Dominic Cummings, Coronavirus, Lockdown

Dominic Cummings, Coronavirus

Dominic Cummings lockdown trip 'witnesses' complain to police watchdog about investigation

Dominic Cummings lockdown trip 'witnesses' complain to police watchdog about investigation

8/7/2020 1:06:00 AM

Dominic Cummings lockdown trip 'witnesses' complain to police watchdog about investigation

Downing Street urged to prove evidence of Johnson adviser's whereabouts after new Durham sightings reported

The GuardianandThe Daily Mirrorthey saw a man they believed was Mr Cummings on 19 April just after 11am in Houghall woods on the edge of Durham.The couple said they gave statements to police on 25 May about the sighting of the man, who Mr Edwards described as “identical” to TV footage of the political adviser.

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“I’m not politically motivated, I have nothing against Cummings,” Mr Edwards said.“But we think what we saw was important given the circumstances of the lockdown, and we feel that our complaint has been airbrushed.”The IOPC confirmed toThe Independent

it had received the complaint.A spokesperson said: “In accordance with the police complaints procedure, we have forwarded a complaint to Durham Constabulary. It will now be a matter for the force to determine the next steps including whether this complaint merits referral to the IOPC.”

A separate witness toldThe Guardianthey had seen Mr Cummings on Hampstead Heath in north London on the afternoon of 19 April, suggesting the adviser would have to prove he was in the capital during the morning to disprove the Edwards’ claim.Durham Constabulary reiterated the conclusion of its investigation on 28 May which found “insufficient evidence” to support the allegations of a second trip by Mr Cummings in April.

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Prove Dominic Cummings did not make second Durham trip, No 10 urgedTwo of four people who say they saw PM’s aide in north-east complain to police watchdog You don’t have to prove you are innocent The onus on others is to prove Guilt Why does it matter? Nobody died. Labour has no policies, so they snipe and moan about pointless things. Oh come on. Seriously

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