Dad of 11 with crocodile and snake says he can't find home due to his tattoos

Dad of 11 with crocodile and snake says he can't find home due to his tattoos

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12/3/2021 9:01:00 PM

Dad of 11 with crocodile and snake says he can't find home due to his tattoos

Gareth Holliday, 44, has a licence for his four-foot African dwarf caiman crocodile called Missy and an 11-foot snake, and thinks he is being discriminated against as he's struggling to find a place to rent before Christmas

Gareth Holliday, 44, has been looking for a place to live through a council’s approved estate agents for months.He hopes to find a place before Christmas so he can see "his babies" after his eight-year marriage ended this year.Gareth says that, after putting enquiries to estate agents, he often finds the day before his viewing the landlord has gone with another tenant.

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He has been couch surfing for months and says he is starting to think his pets and his appearance are preventing him from finding a place to live.He has a licence for his four-foot African dwarf caiman crocodile called Missy and an 11-foot snake.Adur and Worthing Councils said that “physical appearance” was not in their criteria for applications for housing.

They said they have been in contact with Gareth and had previously put him up in a hotel.Gareth, who is a recovering drug addict, left the hotel on the advice of his doctor and he says he was only provided with a microwave to make his meals.The former crime scene cleaner, who is currently unemployed, told The Argus: “I love my tattoos, I wouldn’t have had it done if I didn’t. But I do feel I’m being discriminated because of them."

Gareth said his homelessness application was rejected by the council because he was not under threat of "domestic violence or abuse”.He is legally allowed to stay at his marital home, where his pets are, but says it is not an option for him.He said: “I would like something where my little ones would be able to stay for a weekend."

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He added: "I have tried 20, maybe 30 different estate agents and get told nothing is available, or if I go and view, I’m on a waiting list or they have to go speak to the landlord.“Then when I have been booked in for a viewing, the day before they will tell me someone has already taken it."

A spokeswoman for Adur and Worthing Councils said: “All applications for housing to the council are assessed against government criteria. Physical appearance is not one of these.“We cannot comment on private sector housing offered outside of the councils' accommodation.

“Mr Holliday can contact the council at any time if he wishes to access the housing support we are able to offer and provide.”The Mirror Online has contacted the council for a statement. Read More

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It's a pity there wasn't a licensing process to prevent him having the 11 kids he clearly cannot look after. I feel sorry for them, but not for him. He is the creator of his own problems. Put his kids in care and turn him out on the street. He made his bed, let him lie in it. One of nicest guys I ever known had tattoos all over his face. Shouldn't judge by looks alone. People have right to be what they like.

So the recovering drug addict and dad-of-11 was 'only provided with a microwave' to prepare meals. What did he expect to be provided with, a gourmet kitchen in which to prepare his Pot Noodles. Let's hope his crocodile doesn't eat his 11 kids when he's high on drugs. Pity them. People like him should have a forced vasectomy and be put in a workhouse and MADE to earn their keep. Maybe if he didn't have sinister tattoos on his face and sinister / dangerous pets, not to mention a whole brood of kids he might be more able to find a home and a job.

What a catch!!! 11 Kids, Crocodile, Snake, No job, Drug History and more ink than a BIC Factory. Maybe one of these do gooders on here defending him can offer him a room if they feel so passionately about his predicament. Im sure my taxes have already contributed enough already. Imagine his kids with a role model like that for a dad..then multiply by 11

Fecking freak!!!what you expected? As a landlord myself would I rent to him ….. NOPE Nothing to do with the crocodile and the snake then 🙄 May have nothing at all to do with tattoos….just sayin’. Some people can't see beyond the end of their nose, and much less so if it’s covered in tacky tattoos.

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Put some makeup on.... They do put out the message that this person could well be dangerous. It might be unfair but how do you know. Plenty of work out there 🤷‍♂️🤔👍 Yeah. You will never find home. You know what? Every agent of home owner thinks you are a gangster or a criminal. Go get that shit off your body else, you will remain on the streets forever. Fool

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