Do elephants risk their lives to save each other?

Thai elephant deaths: Do elephants risk their lives to save each other?


Thai elephant deaths: Do elephants risk their lives to save each other?

A tragedy in Thailand has pulled on our heartstrings, and can help us learn about elephant empathy.

"This is a large-brained, intelligent, social, empathetic animal," says Dr Plotnik."I would argue they would suffer the same kind of trauma we would suffer."

But park officials are confident the pair have the skills to survive and will learn from their experience to avoid the falls.

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cheminahsayang This incident answers that very question, no? Have you read your OWN headlines in the last week? Magnificent creatures are elephants. Elephants are very kind. Of course, unlike tories they have souls I just spoke to two elephants familiar with the matter and they told me to tell you to mind your mothafucking business.

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Poor elephant trapped in canal in Sri LankaLocals were worried this trapped elephant might have never got out! ❤️ Check out more videos like this here: [ 🐟 ] Ama;q Agency Report 📰 | The Qamishli Attack Today Comes in Response to the Escalating Abuse by PٌKK Personnel in the Prisons and Camps / HaّppyBirthّdayJimin 0 RedّRiverRivّalry = Nice to see that poor scared animal get help!!

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Man accused of murdering two British soldiers during the Troubles denied bailJudge considers 67-year-old John Downey a flight risk

US warns Turkey it has right to self-defence after shells hit near American base in SyriaDefence secretary says Turkey risks 'serious consequences' over northern Syria offensive This is going too far StopWaronKurds PKK-YPG teröristdir. PKK-YPG katildir. Emperyalizmin uşağıdır. The PKK-YPG is a terrorist. The PKK-YPG is a killer. He's a servant of imperialism. A big lack of judgement from POTUS. By the time any sanctions or retaliatory action is taken against Turkey it will be to late. I doubt many would want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the USA under the present regime if this how they treat their allies.

Bruce Springsteen interview: ‘I’ve spent 35 years trying to let go of my destructive side'The older you get, the heavier the baggage becomes that you haven’t sorted through,” says Bruce Springsteen in his new concert documentary, Western Stars. Those who seek not to harm whilst defending their rights do.

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