David Dushman, last surviving Auschwitz liberator, dies aged 98

David Dushman, last surviving Auschwitz liberator, dies aged 98

6/7/2021 2:26:00 AM

David Dushman, last surviving Auschwitz liberator, dies aged 98

As a 21-year-old Red Army soldier, David Dushman used his tank to mow down the camp's electric fence.

David Dushman went on to become a successful international fencerDavid Dushman, the last surviving soldier who took part in the liberation of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, has died at 98.Dushman, a Jewish Red Army veteran who later became an Olympic fencer, died in Germany on Saturday.

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As a 21-year-old soldier, he used his tank to mow down the camp's electric fence on 27 January 1945, helping to set its prisoners free.About 1.1 million people were murdered at Auschwitz, most of them Jews."When we arrived we saw the fence and these unfortunate people, we broke through the fence with our tanks. We gave food to the prisoners and continued,"

Dushman told Reuters last year."They were standing there, all of them in [prisoner] uniforms, only eyes, only eyes, very narrow - that was very terrible, very terrible," he said.Dushman has said he was unaware Auschwitz existed during the war, only learning about the atrocities carried out there in the years after. headtopics.com

'I survived two concentration camps'One of just 69 men in his 12,000-strong division to survive the war, Mr Dushman suffered serious injuries during the conflict,But he went on to become the Soviet Union's top fencer, and later one of the world's greatest fencing coaches, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said.

media captionAuschwitz: Drone footage from Nazi concentration campHe trained the Soviet Union's women's fencing team for over 30 years, and witnessed the deadly terror attack on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972."We heard the gunshots and the hum of the helicopters above us. We lived right across from the Israeli team. We and all the other athletes were horrified,"

.His friend, IOC chief and fellow fencer Thomas Bach, paid tribute."When we met in 1970, he immediately offered me friendship and counsel, despite Mr Dushman's personal experience with World War II and Auschwitz, and he being a man of Jewish origin," said Mr Bach, who is German.

"This was such a deep human gesture that I will never ever forget it."Until the age of 94, he was still going almost daily to his fencing club there to give lessons, the IOC said. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Rest in peace, you did your bit to end one of the greatest cruelties human beings have ever inflicted on others. You deserved the long and useful life you had. Living for decades with that nightmare in your brain, it's incomprehensible. What an amazing man💜 Rest in peace RIP sir RIP David, we won't be forget what happened ☹️

When obsessions of an individual take over the minds of other country men, the holocaust the worst part of human history, took place, the sufferings, the cuelities are attached to these monuments. A narrative that takes you to reveal the truth You didn't mention some important facts!!! The concentration camp was created in occupied by the Germans Poland. All of the camp staff were Germans. Some of them were Nazis. Initially only Poles were prisoners. 150 000 didn't survive.

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A thought: Time to rest. 💙😔 Thank you very much Sir, R.I.P. Hopefully, we shall never, ever live through the horror that the previous generation has suffered through...May we continue to combat hate, racism, xenophobia, extreme nationalism and all that which comes with it. A real true hero. Bet he loved people who hate ANTIFA movements

RIP 🙏🏼 R .I.P RIP Amen. You were a living witness and storyteller of history. Your will certainly resonates with our hearts of the next generation. We will continue to fight for true peace, freedom and equality from this 2021. Thank you In his own way a hero and a witness to the reality of anti semitism.

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He liberated a hell hole whilst today's anti left would rebuild them as the scream their support of hamas, hezbollah, etc. R.I.P. Rest in peace, senpai! nice Died a hero. RIP Sir

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