Customers queue for hours as Ikea reopens 19 shops

Customers queue for hours as Ikea reopens 19 shops in England and Northern Ireland

6/1/2020 6:27:00 PM

Customers queue for hours as Ikea reopens 19 shops in England and Northern Ireland

Thousands have queued to get into the furniture giant's stores amid strict social distancing measures.

In Manchester one shopper (who didn't want to be named) told the BBC that despite queues outside, inside the shop it was easy to maintain social-distancing."It's very busy with every entrance manned by staff with walkie talkies who were managing the long queues that had formed," the shopper said.

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"We arrived just after 11am and had to queue for about an hour and a half before we were allowed into the store."However, once inside though the store was much emptier than usual so it was very easy to stay a safe distance from the other shoppers."

Risky to healthBut some criticized the long queues as a sign of runaway consumerism.One Twitter user said:"Don't understand how a person sees this Ikea queue and actually joins it, rather than … heading home for a beer."Others warned that people queuing were risking catching coronavirus. One said:"People shopping at Ikea moaning about the people in the queue at Ikea today. It's the 'it's not me, it's everyone else' attitude that will cause the inevitable second wave.

"Wear a mask and only go out if you have to. It's not that hard surely?"Safety measuresAn Ikea spokesperson said:"The health and safety of our customers and co-workers remains our top priority, which is why we put extensive and enhanced measures in place to create a safe and comfortable experience."

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Who does this? Crazy How do they have both the time and the money ? what a bunch of saddos. Society is bankrupt ikea Idiots Difficult to believe people can’t do without ikea, nothing,except food and water is that important I’m not a spiteful person but this is ludicrous and I hope what they queued up for was out of stock.

Some people really need to get a life. Ridiculous. Would not wait if you pay me Wait till the weather turns...😏 Nice little advert for Ikea. How much would they need to pay for that if BBC didnt plug them? Not seen 1 paid for advert by them. Just a series of bbc adverts on prime tax payer news. I simply couldn't be be arsed I've never been in ikea to be honest so no 'ikea' of what's so important I'm guessing bit like B&M ? RANGE ?

what could you possibly need urgently from ikea right now? Two out of four people are conceived in an Ikea bed not sure what stores they go to as all the ones I visit are brightly lit Madness, no thanks. A lot of very sad people Lemmings All those weeks without IKEA. That must have been tough. I bet their lives are complete now

Really come on!! Ques at dumps, ques at McDonalds, soon to be ques at Primark... calm down guys it’s ok these things will be here a week after opening!!!! It's the meatballs, they all want the meatballs lolol Well done social distac. Etc we did it its OK. everything will arrange later. Health it's the most important thing without health nobody can work

They deliver 🙄 IKEA are selling the Boris Johnson cabinet It's made up of inferior parts and falls to pieces under pressure The designer dominic Cummins takes no responsibility for its very poor quality It’s the kind of place that makes online shopping essential. We a progressing backwards 😔 The things you get up to when you’re furloughed🤣🤣. Just order online and get delivered for a couple of quid🤣

It’s about time all these buggers were sent back to work. They get to sit in the sun or queue at stores while we work and pay our taxes so they can do sod all, then I will get to pay more taxes in the future because we have to pay it all back. Now that’s fair 🤬 I'd queue for IKEA it's like second home

Is this an involuntary reaction to some relaxation of lockdown, or are they all just shopping for what is, in the scale of a Global Pandemic, totally of no importance and which cannot be taken to the grave? Remember, Keith Hutchinson's advice: there are no pockets in a Shroud! we are a strange species

Gosh, haven't they got anything better to do with themselves... Couldn't be bothered, reading a book in bed! Fuck that Why oh why? What a dismal world we live in - I think maybe humans are the real disease not Covid. It would be better if we had fewer Ikea stores - or none at all... Man, being dragged to Ikea was already a form of slow torture but now you have to queue to suffer. If that’s not a perfect metaphor for hell I don’t know what is.

Sad bastards Can’t wait for the Primark version of this! What’s so urgent that you have to go to IKEA? I would consider that as much fun as walking barefoot on broken glass. Sunburn and a lamp anyone 😆 I don’t really get the mentality of some people. Each to their own I suppose SAD! Just need ur head checked. U cud have spent it in the sun relaxing not getting pissed off in a queue. I am how English.

Pathetic End Northern Ireland occupation! They are the same people who voted for Toris and Brexit Let them queue, pay for the oh so necessary tea lights and as they leave the shop they’ll be dazzled by a red dot on their bodies. Then silence. Up the furloughed Better than a demo in London! We live in a world filled with morons who may seemingly possess sentient thought and controlled motor functions, yet still queue for 5 hours in the midday sun to buy flatpack furniture. How many relationships ended in that queue? Where were there children? IKEA SecondWave

Empty lives empty aspirations! mariespencer xx 🤣...and the Darwin award goes to.... If you want to see a vision for the future Winston Smith then here it is... When you simply have to have a new piece of furniture 🙄 We have seen a table we like on ikea website but want to see how strong it is, as ikea stuff is not always that strong. But i can wait a few weeks/months before i join a queue for some germs.

Get it online Ikea is a headache even at the best of times WTAF? No difference there then .. Idiots! People need their tealights . . . You’d swear it was Boxing Day and the need to spend even more money on items you didn’t know you wanted. Life after lockdown is going to be shit, really shit! I hope they brought factor 50

BethRitchie_ I won’t be doing this x Embarrassing Bl**dy idiots! Sad, sad people. That’s bonkers, why do they need to go to IKEA the moment it reopens I’m working around the corner form Warrington one. Thought I’d go on my dinner to grab a shelf for my shed.. needless to say I didn’t need my self that desperately and went back to the job!!😂 ques for miles.

Not news really is it? Was it worth sending a recording team and journalists That’s one way to get a suntan or burnt! Stand in a queue for hours in the sun! uptheroad I am the first to admit I love a bimble round Ikea but nothing they sell is worth this! Why 🤷‍♀️ What do they sell in IKEA that worth a 5 mile queue 😱

Who in their right mind would think going to Ikea today was a good idea? The meatballs are nice, but c'mon man. sad sad sad sad Today's winning lemmings running for the cliff What do people need from IKEA thats so important to que that long? So sad! Most people walk round with the yellow bag and walk out not buying anything. Its only been closed for a few months what can people need? Candles? Another Billy bookcase? Its like the panic buying at xmas

Furlough needs winding down👎 Too many folk on paid holiday & bored Sad Fools 😂 Sad bastards !!! Looks like IKEAUK needs Qudini Meatballs and temporary crap. Well worth queuing 5 hours for. Why? They must be bored out of their very tiny minds. How many tealights do people need, ffs? Idiots IKEAUK I can’t wait to go, just so I can look around someone else’s living room.

Admit it, those green marzipan things with dark chocolate are worth queuing for. B&Q is open. Lovely, let’s go and queue up. Garden centres are open. Great, let’s go and queue up. I see Ikea is open. We’ll go and queue up there tomorrow. Smashing. 🙄 So what happens when the high street and town centres open, do we queue for every shop we want to go in? Is a 2 to 3 hours shopping trip to the high street now going to take 9 hours?

Idiots Why? Stupid is immune to Covid-19. FML 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Or order online 😂 I went into an IKEA once and if I do manage to find the exit I will never return! 😂 Obedient sheeple So sad that his is all people want to do. Can't have debit cards then because they could have ordered on line. It’s been 8 weeks since I completed my last flat pack!!!

What's so important from IKEA that they need to be queuing ffs man. They all need new beds with all the lockdown shagging they've been doing 😂😂😂 No I do t think so. 🙄 You are all mad, take your time IKEA wasn’t built in a day the not wired up Sad!!! So sad! So another day another non essential opening. However for the essential and non essential, family member/grandparent provided childcare needs to open. Give guidance and let us get on with it please. familyiseverything

Ridiculous!!!! You all clearly have nothing better to do 🙄🙄 Am i the only person on this planet who hasn't been to or purchased anything from Ikea? More fool them. What's so earth shatteringly important that they'd risk their health just to go 'shopping'? IKEA People have nothing else to do. Getting paid almost full pay mortgage/credit cards/overdraft all suspended what else they gonna do with their time and money? Oh yeah let’s all go to ikea and q for 5 hours for some meatballs. Crackers!

You couldn't make it up. So pleased we have online shopping, delivery and they will assemble items and take away the rubbish after from Ikea in Thailand. Much more civilised! Get a bloody life Why would anyone queue to get into IKEA? I queued to get out in 1990. Never went back. Were they queuing for their meatballs

Why do it to yourself? 🙄 FFS. Sad. Good job it's not raining with queues as long as that. No shop is worth that sort of wait I expect lots will be out for a jolly after 2 months inside. Ppl desperate for tealights Losers Best wait till 430 when it’s dead was in for 15 minutes . !! No lines online. Retail is dead

The Great British Public - pathetic! 🤡 Good luck and stay safe . Hell on earth I hope this is in the new catalogue then. Those banners around the podiums might as well say “do what the hell you want “ 🙄 Jesus christ. ! Folk do make me laugh...what's at IKEA that makes you wanna queue like these mugs What is wrong with everyone, I certainly won’t be running to the first stores that open here,you can buy everything online and wait until everything calms down.If this keeps up along with the riots we are definitely going to get a second wave of Covid and it will be much worse

They must be mad! What's The Point. What is so vital? Morons For a fucking bookcase. Absolute bellends Queue for Ikea, queue for McDonalds. Not sure which is worse but OMG. Socially distanced IKEA shopping...🤪🤪 Good grief In the photo, there’s a young lady with two young children, the hottest day of the year stood in full sun Is she thick or what, she’s gonna be there hours....

People must really need storage shelves I don’t think I would ever want to go to IKEA that badly. Numpties, who needs anything so desperately to do that if they are stupid enough to queue in the heat for hours to get a self assembly coffee table, or an expensive cushion, more fool them. Why ? Did they burn all their furniture in lockdown?

ad for ikea Flag it as such! If I saw a queue that big I'd just head back home. Understand people want to buy things and businesses are trying to make money but crazy to queue for so long, especially in this weather! craziness! guess they ran out of tea lights! Is it because the toilets are open? ...and they’ll then stay in that queue and do the one way trudge of purgatory all the way around the store until the checkouts.

What's it going to be like when the shops reopen fully on the 15th... Actually why are IKEA open early? sebs_tweets Doh. Maybe meatballs are a antidote The look you make when you see people standing in the heat for hours unnecessarily. Really? I love IKEA and there is nothing in the store that important I would line up and wait for 🤦🏻‍♀️

Free Advert for Ikea😊 I would literally rather die than do this I'd bet most of them are on furlough. Pathetic.. Get back to work

Shopper numbers surge 36% as lockdown in England relaxedLong queues outside Ikea as retailers including car showrooms and markets reopen They have to have been depressed more than 36%, though. I've always held the opinion most people are idiots..... Flat packed coffins

Coronavirus updates: Fears over safety as England schools begin return - BBC NewsSome pupils are returning to primary schools but up to half may stay at home, one survey says. Do they do a range of flat pack coffins? Oh FFS! It's the meatballs!

Five things you can do in England from tomorrow as lockdown changesBoris Johnson has eased restrictions from June 1st from schools reopening to some year groups and more shops being able to reopen 1. Stay in lockdown 2. See 1 3. See 1 4. See 1 5. See 1 6. Stay at home Kick out the murderous Tory elites! That's the only thing we need to be doing now.

Coronavirus: Shoppers 'queue for hours' as lockdown eases'People should have the confidence to get their lives a little bit more back to normal.' RishiSunak says opening of covered markets in England is 'absolutely safe', adding it is 'not an overnight big bang thing' and follows a measured plan.' COVID19: RishiSunak How is it now safe . I missed the vaccine being discovered obvioulsy . RishiSunak we'll see-time will be the judge on this action-if it goes pearshaped the buck stops at No 10. RishiSunak

Doorknobs should be coated in copper to prevent spread of Covid-19Covid-19 can survive and remain contagious on steel and plastic for up to three days. Professor William Keevil, from Southampton University, said copper's antibacterial properties help it kill the virus rapidly. or just wear gloves And that's an old one as well.

Doorknobs should be coated in copper to prevent spread of Covid-19Covid-19 can survive and remain contagious on steel and plastic for up to three days. Professor William Keevil, from Southampton University, said copper's antibacterial properties help it kill the virus rapidly. What a load of Horseshit Or they could just be wiped clean at a fraction of the cost. Maybe it is time we stopped treating 'scientists' like Gods! Are americans now gonna try and drink copper?