Djokovic arrives in Dubai after deportation from Australia

Djokovic arrives in Dubai after deportation from Australia

1/17/2022 4:37:00 AM

Djokovic arrives in Dubai after deportation from Australia

Novak Djokovic has arrived in Dubai after his deportation from Australia over its required COVID-19 vaccination ended the No. 1-ranked men’s tennis player’s hopes of defending his Australian Open title

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Hopefully, Dubai will deport him to Serbia. Most dads would go back to there wife and kids but I'm not Djokovic. In a real free country ! can you believe that ? 15 Highest paid world leaders and presidents in 2021 - Annual salary - age me bale berga

Novak Djokovic loses visa appeal and will be deported from Australia | ITV NewsThe tennis star is set to be deported from Australia after the court upheld the decision to cancel his visa. | ITV National News 💯 La tiranía totalitaria sanitaria australiana se pronunció. El pueblo australiano seguirá comiendo mierda por aceptar vivir en exclavitud. Grande DjokerNole CAMPEÓN!

‘Such a mess’: Andy Murray and tennis world reacts to Djokovic’s deportationThe tennis world has reacted with a mixture of silence and disappointment to Novak Djokovic’s deportation from Australia after an extraordinary 12 days of legal wrangling He's the mess. Good grief. There’s a old saying here in Australia that I’m finding quite apt, 'suffer in your jocks', or as I say sufferinyourDjoks There are far more pressing issues here and all over the world than some bloke who's grossly rich and entitled because he can hit a ball better than others I will enjoy watching the tennis players that are vaxed and can't do a match, being out of breath. What will be the ratio? 4 out of 100,who will have to leave the matchBiontech is the pilar of health Industry.There are no football players having heart attacks on the field.

What next for Novak Djokovic - and how will Australia deportation mess affect his legacy?Deeply bruised Djokovic may not play a tournament until April and lose world No 1 status but he will not change He is deeply in touch with his soul. The ones who have divorced themselves from their soul are the ones advocating for deportations and detentions for unvaxxed. they are anxious and fearful which signals the inability to know your feelings.

Djokovic leaves Australia after judges uphold visa cancellation and deportationNovak Djokovic has left Australia after judges upheld the government's cancellation of his visa and his deportation. The player was seen boarding an Emirates flight bound for Dubai from Melbourne just hours after the court ruling. Read more: If he really wanted to be a 'hero' he would have gotten his simple vaccination like everyone else had to. He is not special. now he can enjoy his 'moral' win while watching the tournament from the couch. What, no goodbye? Don’t mess with the Aussies

Novak Djokovic officially leaves Australia as Immigration chief breaks silenceBREAKING: Novak Djokovic officially leaves Australia as Immigration Minister Alex Hawke releases fresh statement This is not important. Hit the road, Jock Hit the road, Joke Hit the road, Djok DjokerNole Not really sure how Djokovic thought it was going to end has he never watched Border Patrol those guys are on the ball.

'NoVax' Djokovic becomes target of mocking memes after deportation sagaNOVAK DJOKOVIC has become the target of mocking internet memes, after having his visa bid rejected and being deported from Australia. No one cares. He played stupid games, he won stupid prizes, now he gets to go home empty-handed with his tail between his legs, as all anti-vaxxers should. Only for those zombies getting 7th dosage of vaccine by now :)