Delta variant cases in the UK soar by 78% in one week

Delta variant cases in the UK soar by 78% in one week

6/18/2021 11:56:00 AM

Delta variant cases in the UK soar by 78% in one week

Delta variant infections in the UK have jumped by 78 per cent in just one week, the latest Public Health England (PHE) data reveals.

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Sydney: Cockatoos work out how to open bin lids by watching others do the trick, researchers say

It is quite a feat for a bird to grasp a bin lid with its beak, pry it open, then shuffle far enough along the bin's edge that the lid falls backwards - revealing edible treasures inside.

Thankfully, the vaccines will keep many out of hospital Especially if they have had two doses Cases across the UK are increasing at an alarming rate. On June 17, the daily reported cases crossed the 10,000 mark for the first time since February. 'The increasing on decreasing cases is incredible!' Where this madness is going to end up?

Thanks Johnson Surely the. I❤️Lockdown t-shirts should be made available to all now. There are those who are skeptical about having them for cultural and personal freedom reasons, but they are 100% cotton and go well with masks. Mine has Union Jacks on the sleeves to remind of the pricks. This is so depressing. 15 months into this pandemic and we still haven't got it under control.

Didn’t help with Boris Johnson circus show.

Matt Hancock says Delta variant accounts for 96% of new UK Covid cases – videoThe health secretary tells the House of Commons that the spread of the variant led the government to delay step four of its roadmap for easing restrictions in England In Germany around 7%, but rising slower than in the UK. Germany has nine land borders and a huge international airport in Frankfurt, as well as 25% of its residents with a foreign background.

Covid cases show signs of SLOWING as 'outbreaks in Delta hotspots level off'COVID cases are starting to show early signs of slowing – as outbreaks in Delta variant hotspots “level off”. Government statistics appear to show the rate of increase in daily in…

Covid cases in England doubling every 11 days as Delta takes holdScientists say cases rising exponentially but vaccine progress should help reduce increase ☑️No masks in UK classrooms ☑️UK 'experts' claiming kids unlikely to catch or spread COVID ☑️Fines if kids say home safe. Does Benny Hill run things there? Trump's lunacy helped COVID spread, y'all doubling up on death. My doc for historical memory⤵️ Boris set to increase his majority by another 80 seats then Cases as per

Wales delays lockdown easing by four weeks after surge of Delta variant casesFirst Minister Mark Drakeford is expected to encourage people to go and get their second jabs when he makes the announcement on Friday. We hadn't set a definite date anyway so it isn't breaking news.

'Groundhog Day' for schools struggling to cope with Delta variantOne school has seen MORE cases in 10 days than throughout the WHOLE pandemic mrjamesob and I have 4 in isolation waiting for a test to come back.

Covid R rate ‘could rise to as high as 7 if Delta variant runs riot’Prof Susan Hopkins has issued a warning over the transmissibility of the Delta variant. Fully vaccinated. Don’t care. I’d love to know the number of media articles over the past 16 months that have lead with “could”, “may” or “might”. Scaremongering twats, the lot of you. Ought to be ashamed, but that would require some humility and self-reflection. We know the script