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Dad-of-three slit teen's face while best mate filmed then left him for dead

Dad-of-three slit teen's face while best mate filmed then left him for dead

10/30/2020 10:24:00 PM

Dad-of-three slit teen's face while best mate filmed then left him for dead

Nathan Kelso, 37, slashed Adam Scott's neck, as delivery driver Luke Wilson, 36, recorded the attack after the pair lured him on a false promise of 'odd jobs' in Stockport, Greater Manchester

The court was told the pair carried out a "happy slap-style" ambush after luring the victim to a meeting on the pretense of offering him odd jobs.Nathan Kelso, 37, slashed 18-year old Adam Scott's from his face to his neck towards his throat, as delivery driver Luke Wilson, 36, then used his mobile phone to record the attack in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

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The pair then fled the scene, leaving Adam to stagger away with blood pouring from his wounds to his home in a nearby apartment block.He was rushed to hospital with a six-inch wound stretching from his ear lobe across his cheek towards his neck.Adam survived his ordeal, but was too scared to name his attackers.

He told a police officer: "I've been set up, I was called out to go and do some work and was walking towards a parking space when I pushed from behind and I thought I was going to get battered."A man threatened to kill me, called him a 'grass' and another man filmed it. I thought I was going to die."

Police arrested Wilson and 37-year old HGV driver Kelso after examining CCTV evidence around the area.It showed the pair in Wilson's white transit van making their way to and from the vicinity in the moments either side of the attack.Further CCTV footage showed both men cleaning the van with a mop and bucket. Wilson's phone was seized and although evidence was found that the camera had been activated, no film was recovered.

Several patches of the victim's blood were found on the doors of the van.At Manchester Crown Court, the two men, both from Brinnington, Stockport, admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent after their not guilty pleas to attempted murder were accepted.

Prosecutor Neil Fryman said: "On September 25 last year Luke Wilson in his delivery van was seen leaving his home address just before 7.15am."The victim had been lured to the point where the attack took place on the pretext he was going to be given work.

"When he arrived the two defendants knifed him in the neck. It was caused by Nathan Kelso who slashed his victim in the neck and at the time the victim thought Luke Wilson was filming it on his phone."The victim did not name the attackers to police saying he was too scared but phone evidence recovered from Luke Wilson suggested the camera had been activated no film was recovered.

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"After the attack the defendants drove off back to Luke Wilson's home and cleaned the van with a mop, bucket and brush."The victim had been able to remove himself from the scene to a nearby block of flats where the emergency services were called.

"He said he had been attacked and gave a description of the attacker saying he didn't know who it was."The prosecutor told the court the victim was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary, where he told a police officer he had been set up after being called out to do some work.

"He says he was then pushed from behind and thought he was going to 'get battered'. He said a man threatened to kill him, called him a 'grass' and that another man filmed it."He thought he was going to die. The victim refused to help the prosecution or provide an impact statement due to fear."

The prosecutor said Wilson was initially arrested on the day of the attack and denied the offences.Kelso was arrested when he was in bed and accepted being at the scene of the attack, but claimed he was delivering fruits as part of his business.He also denied involvement.

In mitigation, Wilson's lawyer Richard Vardon described him as a "family man" who had never previously served jail time.Mr Vardon said his client accepted he had been involved in the crime: "but he didn't necessarily see the level of violence and injuries that resulted. "

"He essentially played a passive role in this offence - he is genuinely remorseful."Kelso's lawyer Richard Orme described his client as a "hard-working, family man" who felt remorse.Mr Orme said: "This was a tragic incident and it is unlikely to ever be repeated again. He is a family man with a good work ethic.

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"He is a father-of-three and a good father. His ex-partner who is the mother of his children refers to him as a good dad who was always home to put the children to bed and provide for them."Sentencing Judge Nicholas Dean QC told the duo: "Your victim had the impression he was attacked for being a 'grass'- this attack was planned, deliberate and thought through.

"You ensured you had your victim where you wanted him to be at the time you wanted him to be there."Whatever the reason for the attack this case is particularly serious. It is clear there is another side to you both and you are capable of leading perfectly law-abiding lives, but it is very fortunate for both of you that none of your victim's blood vessels were compromised. Had they been there is no doubt he would have died at the scene.

"This wound is of a seriousness that is rarely seen in these courts and must have left your victim with permanent scarring and psychological harm."Wilson and Kelso were each jailed for nine-and-a-half years.Following sentencing, Detective Con Edward Hooley, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "This significant result brings two dangerous members of organised crime to justice for the savage attack on a vulnerable and defenceless man.

"Such is the fear and intimidation used by Kelso and Wilson, the victim was too afraid to assist with this investigation and so we have pursued with this as a victimless prosecution. Read more: Daily Mirror »

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