Doctors warn hospitals ‘not coping’ as study links A&E waits to deaths

Doctors warn hospitals ‘not coping’ as study links A&E waits to deaths

1/19/2022 9:40:00 AM

Doctors warn hospitals ‘not coping’ as study links A&E waits to deaths

‘It’s clear that hospitals simply do not have the capacity to cope,’ warns Dr Simon Walsh from the British Medical Association

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They needed a study to discover this!!? Incredible. The NHS have told us for years. The public have known for years, volunteer and add to NHS charities to help. The press knew for years and did little. THE TORIES DELIBERATELY UNDERFUNDED FOR YEARS!! 🤬🤬

Lara Logan dropped by agents for comparing Dr Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele“She’s completely incorrect in everything she says,” Dr Fauci replied Kept wanting to touch the hot stove

Hiring more pen-pushing NHS managers does NOT improve hospital performance, study findsHIRING more pen-pushing NHS managers fails to improve hospital performance, a study shows. There are some 35,000 managers in the health service — and their value has long been a source of fierce de… Shock ! Horror! Neither does creating pointless and obvious studies. Hakims +Vaids in Asia look at patient or feel pulse to diagnose & treat patients with drugs. Doctors used History, Examination, Investigations, Differential Diagnosis, Diagnosis, Treatment & Follow ups. Now, Zoom doctors keep stethoscope on their own neck! Now, more deaths occur.

Tesco customer 'disgusted' by people not wearing masks challenges shoppersSue Davies was horrified by the sheer number of shoppers not wearing masks while visiting a Tesco in St Stephen's Shopping Centre, in Hull City Centre Biggot abuses person with hidden disabilities Tesco’s own staff are seen many times never wearing a mask! It’s called learning to live with the virus…..get used to it

'We would not storm migrant boats': Navy rejects plan to push back Channel refugeesThe Royal Navy has rejected the Home Secretary's plans to 'push back' migrants trying to reach the UK by crossing the Channel. At some point they will have to. Thank God someone has the common sense to challenge these nutters, fanatics and liars in Govt Use sonic weapons? 😂😂😂😂Jet ski’s 😂😂😂 Wave machines? PATEL IS OFF HER TROLLEY Waiting for Priti Patel to call the Royal Navy ' lefty sailors'.

Fresh humiliation as Prince Harry and Andrew ‘not eligible’ for Platinum Jubilee medalPrince Andrew and Harry face being stripped of further prestigious roles ahead of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The fact these 2 names are even used in the same article is a joke. But I suspect this is to appease all the Fuhrari and Pierce fanboy twats. What is this rubbish? Why are you lumping a disgraced Andrew with the only decent British Prince Harry? Harry does not give a toss about meaningless medals, just stop.

Yellowstone prequel star on 'physically uncomfortable' requirement 'Not used to it!'YELLOWSTONE prequel 1883 is well underway and the historical Western drama follows the first generation of the Dutton family. One of the stars opened up about how she got into character.