Dior Men | Menswear - Autumn 2019



Paying tribute to Christian Dior's first vocation as a gallerist and art collection, Dior unveils its Fall Winter 2019 menswear campaign. What are your thoughts? Discover the full looks:


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Stella McCartney signs deal with French luxury group LVMHOwner of Vuitton, Dior and Givenchy sees British designer as part of push to sustainability 와..이쁘다! KeepDoingYou

Anger at sexist Amazon trampoline advert which says only men can put it togetherAN Amazon trampoline advert has been slammed as sexist after claiming only men can put it together. The £95 Newan 40 inch mini bouncer claims it’s best suited to workouts for adults or childr… Yea? Should be, most men can put it together, and some butch strong women can too, and transgender men can put it together, and strong boys can with some strong girls can too, lol, I'd be fine making a nice meal for a guy to assemble it...& think it should come with one. Though generally a 'give me a lever & a place to stand' kind of woman, I do hate assembling.

A black female actress is taking on the role of 007 and men are seriously triggeredBond 25 is going to have a black, female 007. According to reports, British actor Lashana Lynch, who recently appeared as a fighter pilot in Captain Marvel, will be introduced as the new 007 in the Even libs enjoy triggering the libs If someone goes to see it, then it is a good idea. If they don't, it won't be the first mistake in the Bond movies. This is a mockery.

Women find sexual images just as arousing as men, study finds'This result challenges common public perception that men respond stronger to porn than women' as arousing as men or as arousing as men thinks ? I don't understand plz. Glad they figured that out! Whoever thought up this study must never have talked to any actual women. Have you guys only just realised this? 🤔

Teenager knocked unconscious after telling men 'Sorry, I'm not interested''It’s scared me, I’m scared to go out, I’ve always got to be with somebody.' 😔 What the actual fcuk. I hope this person gets battered when caught! Shocking this is sad act twats. May Gabrielle watch on as they receive Justice.

James Bond actor murdered by drug dealer who targeted and robbed gay menA FORMER Bond actor was murdered by a drug dealer who targeted and robbed gay men. Eric Michels, 54, hooked up with Gerald Matovu, via Grindr in August last year. Matovu, 26, injected him with a fa… Flog him and jail him Mess with fire. You get burnt. Dive into such depraved world. You pay the price. innocents? It’s their culture. Their free choice. This is the dark seedy world of online dating apps, people should know better

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