‘Do star jumps’: energy supplier criticised over advice on keeping warm

‘Do star jumps’: energy supplier criticised over advice on keeping warm

Energy Bills, Sse

1/11/2022 3:00:00 AM

‘Do star jumps’: energy supplier criticised over advice on keeping warm

Labour and Tory MPs angered by SSE ’s suggestions such as ‘having a cuddle’ as households face sharp rise in energy bills

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This just shows the mentality of people who feel privileged! Make a joke, give advice as if you’re speaking to 12yos. No respect for what people will be experiencing and the tough decisions they will make caring for their family. Total respect for finding a pic of someone cuddling a pet to keep warm.

Labour urges energy firm tax hike to help cut household billsThe party says a windfall tax could soften the the impact of surging household costs by £200 a year. I never knew I would be what I'm today after so much suffering, I saw a post about your platform and I took a step to try if it's going to work, I just want to share your good work and let the world know how great and responsible you are victor_griffin_

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Andy Murray trolls Nigel Farage over Djokovic visa rowAndy Murray among those criticising Farage, who likened Australia to ‘banana republic’ over its treatment of tennis star You call it trolling. I call it andy_murray exercising his right to free speech, which is factual. The Strayan border authorities cannot be left alone to make their own sovereign decisions. They need help from some random, rubber-faced busybody on the other side of the world,wearing yellow corduroys to match his teeth. Take back control! Mrsmariebaker Always up for mockery of the Fuhrog. jfranklynh

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