Did Kate Middleton just unwittingly reveal her most used emojis?

If so, it's a real insight into her mind 👀

11/30/2020 7:34:00 PM

If so, it's a real insight into her mind 👀

If so, it's a real insight into her mind 👀

, many are speculating that these most used emojis include the following: the vomiting emoji, a gust of wind, a cucumber, the sweary face emoji, two girls holding hands, a pineapple, a woman bowing and the purple alien space invader thing-y. An eclectic mix, I'm sure we can all agree.

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Now, while we'd love to be able to say 'Yes! These are definitely the Duchess's most used emojis, thus giving an equal parts clear and confusing look into her brain!', alas we cannot – as there's no confirmation that the phone Kate used during filming is her own. There's every chance it might belong to a crew member, or was brought especially as a prop. Who knows? Not us. However, if it

istrue and Kate has just revealed the emojis she's into, we're in full support of her sweary, fruit-munching alien habits.Also revealed in the video, was a question asked via the social media call out that caused the Duchess to have a bit of a chuckle, as a fellow parent sought headtopics.com

her advice on how she deals with toddler tantrumsin a household with multiple children.Kate, if you're reading this, please confirm that is indeed your phone by commenting a pineapple on the latestCosmopolitan UKInstagram post? Ta! 🙏🍍

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