and duchess were recognised as “internationally protected persons”, Canada had an obligation to provide security assistance on an as-needed basis, and had been providing assistance to the Metropolitan police intermittently since November 2019.

“The assistance will cease in the coming weeks, in keeping with their change in status,” the statement added. Read more: The Guardian »

FAIR ENOUGH If they relinquish the titles, they can make their own way. Why should he? A spokesperson for the Sussexes said: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to ask the US government for security resources. Privately funded security arrangements have been made.” Um, no bill has been presented. Not that he pays those either, but still...

Have they even asked him to pay for their security? The headline should be that they don't want his fecking security money, they are paying for themselves. He has nothing to do with this story!!! Christ how is this news? We have an epidemic and world economy crashing but yes! Let’s talk about 2 people no one cares for anymore ... they are not special let’s talk about something special

This is the kind of article that make me regret contributing to the Guardian. Don't you know to put their rebuttal in the title, unless you actively want to support the kind commentary you now have. Telling that they did not read that Meghan and Harry never asked. Harry & Meghan DISGRACE!!! Harry & Meghan 2 UNGRATEFUL LOSERS KEEP OUT OF AMERICA!!!

They never asked for protection because they are private citizens. Trump needn’t have tweet-lied. They have already confirmed that they had no intention of asking for security from the US government. Trump should go back to dealing with the actual pandemic currently going on. But did they ask for it? They never asked!! It's from a made up story for the Daily Fail DailyMailUK You should know better with your headline.

With the billions the family have they can afford it🤔Eurotrash go home😼 Who. Cares. Why are they moving anywhere else, when there’s a Global Pandemic? So, can anyone move from the UK to Canada, stay a couple of months, and then move to the USA? I think Meghan is American He refuse to pay for his own people... Doesn't mind letting them die, but his approval rates are allegedly high. Somewhere there is a deep fake.

Wait. They didn’t ask, so there was nothing to refuse. You know that. So what’s with the bullshit tweet? Why should he ? Twitter users - like trump can be awfully ignorant at times- nothing to see here- move along to ur next uninformed rant- at least read the articles ur commenting on- trump is crazy in the coconut

THEY HAD NO PLANS TO ASK FOR ANY MONEY, be more accurate, please, maybe if you manage with trash news, you can manage the serious stuff, too. Don’t like Dumpy Trumpy but this time he’s right. Harry & Markle must pay for their own Security We won't end up paying surely? Literally the first good decision he’s made

Did they ask him to?🤔 In case people haven't read the article you dumbs You know that they never ask anyone to pay for their security. Considering that is already taking care of with their own fortune... When people make stupid decisions they have to live with the consequences. Clever Boy: I TrulyLove, that PeopleHoldin Their🔙😜 ForElizabeth: so inCA🌺🍁, so inUS. It's TremendousTruly. IDo🔙 ForC, H Bond Now.…

Good no more freeloading. Leave them in peace. They didn’t ask for the US to cover their costs. This is not news and I’m surprised at The Guardian peddling this rubbish. Why should the US taxpayer pay for Ginger and Meg's ego trip Why should he? HarryandMeghan This is the only right thing he has done. World doesn't need these stupid royals

I’m no royalist but the headline is BS - they never asked. 😂😂😂 Did they even ask? So what... Harry and his wife can afford their bills.. let's find other stories than hate for these folks not news. Why on Earth should the US pay? For once he is right!They are not Royals.Made their bed... Was there a security “bill”?

realArzCena Good GTFO. Yea they are no bodies now, pay like the rest of us!!! This is not a story. It was a stupid tweet by a shitty old man. The move hard been planned for some time, really, so it was a he plan all along then, what has Harry got himself involved with! realArzCena Why should America pay for their security? They abandoned their royal duties & separated from the BRF since it’s toxic to MeMarkle . They’re so greedy they thought money will flow like waterfall. They didn’t want to work for them, because they want all the money to themselves.

Can’t believe they had the gall to even ask for this in the current circumstances. I think the whole thing will be over soon, but she will keep Archie for the maintenance money. This is probably the only thing I ever agree with the so called president. Good. Fuck them Why is this even news? They’re nobodies and we haven’t cared for “royals” since 1776

She can't stand trump. Lol Why should he? I don’t think they have actually asked him to though have they? nonstory the Guardian should pay their security bill Rob_Kimbell I bet they turn to British tax payers. They should be told to F off. Made their bed. He’s done the right thing ! Have they asked to? If not, STFU.

i dont like them personally~ Exactly why should Donald Trump pay the security bill for them?!? Yas! they don't have titles any more! I'm hoping THIS president returns to Merrie Olde England and is treated to same way. Hell, to every foreign nation he sets foot in. About the only thing I agree with Trump over.

That headline should be DONALD TRUMP TWEETS GIBBERISH APROPOS OF NOTHING’. Rob_Kimbell He's not been asked to pay it. Meghan and Harry did not ask the USA to pay for their security and have issued a statement to confirm they've made their own private security arrangements. That headline is beneath you and I've unfollowed.

They are very rich , hence they can afford their own bodyguards. And also sick leave, basic income, universal health care system, more supplies for medical workers, more test kits, more ventilators. First time he’s not supporting rich people. Your problem now. Suckers. I think the planet has more important things to worry about than these two rich selfish people. I have absolutely no interest in them.

Nobody’s asking him to. But US taxpayers pay Trump to play golf at his own resorts. JaredoTexas Good . They are useless. Just spoiled brats that think the world should pay for the lifestyle. GTFOH. Stupid headline. Who asked him? OMG I agree with him. Get in 💪💪💪💪 DictatorPope Poor Harry! The_Evil_Barbie

Good for Trump on this one! Why would he do it in the first place? They aren't royalty anymore. Good. Harry and Megan can pay their own costs. They have billions. theroyals HarryandMeghan Easy answer don’t protect him when next he deingns to pollute the Uk with his presence make him pay Good Rob_Kimbell Why should he?

Piers Morgan is organizing a whip round, and the Daily Mail some crowd funding. So hang on kids! Mexico will pay for it... So how that works, they have not ask for security payment, but trump said he is not paying? Why? They never asked him to, he’s just being his classic narcissistic self Talk about making a storm out of a glass of water. It doesn’t seem they asked... it seems he just jumped to say we wouldn’t... why would we anyway...

Did they even ask? I am agree with president this hell no they want security go back to London I agree with Trump on this Great! Maybe you can all gather at a Trump rally. Shake hands, get close. Works for me. Trump does not like paying bills....that’s why he went bankrupt so many times 😂 Who gives a fcuk

No one should be paying it except then Instead of leaving it at the end of the article, maybe put in the headline that THEY DIDN'T ASK HIM TO HAVE THE U.S. PAY FOR THEIR SECURITY. Will they pay tax on their earnings? Deflection. Funny isn’t it being H&M haven’t ask 45 to pay anything. What is EURO Trashy tabloids attempting to hide that WM & Kate has done NOW?You all should be camped out side Queen & Charles homes keep those 2 on watch due to W&K want to be King&Queen so badly. 🤣🥵🤭🤷🏼‍♂️H&M LA ❤️you! 🖤❤️

It’s the only thing he’s got right. They literally said they’ve sorted it out themselves and they didn’t want his help anyway lol Weren't they going to Canada? With his military service, Invictus Games & his unique capacity to engage with people everywhere I had come to have great faith in Harry & his positive impact on the monarchy. Unfortunately, he’s clearly now just the victim of a scheming opportunist. Canada is best rid of them.

I don't like Donald Trump but I totally agree with him about this. Why should ANYONE be paying for their security apart from THEMSELVES! I know some of you are gleeful about this, but this man doesn’t pay his bills anywhere. Stop encouraging him. And why should he? Never agree with him usually but fair enough on this one

LOL! Canada says: No take backs! buh bye Harry & Meghan! Another Trump straw man. Did anyone request that the US pay for security? Your article says: 'their rented home in Vancouver, Canada'. It was actually, Vancouver Island, Canada. They're 2 different places. I mean in all honesty why should America pay for their security? They are choosing to move here so they can hire their own

They haven't asked him to ! Donald Trump is a lunatic ! Trump is the worst virus on Earth, but on this he is right. It’s a an absolute lie you parasites. piersmorgan and his DailyFail pals played Trump good and proper👇👇 Perhaps Harry may qualify for Pelosi’s non-citizen Coronavirus support money which comes from taxpayers 💰. It’s said, the💰 allocated to non-citizens is more generous that what US citizens may receive 😷. Or, starting a small business to employ security, perhaps SBA

Harry & Meghan will be able to afford it with all their commercial deals. No state should have to pay for it. Rob_Kimbell they have enough cash...... for the moment.... Why should the US pay for their security? Cry me a river. We have nothing better to do than talk about two spoiled brats Poor effort at journalism.

Legend!! BorisJohnson - this is how you do it! Trump2020LandslideVictory coming right up!! Trump's a dick, but this is fair enough - they're rich & famous, why should the American people or anyone else pay for their security? Rob_Kimbell Why should he? I’m glad they are happy, but the US public shouldn’t have to pay one dime for their security. They’re wealthy and being offered free housing by Madonna...a luxury none of us are getting...they can pay for their own security.

MerlinofCanada I wonder if they even asked. Somehow I doubt it. elliedionne Great news.. they will be selling the big issue soon Go back to England!!! Great, we don’t have sympathy for them THEY DIDN'T ASK HIM TO! Disney will pay for it Rob_Kimbell Good pay your own security costs, no matter where you both may wander

Who’s care ! The only time I have agreed with him Golf: $136m Rob_Kimbell Was he asked to? How much have taxpayers paid for security, travel, and amenities for his useless family? Then there's his golf and ------! Well boo hoo. Trump realDonaldTrump is my president 👍 Who wants to harm them anyway. Good, they can feel free to take advantage of our 2nd amendment at any time and protect themselves. They want to be commoners, they can protect themselves like commoners.

God Bless America! He should of never married her, he ruined his life and family relationships did they ask him? stoo reporting fake news for heavens sake Good They never asked for it. Have they ASKED? Outrageous! Some 'friends' the US! The headline should have been: Why is Trump tweeting about Harry and Meghan in the middle of the worst crisis in American history. . You can do a lot better then this

Damn right. The US government is not obligated to pay for their personal bodyguard. Hey, Harry and Meghan go back to England. Good.... So what how is this news now Shit it's the American people footing the bill for this drag in heels and his husband 💯👎👎👎👎 What stupid news, please, especially at this time in history. Who cares about the firm or x firm. Enough nonsense.

Who cares. Get back to reporting things that matter. That idiot is just looking for a distraction, nobody gives to shits who is footing the bill Why should we pay for their security it was their choice to come here. They can well afford to pay for their own. But really, why shld U.S. taxpayers pay for H&M's security? They aren't U.S. citizens, moved to CA by choice, they are multi'millionaires, & stated publicly that they want to be 'financially independent.' djt makes me sick, but that's a sep. issue frm quasi-royal security detail.

All day: Roasted over China/PPE 1 Hour before ‘WH rally’: This tweet Deflection dots: Connected Shameless manipulation: Intact Are you kidding me You know there are epidemic going on right? Who care about you!! They never asked. And they pay for their own. They didn’t ask him to. He’s off ranting again just to stir the pot. Anything to deflect on his terrible leadership & the decision he made on 2/20/20 to send PPE from our stockpile to China. Directly putting our healthcare workers in harms way. Don’t fall for his distractions.

2300 death's in the USA from Covid_19 and this is what is worrying the President of America realDonaldTrump is some nut case but the 60% who still think he is great are equally nuts Only right. 👍 Interesting headline that will no doubt incite many responses, but did they ask him to? Trump’s very good at getting the boot in with crap his base will lap up, but I’ve seen no expectation for the US to pay anything. All the money goes to protect trumps fat ass playing golf

They ain’t our problem. They are making millions. They can pay for their own. The only time I agree with Trump!!! Good. I dont believe they asked. I'm sure everyone is fine with this. Firm but fair. She’s a private citizen so no she doesn’t get it & he’s not a citizen Good choice Donald. they've got their own money it's about time Harry digs into that inheritance from his mum. No offence.... But it's true

Oh please like they were asking him, some people get excited over nothing. Good!WeDontNeedNoStinkingRoyals Lol, as if they asked him. Not to worry, we'll take up a public collection for the poor dears...nah, sorry, just kidding, they're on their own almost-royal selves. I'll secure you Harry and Meghan. I'll be a human shield. You'll see.

Why should he? That’s really important to know while thousands are dying every day! How about get a job and your shit. You can tell what is on the potus mind, everything besides the pandemic. Not to mention the fact that they didn’t ask for his security in the first place, it was a tabloid article. Who. the. fuck. asked. him. to? He doesn't pay for shit he's obligated to pay! Oh, my bad, he does pay porn stars hush money.

And why should we? American tax payers pay for their security? Don't think so. They can pay for their own security just like I would have to. Idiots. Kinda like how he's refusing to pay the bill for saving hundreds of thousands of his own people. Of course he doesn't like them. 😂 😂 Haters gonna hate. He’s right ! Canada didn’t want to pay either - did the hysterical reactiing to his comment react like that to Canadians

What a HUGE PROBLEM Mr.Trump Did they even ask? This is called 'journalism'. Anything to talk about this couple! Hell yeah. They can afford to pay their own. Truly right! THEY DID NOT ASK YOU TO! Meghan or her children could in theory run for president or congress and then the British monarchy could have control of the Americas i dont like this at all

People are dying and he tweets about this shit. Trump has never paid a bill in his life. No the real story is why in the middle of a world crisis is the leader of the most power country getting involved in fake news stories from the Daily Mail ? That’s one sensible decision he’s taken. HarryandMeghan former Duke and Duchess

Good As usual, Trump conflates things because he doesn't pay attention, and his followers eat it up. The 'they' who won't pay are the British. Meghan and Harry never said they wouldn't pay for their own security, and didn't ask the US to cover it for them. this is really weirdly worded - Meghan & Harry specifically didn't want any thing like that, right?

Both are multimillionaires. Now Meghan is working again she can afford to pay her bills. No kidding 😂 Sitting on the fence with this one! 😂 Remember that! Why would that even be debated ? Bet Harry wished he hadn’t been caught out criticising Trump for the coal now There’s no reason the US should, but as usual Trump has to be an a-hole about it anyway. He literally has no idea how to be nice. About anything EVER.

Did they ask? GO BACK TO BRITAIN Wait, when did they ask for it? Big whoop, get PPE, ventilators and more to hospitals now! Get more testing in place to prevent more cases! Good! Let these brats pay their own way! After all that’s what they asked for! This wasn't up to Trump anyway, he's just fishing for a compliment

One of few occasions when I totally agree with realDonaldTrump! Harry & Meghan chose this for themselves; they should live it now! Only thing good cuz Harry snd Meghan wanted their independence and that means pay their own way I think this is the only time i agree with Trump Why should anyone pay anything for them? They wanted an independent life. Independence means standing on your own two feet and paying your own way.

They didn’t ask! They didn't even have the decency to thank Canadians for the security WE paid for. Praise God. Keep your royal bs with you and your tax payers. Who. Fu*king. Cares

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