Death In Paradise's Josephine Jobert admits feeling abandoned after Tobi Bakare exit

1/13/2022 12:47:00 AM

'I was like, 'What am I going to do?''

Death In Paradise star Josephine Jobert admits feeling abandoned after co-star's exit: deathinparadise

'I was like, 'What am I going to do?''

stars tease season 11 romance "When Tobi left, we had a drink to tell him goodbye and I couldn't stop crying.(Image: Getty/Instagram) Death in Paradise's Josephine Jobert has spoken out on her struggle after coming back from a break (Image: Instagram) James Jordan branded a 'scumbag' by Strictly co-star Danny John-Jules In December, the TV star shared a picture of herself enjoying the scenic views of Portugal.After managing to get away with murder for so long, Dexter's story reached its conclusion in the New Blood finale as his son Harrison (Jack Alcott) brought about his end, killing his father in retaliation for Dexter murdering Sergeant Logan.Keith Duffy has paid tribute to his "courageous and brave warrior" dad after revealing that he passed away.

We arrived on the show together and he's like a brother to me."He's the most adorable person, he cares about people, he's really nice, he's extremely funny.Josephine wrote the caption: “First day in Portugal.He's just perfect."Dexter is an antihero, which is [still] a hero that we like, but he is still psychotic.Seeing him leave, I was like, 'What am I going to do?' I felt abandoned, but I understood.Josephine Jobert has addressed the struggle of coming back from holidays (Image: Getty) Josephine Jobert shared a picture of herself enjoying the scenic views of Portugal (Image: Instagram) rubyyyy_55 typed: “Gorgeous! when you were younger who was your inspiration? Xxxx” charles." Josephine also spoke about Tobi's reasons for leaving the show, adding that the pair are still in touch."We already miss him so much.

BBC/Red Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon "He has a family and kids," Josephine a way, it's what has to happen."He's been on the show for so long, he had to move on and that's all right, it's part of the process.But this year I missed him a lot.” gregwill08 said: “Beautiful picture beautiful lady.It was different on set without him."And once again, once you introduce what's called Chekhov's 'rifle', people who are paying attention to that kind of stuff … it's kind of a foreboding, a breadcrumb."I keep on sending him messages, to see how he's doing.” Josephine recently bid farewell to her co-star after the airing of Death in Paradise’s Christmas episode." Brian McFadden commented: "What a fighter! What a man! Actor Sean Magure said: "Oh Keith.

I'm like, 'Tobi, I miss you! Please come back.' Especially his last series, he was so good..I just watched the show again this morning in preparation for this interview, and I was crying all over again." Last year, while on location in Guadeloupe filming Death in Paradise season 7 that triggered his decision to leave.Red Planet/Denis Guyenon..

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