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'Do you love this country?' Jeremy Vine panel erupts in furious One Nation patriotic row

'Do you love this country?' Jeremy Vine panel erupts in furious One Nation patriotic row

6/24/2021 8:43:00 AM

'Do you love this country?' Jeremy Vine panel erupts in furious One Nation patriotic row

JOURNALIST Yasmin Alibhai-Brown erupted on the Jeremy Vine show in a heated row over One Britain One Nation (OBON) Day.

Ms Malone interjected:"Do you love this country, Yasmin or not?"Ms Alibhai-Brown continued:"I love London and I love many aspects of this country."Ms Malone noted:"And you tell me not to talk about the metropolitan elite but you say you love London but only London?"

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READ MORE: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown erupted on the Jeremy Vine show in a heated row over One Britain One Nation(Image: Channel 5)Yasmin Alibhai-Brown compared to not loving aspects of her homeland(Image: Channel 5)Host Jeremy Vine added:"You love the UK as well?"

Ms Alibhai-Brown replied:"I love aspects of it. I don't love other aspects. I never loved aspects of my homeland."I don't love many aspects of India."Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, I'm not falling for it."

One Britain One Nation: Kash Singh discusses anthemMr Singh said the concept was"born from my dream as a police officer" after coming to the UK as a six-year-old boy who"couldn't speak a word of English".He said he set up the campaign in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in 2013 after retiring from the police force in 2012.

Mr Singh told Times Radio:"We started the concept in Bradford and West Yorkshire, and it's been very, very successful indeed, so what we want to look at is taking it across the nation."It was something that was born from my dream as a police officer, in terms of what I'd see, in terms of my passion, pride and frustration, and something that I feel needed to be done in this country.

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One Britain, One Nation song strikes wrong chord - but receives government backing🎶 Strong Britain, Great Nation 🎶 One Britain One Nation Day is due to be celebrated in schools on Friday through the singing of a patriotic song ➡️ But it has struck the wrong chord, with some comparing it to state-led propaganda We gave the world Lennon and McCartney, how far have we fallen?🤦‍♂️ When will they start singing 'no United Kingdom without Johnson'?

‘Don’t brainwash my child!’ Enraged parents condemn ‘One Britain, One Nation’ campaignOUTRAGED parents across the country have condemned the Government's 'One Britain, One Nation' (OBON) campaign, claiming it will 'brainwash' their children. Thanks to CatrionaLaing1 BorisJohnson 👇Nigeria today. They’ve been brainwashed by the anti British mob for years Immigrant disagreement I see, predictable really. British/English ways! About time! Just waiting for the racist accusations now!

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Government encourages schools to host 'One Britain' eventsThe Department for Education backs the idea - but Scotland's first minister calls it 'ludicrous'. They can poke their Little Britain events where the sun don’t shine. Sounds dreadful No.