Donald Trump 'had secret list for giving out Covid vaccines prioritizing allies'

The list prioritized ally nations over the neediest lower income countries.

1/29/2022 11:00:00 AM

Trump officials attached the list that appeared to allot shots based on political preference over need, to a longer document on the administration’s plan to fight Covid-19 worldwide.

The list prioritized ally nations over the neediest lower income countries.

.The list was compiled by Trump national security and health officials in summer and fall 2020, which was before coronavirus vaccines were authorized. Among the categories was US strategic allies, including Canada, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan and some European countries. Other sections were countries that helped develop the vaccine and the global vaccine alliance, as well as countries that were not in those categories.

‘We thought that the categories themselves made sense at the time,’ Paul Mango, who served as the Department of Health and Human Services’ deputy chief of staff for policy, told Politico in the report published on Thursday.‘The underserved countries were third on the list.’

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