Curbs on ‘noisy protests’ may return to Commons after Lords defeat

Curbs on ‘noisy protests’ may return to Commons after Lords defeat

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1/18/2022 3:16:00 PM

Curbs on ‘noisy protests’ may return to Commons after Lords defeat

Peers rejected measures in police, crime, sentencing and courts bill targeted at activists

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I could never get in-person activism to work anyway. In fact the capitol buildings should all be closed and everything done on zoom. The only reason to do anything in person is to exchange bodily fluids and that may soon be no longer necessary. Time to get noisier then. “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar” ― Abraham Lincoln if you have 7 min's, you can give the try in watching the video : 'Mozhi Enna Sol' which is in my page.

Government says its climate change curbs inadequateMinisters say coping even with low levels could cost the country billions of pounds a year.

Lords inflict 13 defeats on Government’s crackdown on disruptive protestsMeasures including an offence of interfering with key national infrastructure such as airports and newspaper printing plants were rejected

Peers inflict string of defeats against government protest crackdownNew powers turned down in House of Lords include allowing officers to stop and search anyone at a protest ‘without suspicion’ Very soon the press will start demonising the House of Lords too. Bolsonaro is lying to the world. Do not put your Money in Brasil. 💢👇🏼💢

Government defeated as Lords vote to remove part of controversial policing billThe UK Government has been defeated in the House of Lords this evening after peers voted to remove a controversial section of the Police , Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. Expect more statues to be destroyed

Nadine Dorries plan to freeze BBC licence fee is a ‘perfectly legitimate debate to be had’, says former culture ministerNadine Dorries suggesting to freeze the BBC licence fee is a “debate to be had'. Former culture minister Lord Vaizey tells mattfrei 'we tend to support the licence fee because it's very difficult to think of a legitimate alternative.' mattfrei The Tories have always been in Murdoch's pocket, no doubt to continue his media group support? mattfrei Lordy, lordy, lordy! Wow!!!! Plugged into the mains, or what? mattfrei Let's get rid of the House of Lords first. Ed and his ermine clad gang can stand for election if they still want to govern us.

Boris Johnson may have to resign if he lied to Commons, suggests RaabBoris Johnson may have to resign if he is found to have lied to Parliament, Dominic Raab has suggested Follow our live blog for the latest updates 👇 It’s with regret BorisJohnson if you misled the HouseofCommons you should resign. HouseofCommons grantshapps DominicRaab luhc michaelgove sajidjavid SirRogerGale SteveBakerHW He did lie though! Sadiq Khan: 'Nobody is above the law and police should follow the evidence. From what I’ve seen as someone outside the police, for me it’s a slam dunk' Follow our live blog for the latest updates 👇