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David Beckham 'agrees £150million ambassadorial deal with Qatar'

David Beckham 'agrees £150MILLION deal to be the face of Qatar World Cup'

10/24/2021 12:21:00 PM

David Beckham 'agrees £150MILLION deal to be the face of Qatar World Cup '

The England legend was pictured in the country earlier this month, taking in various sights including some of the stadiums to be used for next year's tournament.

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QUEEN ELIZABETH II has opened up fresh vacancies for roles at Buckingham Palace, according to the Royal Household's website.

This is the exact reason why people boo taking the knee…..any player who plays in Qatar after taking the knee is a hypocrite of the highest order!! Corruption. My country ( Germany ) is qualifiziert for WC 2022 but I hope Germany boycotts the WC. Thousands are said to have died while building the stadiums.

Just confirms he is just all about money! His charity work must just be a front to cover accepting money from a country with appalling human rights record Piers Morgan on seeing this.. Absolutely disgrace, shame on you David. You trade your soul for money. Hope UNICEF will end your embassadorship immediately.

Obscene amount. However reminds me I need a Gingham Tea Towel. Slave labour.. Face of slave labour.. When you are big you are big Not expensive at all......for a rich country Sell out! Looks like thirty pieces of silver trumps institutional homophobia and misogyny as well as modern slavery.

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Becks give me just £250 000. Thank you in advance. At least it stop you lot crying about Newcastle So he’s not interested in their poor human rights record and is instead whoring himself out for cash? Pretty standard to be fair. so 6000 deaths is acceptable to him? The man will do anything for money and has zero morals.

Salah maybe better choice now !! Even more money for Goldenballs. Wow..

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After David Amess’ death, civility in politics is more vital than ever | Observer lettersExtreme views and catcalling contribute to a debasement of democracy, which feeds into society धन तेरस वह दीपावली का सामान उसी की दुकान से खरीदे जिसके घर दीपावली और धन तेरस मनाई जाती हो ... और चाइनीज आइटम छोड़कर मिट्टी के दिवे खरीदे ताकि उन सभी गरीबों के बच्चे भी दिवाली की खुशियों में शामिल हो सके ... जय श्री राम thanks Tell it to the pathological liar in No.10...

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