Devil-obsessed 'Ripper' driver, 26, who murdered woman faces life

Devil-obsessed 'Ripper' delivery driver who murdered woman and raped two others faces life behind bars

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1/21/2022 8:50:00 PM

Devil-obsessed 'Ripper' delivery driver who murdered woman and raped two others faces life behind bars

Sexual predator Brian Sengendo fatally beat and stabbed Therasia Gordon, 44, then dumped her body in woods in Enfield, north London , last August.

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Brian Sengendo, 26, beat and stabbed Therasia Gordon and dumped her body. Earlier the same night, he targeted two other vulnerable women in the area. He was accused of raping another woman and kidnapping a third the same night. On Friday, Sengendo was found guilty of seven charges, including murder, attempted murder, kidnap, and rape