Dairylea advert of girls eating cheese upside down banned for 'choking risk'

Dairylea advert of girls eating cheese upside down banned for 'choking risk'

Advertising Standards Authority

1/19/2022 9:34:00 AM

Dairylea advert of girls eating cheese upside down banned for 'choking risk'

A Dairylea advert featuring two girls eating cheese triangles upside down has been banned after complaints that it was promoting unsafe behaviour and that kids could choke

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I’m fed up with my child hood being erased, as children we did this, please stop

Dairylea cheese ad showing child eating while upside down banned over choking risk Advertising Standards Authority says advert attracted 14 complaints alleging unsafe behaviour They ban this but they won't ban obvious sexual-implied content on reality tv on prime time. & don't enforce strict anti-pornography laws when it is ruining society. snowflakes Maybe children should be banned from watching telly until they are 7 and understand what is reality and what fantasy?

Dairylea advert banned for 'dangerous' depiction of two girls hanging upside down while eating cheeseAn advert that shows two girls hanging upside down while eating Dairylea cheese triangles has been banned after people complained it could encourage dangerous behaviour Dangerous,? We ll did that as kids , well maybe not eat cheese at the same time though Oh ffs, really!!

Law on sale of knives to under-18s to be tightenedSale and delivery of corrosive products to under-18s will also be banned Boris should be tightening up on the sale of knifes to his cabinet colleagues in case he has to turn his back to any of them.

Northern Ireland’s plan for the environment ‘weak and flawed’Country at risk becoming ‘the dirty corner of Europe’ without more ambitious targets, say campaigners Northern Ireland is far too small to become 'the dirty corner of Europe'. That idea is almost as stupid as claiming a continued soft border between NI and Ireland poses a risk to the integrity of the EU's single market. Plain stupid claim, frankly. The rivers and the sea are full of animal waste and the Environment minister’s answer is to grow more chickens, pigs, cows and sheep for export to places which have far more space to grow their own food. Small is beautiful. Let’s keep it that way.

John McEnroe slams Australia over Novak Djokovic deportation: 'Total bull****'John McEnroe has slammed Australia’s handling of the Novak Djokovic saga, calling it an ‘absolute joke’ and ‘total bull****’. The story of his life. WADR, John McEnroe HAS NO SAY ABOUT Australia COVID19 PROTOCOLS FOR VISITORS TO THEIR COUNTRY ESPECIALLY DURING A DEADLY pandemic ‼️ & NEITHER DOES Djokovic ‼️ GetVaccinated WearAMask AND STFU ‼️ AustralianOpen Australia 🙏🏽❤️ JohnMcEnroe 👇🏽 At LONG last ...... Somebody, being the one and only John McEnroe, from the Tennis World, has actually stood up and supported Novak Djokovic. I agree with every word of his statement. Democracy, is NOT democracy anymore. Democracy, has been weakened down to a very watery form.

Fears grow for missing Brit woman caught up in devastating Tonga tsunamiAngela and James Glover were caught in the 4ft waves which hit the pacific island on Saturday, but only her husband was able to hang onto a tree. Awful news. 💔 RIP Angela Glover