Daily Covid cases fall just 1.6% in week as curve begins to level off

UK's Health Secretary says flu can kill 20,000 a year but 'we don't shut down our entire country'

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1/20/2022 8:50:00 PM

UK's Health Secretary says flu can kill 20,000 a year but 'we don't shut down our entire country'

Government dashboard data shows another 107,364 people tested positive across the UK in the past 24 hours, down only slightly on the 109,133 last week.

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Current Covid death rate 100k a year (5 x flu) & rising. And that is with all the restrictions, vaccinations and an overwhelmed NHS! Remember that letting Covid loose means you can’t get treated for other thins as the resources are taken up for Covid patients. This was also brought up at the outset of Covid and is the view of many people. However your government chose to shut the country down.

No shit Sherlock. Or sack 100k health care workers!! Correct. Funny how the rest of the world takes covid serious. Here they just think of there job instead of people. Corruption runs through out this lot. Nice one. Well it would have been 2 years ago. Where have you all been & what exactly have you been doing prior to this lucid moment that we elected you to have when Covid first appeared and we all needed to be considered as part of a reasoned response rather than this shit show?

makes for interesting reading His bald head Irritates me That's known since 2006. 20,000 is the upper number. The lower is around 10K. Wales and England only. Journal of infection 2006. Nov 9. So why did they have these stupid lockdowns then?

UK Covid cases climb above 100,000 again as 359 lives lost in 24 hoursA week ago there were 129,587 cases, while a fortnight ago there were an enormous 194,747 confirmed infections, on the day under-fire Boris Johnson announced Plan B measures are set to be lifted A lot more people than that will have died in the last 24 hours and how many in the figure you quote were off covid?

Exactly!!! It can and dies kill far more . And covid so fat has killed between 150k / 180k in the last 18 months ITS NOT THE FLU Yet again doing what Boris tells him to save his job and that of the PM! A lot have people have been saying that since the beginning. Now its ok to lift restrictions? All this bull just to save your shameless Tory government BorisJohnsonOut COVID19 JohnsonTheLiar HasHeGoneYet toryblackmail ToryCovidCatastrophe

This is what happens when the bafoons take over. They are the same. UK . us. Australia. Ignorance blossoms in all the right wing governments of the west

Covid-19: What are the different rules in place across the UK?How do the current rules compare across the four nations of the UK?

France is hit by record 460,000 daily Covid casesThe country revealed 464,769 cases over the previous 24 hours. French officials have issued a series of diktats in a desperate bid to curb the rising case numbers. That’s the vaccinated spreading the virus between themselves at a alarming rate Can we bill China for reparations yet? 🇨🇳 China CCP Reparations Better Chinese investment after stabbed back by UK Brexiter and US doster!

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Primark axes 400 staff from its UK stores in blow for the High StreetPrimark owner Associated British Foods has revealed a hit to the fashion chain's recent trading as the Omicron variant of coronavirus kept shoppers away from UK stores. The queues are going to be even worst Despite the contribution made by Priti Patel via expenses? 😜 MailOnline Oh dear is this the end of the Primari specials, purchasing jeans with one leg longer or wider than the other and odd size sleeves on your tops, hahaha

UK may send MORE weapons to Ukraine after 'increasingly threatening behaviour' from RussiaBRITAIN may send more weapons to Ukraine in a bid to stop an impending Russian invasion, as Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced the UK is open to further cooperation with the Eastern European nation. Don’t you mean increasingly threatening UK/US/NATO behaviour?

Another 107,364 positive tests across the country in the past 24 hours, down barely on the 109,133 last week. It is 15th day in a row that cases have fallen week-on-week but today's weekly drop is the smallest in that time. SAGE warned today there could be a 'long tail' of infections as the UK comes out of other side of fourth wave