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Donald Trump blames WHO for dire situation in the US, threatens to pull funding – video

Donald Trump blames WHO for dire situation in the US, threatens to pull funding – video

4/8/2020 7:37:00 AM

Donald Trump blames WHO for dire situation in the US, threatens to pull funding – video

Trump tries to lay blame of escalating coronavirus outbreak in the US on World Health Organisation

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'I’ve felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic' ~ Trump 3/17/20 SO REGARDLESS OF WHO's response, Trump KNEW it was a pandemic before others- even before the WHO. Trump is to blame💯 I mean, who to blame lol Stupid is stupid hello donny boy 😱 Look, Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend had nothing to do with this!

I'm not too conversant with the way America works but where do the states figure in all of this, are they autonomous from him or to what degree are they dependent on him. His son-in-law didn't go down to well the other day. May be Trump isn't doing good, but that doesn't change the fact that WHO is a trash and puppet to China. By the way, no offense but I don't think Americans and Europeans treating this virus seriously. For example, almost everyone in Hong Kong wearing mask except your guys...

Like always ... he try to acuse some one else... To find an enemy... to put away the focus... any thing, but accept his responsabilities... Never... Anybody want to buy any snake oil while they are here Please provide funding to the scientists 👨‍🔬 especially the Mathematical modellers dealing with COVIDー19 .realDonaldTrump BorisJohnson NHSuk PHE_uk

At last someone who exposes the stooges of the WHO beholden to Chinese Government He Always finds a scapegoat. What. The. Actual. Fuck? Wrong may times can someone be wrong? He is - again - a disgrace to mankind Congratulations ToddlerinChief realDonaldTrump you finaly made it. More infections than Spain, Italy and France combined. I hope you enjoy watching the people you pledged an oath to protect getting sick and maybe die. COVID19

It's about the tottering stock market - not people! It is he who has made the situation worse in America, through ignorance. Well there is some truth, WHO was playing in China interests, downplaying danger, just to make sure China can keep on their business. Off the rails prez. WHO's trump? Needing to pull his act together and stop this blame game. The people are needing assistance and help.

This is not a time to blame, but to act Bolsonaro, same pay check, same malária vaccine, same way to do quarantine, same fight with health minister, result Brazilians are f*** and mad 😡😡😡 Fully support President Trump's decision. It was Obama last week! Trump got mad and speaks as if he were a barking dog. He should not waste his time blaming others rather concentre on his jobs.

Well,he can blame anything isnt it?He can even blame his mother not giving him a cute face Is not it time we stop sanction the US as long as Trump is president? If everything fails, even a banana will be at fault but not this arrogant orange For once I agree with him. If the WHO were half as concerned with protecting people as they are with protecting China, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess.

All in support for WHO and real US Democracy ! All in support for Pluralism ! All in support for Ethics ! All in support for Sharing with Eachother ! All in support for solidarity ! All in support for Ecology ! All in support for Nato ! Someone is to blame! Who left the door open? He is right Communist party of China and the WHO caused it .....Commie Virus

The mans a fool Very incompetent man with no skills or experience managing crisis which costing lives I thought it was all good and there was light.....which is it humpty TrumpLiedPeopleDied Trumpdemic Absolutely but we should sue you for breach of the Geneva Convention on Human Rights. YOU went along. YOU were just following orders.

Yes it’s never his fault. 🙄🙄🙄 I pity the people of USA that voted and those who didn’t, for this figure realDonaldTrump in the WhiteHouse. Now it’s time to use the The 25th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. When you start to study this, you will find out that WHO is responsible for a part. It's not blaming game. ChinaLiesPeopleDied MakeChinaPay Taiwan says WHO failed to act on coronavirus transmission warning

Stop funding WHO! WHO co-opts with CCP's narratives to cover-up the outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan. On contract, WHO is helping to spread the viruses around the world. Corrupt WHO is China's puppt. Donald Trump and the things he says. Journalists try to challenge him but he doesn't accept the evidence or take the responsibility. It's incomprehensible to think he may be re-elected, isn't it?

He might have failed to managed the pandemic in his state. But as far as, WHO is concerned, it's inception was only to make sure one thing globally, they not only failed miserably but also acted so sluggish without any sense of urgency. Is there anyone Trump won’t blame for this virus disaster ? Trump is awful. But nobody should let this distract from the fact China restricted travel in their own country before halting flights to other countries.

He is a dangerous, egotistical man😱 Everybody is to blame but him it me me Stop funding WHO! WHO co-opts with CCP's narratives to cover-up the outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan. On contract, WHO is heading to press the viruses around the world. Corrupt WHO is China's puppt. Narcissist WHO? WHAT? He genuinely is getting worse

He’s probably the most intelligent person out there, isn’t he? Trump’s tweet about this has recieved over 380k likes and nearly 100k retweets. Extensively more than I’ve ever seen a Trump tweet receive before (likes for his tweets usually peak around 100k). Are we seeing some kind of manipulation here or are Americans simply fucking stupid?

Isn't it strange how the world leaders who ignored the WHO when this started are now complaining the WHO didn't do enough? For the Guardian the WHO is beyond reproach, and all criticism must follow the editorial line of hatred toward Trump 🏏🏌️‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 He should never to blame. Please america, don't vote for the moron Trump again

Another reason to kick Trump out. Delusional Private medicine is the reason This is not the time for big babies to be ‘running’ the US - feel so sorry for anyone sane living there WHO is seriously corrupted! Wrong calls, useless guidelines... Their leaders should resign. This may not be the time to pull the plug, but should consider in future if there is no improvement.

He doesn't even dare. Trump always blames everyone else. Has done all his life.💩 Man child always blames others for his own failures. The US have already late with its two annual fees and owes $100m as part of delaying payments to UN agencies so he’s threatening to do what he’s already done. Correct, they (who) are worthless

Only Trump is to blame! We all need someone to blame, not so? What a terrible joke! I sincerely home this psychopath-dictator will be thoroughly examined by a team of psychiatrists very soon before he commits far too many crimes? WHO miserably failed in its obligations. They feared China. coronavirus COVID19 realDonaldTrump

But now the US would reconsider before they slap anymore sanctions or intervention in other countries realDonaldTrump blames everyone else for his dismal failure. TrumpIsALooser africaupdates I like this on President, he is basically saying as long as I am paying you, I have bought your loyalty. Secondly I am never wrong and there is absolutely no situation where I have made a mistake in my Presidency. Everything wrong that you see is basically everyone's fault

CHINA I think of Trump like I do a prize sow or a record weigh-in pumpkin at the county fair. Perhaps a new competition for prize idiots? He is a blue ribbon winner in the prize idiot category. He's so stupid he doesn't know what he doesn't know! Blame yourself Mister! Who's on first. This idiot is relentless.

Good, I hope Australia follows & gets out of the corrupt UN completely As per usual, the Trumpy types think this is spot on. The Great Leader has gone from telling his adoring public it was a hoax or it was under becoming a leading authority on Hydroxychloroquine overnight. And I thought the 5G truthers were gullible....

And so the spin begins Everything comes down to money, with Trump, he doesn’t know anything else. How do you stack orange excreta that high? He who smelt it....dealt it Didn't know the WHO prepares the US for pandemics. More power than the 'President'. How poor this so called President realDonaldTrump, needs to shift blame again. It would be a manly behavior to admit a mistake, but he is just a pussyTrump

They were a Chinese mouthpiece. They should shoulder some of the blame. All over the UK Frontline & Key Workers, NHS Staff & almost a million volunteers are working hard and doing extraordinary things which all lift the spirits of the Nation, whilst The Guardian doesn't have one good word for anyone and can only spout fake news ! We won't forget !

It will never be possible to expect a mea culpa from him. The world will always be dealing with his damn habit of blaming others so as not to confess his own mistakes. Lol .He cannot be taken seriously africaupdates Who The 2nd/3rd time I shared this~ The fact inside can be google, that is the different between propaganda and report.

The World Health Organization gets $4.4 Billion dollars a year, you can build 4 NFL Stadiums every year for that kind of money. Obviously they aren't warning countries when China is having pandemics. Hilarious ...WHO forced Trump to dismiss the virus as a Democrat hoax 🤣 Donnie can blame whoever he wants but he can't escape the reality: China is simply filling the gaps left by a stupid administration that doesn't understand that isolationism and unilateralism lead inexorably to a loss of control and power.

kuku27 Jumping at conclusion without any base or tangible proof will damage whole atmosphere. Blame Anyone and everyone. The traits of someone with the myriad mental issues he has. States, Democrats, news media, et al. Exactly why he refuses to act. If he stood up and actually lead he would be responsible. Seen people like this my entire life.

Keith Moon was responsible for some amazing drumming, but never studied epidemiology so can't really be held accountable for the orange buffoons failure to deal with COVID19 instead of blame shifting, golfing, and holding rallies for his delusional cult realDonaldTrump douche Tbf the World Health Organisation we’re quick to call for all quarantined pets to be released ASAP. You could say WHO let the dogs out?

Trump lies This is what Trump said. Trump2020 kuku27 Now, now, have patience, how could WHO spread Corona, think No more tears who’s on first base He is such a disgrace to mankind. Blaming and threatening is no way to improve anything. In this moment what can we do to get onto a better path? This is a new virus, and WHO and other agencies are still learning about it.

Trump always needs a scapegoat. When Trump refused to take the tests the WHO offered at 1st he laid the groundwork for the virus to spread like wildfire. His total incompetence and lack of basic understanding is the problem. The people who voted him in will pay with their lives. A bad workman quarrels with his tools.

Teflon Don has to blame someone else for his mistakes. Who def screwed up good, time we did too. The Chinese Health Organisation 📢 There are an estimated 300 thousand coronavirus cases and estimated 10 thousand deaths... Is this phase 1, 2,3, or 4.... ? Are clinical trials taking place, in search of a cure? Who is responsible for this mess? Anyone? No one? Is the Federal government able to handle this?

Even on his death bed Trump will say he's been poisoned by the Democrats or Obama Good while we're at it pull funding for the UN too! Dr.Donald Trump. You should call on a reform. Its officials had stained this global organization unfairly, but the panel deserve of funding across the world. WHO has failed, no more and no less

Wow bots and trolls out now .. afternoon in Russia! He’s getting off on this. US media are little more than sexual partners to realDonaldTrump O'lord it could never be Donny boy's fault!!! I don’t understand why he is so passionate about all of this politician blaming game. Doesn’t he feel a little bit sad when he sees people die everyday. Nice try nice try. Blaming China and WHO for everything and ignoring his own people dying.

Well this time hes right Sigh, of course he blames the people who tried to warn him. i dont take responsibility at all This is an asshole who would go to watch a house fire and throw gas on it. Trump only looking at others to blame them however himself is the problem, so slow to lead your people. Trump lies every minute! He is incompetent and without any human compassion! But his approval ratings are increasing. As a European, you can only be surprised and come to the conclusion that the USA somehow deserves this president.

Always blaming others. Has he ever taken responsibility for anything? Yes, and also instigate an urgent criminal investgation into the WHO, and it’s leadership. This is a vile organisation which has worked ‘hand in glove’ with the Communist Dictatorship in China. It was the WHO who stated that COVID-19 could NOT be transmitted human to human.

трамп убил сша. 25AmendmentNow I think the day Trump admits he is at fault for anything, hell will spontaneously come into existence, freeze over and disappear just to signal the end and rebirth of the world. It’s like an Abbot & Costello skit now 🤦‍♂️ WHO is the Communist Chinese Health Organization !

более того на этот раз у него не получится сбежать от ответственности. на него можно даже в суд подать для импичмента и всего такого по итогам и по процессу эпидемии. подтвердится как ни странно что виновен именно он. 'You're unbelievable' His only expertise is in blame. Let’s retire DT in November or ResignNowtrump

The only one to blame is: он все врет и перекладывает ответственность чтобы его не повесили американцы. он за все 4 года никого не слушал никаких рекомендаций делал что взбредет даже из парижского соглашения вышел. с вовкой в засос целоваться планировал и тд. трамп один виновен в ситуации в сша. Naw puppet, it was you who dropped the ball.

He’s not wrong. WHO and China caused this to spread He needs the “Realization Rate Test” or “Mental Condition Test” to himself. Can’t we pull the 2016 election instead.. popular vote trumps electoral, so to speak. oh tump oh trump. TrumpIsALunatic TinpotDespot Blablabla, blaming WHO, blaming China again and again. Funny mud pee.

(DonaldTrump) x (-1) = 👍 Great, finally Obama is off the hook Fucking Whos down in Whoville. Probably blame his dog too if he had one. Trump is the worst President in American history! Obama’s “I take no responsibility at all” d. j. trump SpeakerPelosi TeamPelosi RepMaxineWaters chrislhayes ChrisCuomo Acosta CNN washingtonpost nytimes cenkuygur UN DailyMailUK CENTCOM POTUS realDonaldTrump Ikhwanweb 😂 democrats TheDemocrats justicedems JoeBiden

He is loosing it all, his immediate treatment at a mental asylum is suggested. Seriously. Y'ALL NEED TO STOP CHASING TRUMP'S BULL SHI*T. It's all the rantings of a corrupt and mentally ill man. It's time to ignore him. Please. Our 25th amendment requires a cabinet not comprised of criminals, thieves and mental defectives. Trump has assiduously removed anyone with a conscience, SO TOO LATE FOR THIS REMEDY.

The only person to blame for the dire situation in the US is Trump and everyone here who hasn’t drunk the koolaid knows it He's a joke! Do It Mr President... DO IT... Well, he should blame himself as he was told in January. But WHO should be definitely in everyone’s black book. They have one job and they were worse than inept, they were corrupt.

WHO can't be blamed for Trump's pre-existing mental disease. Who is he blaming?! easysilly Hes not wrong. Who is heavily focused on china rather than the entire world

Donald Trump offers US medical help to 'incredible guy' Boris Johnson – videoUS president says he has offered the help of US drug companies in the treatment of Boris Johnson who is in intensive care with coronavirus Both these stooges need to go. snake oil? Great. Now why doesn’t realDonaldTrump help real AMERICANS?

Donald Trump says Americans are praying for 'resolute' Boris Johnson – videoTrump also said he asked pharmaceutical companies to 'contact London' regarding Johnson to see 'if we can be of help'. Trump is babbling Dear News Media, STOP ASKING TRUMP ANY QUESTIONS. ONLY ASK THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.

Donald Trump 'lost $1bn in a month' from coronavirus lockdownStock market crash strips billionaire status from 267 of world’s richest people in the annual list No wonder he kept delaying it, and ended up killing extra thousands of people TrumpVirusCoverup TrumpLiedPeopleDied

Trump: I have asked US pharma CEOs to offer Johnson experimental Covid-19 treatmentsTrump%3A%20I%20have%20asked%20US%20pharma%20CEOs%20to%20offer%20Johnson%20experimental%20Covid-19%20treatments%20%7C%20Coronavirus%20outbreak%20%7C%20The%20Guardian Great idea, let's experiment on Boris Leeches next.

Trump order encourages US to mine the moonExecutive order says US will oppose any international effort to bar it from removing chunks of moon, Mars or elsewhere in space Say what? What? What? 😂😂

Coronavirus: Trump threatens to cut off US funding to World Health OrganisationThe president has suggested that the UN health agency went along with Beijing's efforts to minimise the severity of the pandemic. Good move by Trump - WHO director needs to be fired! Das Fuhrer 🤣🤣😂😂 the Emperor is going crazy