Donald Trump, 74, 'fears he'll be too old to run for president again in 2024'

What a shame

1/20/2021 1:00:00 AM

What a shame

The president is said to worry about the prospect of becoming president again in 2021, less than six months off his 79th birthday

report on the final days of his presidency.He has reportedly flip-flopped over whether to announce a 2024 run for office in the coming days, after winning more votes in the 2020 election than he did in 2016. Trump was last week impeached for allegedly inciting deadly riots at the US Capitol on January 6.

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Hundreds of thousands of flags have been planted along the National Mall in Washington Dc ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration to represent spectators unable to attend because of Covid (Picture: AP)If he is convicted at his upcoming impeachment trial at the US Senate, he will be barred from running for president again. Tuesday marks Trump’s final full day in office, with the president expected to release a list of 100 pardons and commutations.

Rapper Lil Wayne is widely expected to have a gun conviction dropped – although aides say it is unlikely Trump will pardon Wikileaks hacker Julian Assange, or his exiled associate Edward Snowden.Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported that Trump was furious on hearing that Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Tom Hanks would all appear at Biden’s inauguration.

The celebrity-obsessed president’s 2017 inauguration was shunned by stars over Trump’s controversial policies and pronouncements.Gaga and JLo will provide the music for the ceremony, while Hanks will narrate.Hundreds of thousands of flags have been planted along the National Mall in Washington DC to represent spectators unable to attend because of Covid.

Trump will be the first president in 160 years not to attend his successor’s inauguration, and will instead fly to his home in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday morning. Read more: Metro »

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His wife is just looking forward to the day he’ll be too old to fllr (Spanish😉🤣) Embarrassing you lot; just as bad as the MENnewsdesk Biden is older than Trump, didn’t stop him. Something tells me it won’t be age that stops Trump from running again, given recent events. Heres hoping! Donald Trump Jr 👌

Good. Absolutely love person that running MetroUK trump things he be to old be President in 2024 what a shame 😂😂😂😂 Well said Yeah, he'll almost be as old as you know... the thing 🤷 Well, it did not stop Biden Damn autocorrect...should have read he “fears he will too imprisoned to run again” 😁 The ultimate irony being, he might take inspiration about running again from old guy Biden.

He’ll be too fucking impeached