'Desperate' man was 'dead for two minutes' after being electrocuted while stealing scrap to pay bills during lockdown

Darren Harris survived a horrific accident in which 47% of his body was burned after trying to make ends meet through illegal scrapping. He now says he wants to serve as an inspiration for those struggling with mental health.

5/26/2022 8:00:00 PM

Darren Harris survived a horrific accident in which 47% of his body was burned after trying to make ends meet through illegal scrapping. He now says he wants to serve as an inspiration for those struggling with mental health.

Darren Harris, 29, was badly burnt after being electrocuted in 2020. After losing his job during the lockdown, the Manchester native tried to raise money to put food on the table by stealing scrap metal. Here, he speaks to Sky's Beth Rigby about his ordeal.

Waiting on reconstructive surgery, Mr Harris hopes his experience will inspire others.Image:When the coronavirus pandemic came around in 2020, Mr Harris found himself in financial difficulty since he was not up-to-date with his tax return.Mr Harris said he"left that behind" and never did it again for several years as he was working as a scaffolder.

Darren Harris worked as a scaffolder before the COVID pandemic hitHe said:"I was doing what I was doing, collecting work, off the ground and stuff like that. And then there was like an electrical control room. And I saw the doors wide open, so I just had a bit of a nose.

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Wow hard lesson, but he can show through his horror there is a strength and this should inspire young people in similar situations not to go down this route, good lad 👍🏻

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