Dominic Cummings says he will swear Boris lied about No 10 parties under oath

Downing Street has denied the claims, saying they are untrue.

1/18/2022 12:00:00 PM

Dominic Cummings has accused Boris Johnson of lying to the House of Commons about his knowledge of the May 20 party at Downing Street.

Downing Street has denied the claims, saying they are untrue.

There are also believed to be other witnesses to Mr Johnson being warned about the May 20 party, with Sky News quoting a second Downing Street source confirming Mr Cummings’ version of events.Sue Gray’sHowever, it is likely to be delayed by the expanding scope of the investigation and almost daily revelations about parties and who attended them.

Pressure is mounting on the prime minister (Picture: Getty Images)‘The prime minister must now confirm that Sue Gray will interview Dominic Cummings as part of her investigation.MPs have called Mr Cummings a key witness in Sue Gray’s inquiry (Picture: Peter MacDiarmid/REX)

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PM ‘lied to parliament’ about Downing Street party, Cummings claimsBoris Johnson lied to Parliament when he said he thought the May 20 drinks party was a “work event”, according to a explosive blog post from his former right-hand man Dominic Cummings. Well well well. Where is he by the way? If true; many MPs and those in London are not happy and seeking for the PM to resign. This is a sad for HouseofCommons SirRogerGale SteveBakerHW OneNationCons Douglas4Moray KwasiKwarteng RishiSunak DominicRaab trussliz We deserve better.

Dominic Cummings: Boris Johnson lied to parliament about lockdown partyDominic Cummings has accused Boris Johnson of lying to parliament about a Downing Street garden party during the first lockdown after claiming that he directly a============witness=============of t r U U U t h Arise Sir Cummings. Dom Cummings willing to go on oath. Peston knows the email exists. Sue Gray informed and asked to speak to the author. Watch this space

Dominic Cummings Claims Boris Johnson Lied To Parliament About Parties'You’ve got to grip this madhouse': Dominic Cummings claims Boris Johnson lied to parliament about parties and 'waved aside' warning.

Boris Johnson broke law over No 10 parties, says Keir Starmer – videoLabour leader says prime minister broke the law by attending at least one of the parties at Downing Street during lockdown Do not violate human rights against asylum seekers. The people of Delta 011 are also human rights seekers.. Then so did everyone else at the parties? And wasn't it only the organisers that were being stung for the fines during lockdown not the attendees? Fairly sure it wasn't Boris organising... Oh dear. A barrister lying whatever next watching him slither and squirm under questioning just shows you cant trust this man.

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