‘Declining memory’ Joe Biden mistakenly refers to Michelle Obama as VP in latest gaffe

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JOE BIDEN has committed another hilarious gaffe after mistakenly referring to Michelle Obama as the former Vice President.

Joe Biden risking nuclear war with Putin says Neil OliverInvalid email


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His admin is still doing an excellent job though.

So sad

Anywhere in this world any race so far as it’s human being that is ruling old age is a major weakness in leadership and no matter how good a person is!!!

Put him to bed early with a Horlick’s - the guy should be in a nursing home. I despair, the state of the world and it’s puppet leaders :(

Sad to say he is not fit for such a stressful job.

He obviously meant to say “when I was Vice President.” Relax.

Declining memory? So none of have ever called someone by the wrong name especially your children!

U say Biden’s memory is failing, but it’s Trump who can’t seem to remember getting beat by 7 million votes! I’d rather have Biden who’s getting things done! Biden actually cares & wants to help Middle Class Americans & not just himself, The Top 1% & Evil Murderous Autocrats!

Mohith9999🤣 you guys only choose the best of best 😅 Trump and now this 😅

Freudian slip. Ever hear of one of those? Or are they only for young people? It is not a secret that Joe Biden's first choice for vice president was Michelle Obama.

If countries like US insist on electing older people, sadly some frailities will creep in.

DCBMEP Senility is a sad thing to see.

It’s not like he is under a lot of stress is it? We can all make a slip of the tongue.

The more the RNC and DNC essentially run our seniors into the ground, simply to retain the political clout is sickening to me.

So? Big deal! Still not as bad as thinking there were airports in 1775, thinking Finland is part of Russia and Greenland was for sale. 🤦‍♀️🤡

Oh just STOP it!!!

Ohhh FFS that’s not a memory issue it’s a simple misspeak.

It's not memory it's his blatant racism surfacing....AGAIN

If Crazy Uncle Joe keeps doing 💩 like this, he’s not going to get re-elected! 🤦🏽‍♂️

Covfefe hamberder!


1ShelleyKBooker POTUS I wish nothing but good health and that his memory can last to the end of his term. The thought of the Vice President having to finish his term is beyond scary, despite how bad his policies have hurt America.

Meh. He’s human🇺🇸

In donald trumps memory....he thinks he won the election...no thats not crazy at all


I have a feeling all of the employees at are child molesters.

He misspoke and your tabloid newspaper is ageist.

Didn't 45 just say we were out of bread?

Cofeve 😂

The grasping for any story to suggest Biden is losing his marbles is pathetic. Have you never fluffed a name or title? I have. Biden won & Trump lost (thank you non-specific deity) no matter how much Trump whines.

Yall do know he has a Stutter, right. He doesnt even get a moment to correct himself...sheesh

Who cares. I regularly call my kids and pets by the wrong name. It happens.

Daily express 💙❤️If you could help me by Retweeting this I’d be Thankful

'Declining memory' Boris Johnson mistakenly refers to parties as work events.

Jesus Christ the adds on this




Two beautiful, intelligent, strong women. I understand the mixup

What a shlock paper. Why is it in my feed. Block

The fact this guy is the leader of the free world is just the most “what the fuck are we doing” thing ever

And this is why I will NOT vote for him again. Democrats need to step up their game and find someone fast! And please don’t think Kamala is it. Nope. She very disappointingly sucks as VP. (and to think I initially wanted her as the Prez candidate. so glad that didn’t happen)

Something positive to push on your STUPID post. Donate to Baranova27 Quick link to donate via Amazon. Medical supplies and everything else greatly needed.

GOP A SHINING example of stupidity.

No news today?

He did not say Michelle Obama was VP. He said when “she was Vice President” instead of saying when ‘I was Vice President’. He was referring to his wife Jill working with Michelle Obama while HE was VP.

dementia, dumb or both

It is a sure sign Trump is in trouble with all this stuff about the Biden’s. Nice try but nothing is going to cover up the amount of shit about to come down on the trumps!

He may know something about the future

Is this a newspaper from London? In America we don’t give a rat’s behind about you. Mind your own business .

At least he doesn't have a hooker wife who he called 'Melanie'...when her name is ' Melania'.

Still a great President. Facts . 👇👇👇👇right here darling😏


Don’t blame Biden. It would be a bless for me if I could stand in front of people delivering speech at the age of 80. The people voting for him are responsible for putting a dementia old person to the seat of President, and the blames are on them,

Geez I make mistakes too. Guess I need to be put down?

Declining memory? Or accidentally let the cat out of the bag who’s gonna replace Harris! I’m sure it’s all planned but freaking mumbls over here keeps letting secret shit slip! 😂 AllTheWorldsAStage VP Biden EatYourPudding Politics

He was referring to his wife when she was MRs Vice President (he was a VP, right?) it was the syntax of the sentence not the name confusion

And I just called Ted Danson Len Dawson. Pulled Dawson’s name out of youth!

I listened to his speech and that’s not what he said, why do you all love to take everything out of context?

Hahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Remember this? Fun times.

Bit like the US as a declining Power

He misspoke. We all do multiple times a day.

Gimme a break. If a mic followed you around all day you would like your memory was slipping too.

Daily beast edited it to say this

'New hope for dementia' Express headline, every 3 to 4 days since 1992...

Oh give me a break...🙄 Post some real news, will you?

U real should mind your 'own' country's business, instead of the United States?!🤨🤬

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