Cummings saga leaves cracked relationship

Dominic Cummings saga leaves cracked relationship between PM and party

5/29/2020 1:02:00 AM

Dominic Cummings saga leaves cracked relationship between PM and party

The PM's decision to defend his aide has sapped a lot of goodwill from Tory backbenchers.

You may well be reading this and agreeing that it is time to turn the page. When the country is still in the grip of a health crisis - and the start of an economic one - of course the conduct of one individual is dwarfed by the concerns and fears of millions of people, and the scale of the decisions that the government has to make on all of our behalf.

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The belief inside No 10 is the tangible outrage has started to wane. But the political drama of the last few days is relevant, whether Downing Street likes it or not.After a period when the government has enjoyed an astonishing level of public support, according to the polls, the public was given a reason to doubt the conduct of those making the decisions - and that matters.

Fatigue with the hour-by-hour drama of the story itself may not quickly remove that question mark.Cracked relationshipAt the very least, the episode has created argument and anger, just at the moment when the government was preparing to ask the population to understand a new set of instructions on how to live their lives that requires unity to work.

And even though Boris Johnson has a huge majority in Parliament, with the virtual sessions lending a surreal air to procedures in Parliament too, the Cummings saga has cracked the relationship between much of the Tory Party and its boss in No 10.The story may pass, and the memory may fade. But the prime minister's decision to defend his aide through the controversy has sapped a lot of goodwill that existed between Boris Johnson and those he needs to cheer his leadership from the backbenches.

Some ministers are still upset, even appalled, with how events have unfolded.And with the level of challenge the government will face in the months to come, it's a self-imposed fracture it could well have done without. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Sad to say but it looks like Boris needs to resign as well, as it looks like he is out of his depth with this Covid-19 virus pandemic in the UK. More damage the better. No shit Sherlock Finished is the word that springs to mind in relation to the Tories. Not really Who says you the biased BBC i wonder how many who are gov bashing are happy to receive 80% salary from them ? asking for a friend

Labour & remain supporters are getting worse with their pathetic comments. Enough already move on ffs Get over it, he’s the PM and has more important things to deal with at the moment. Bias BBC reporting Hey bbc you couldn't get him sacked, just let it go now No it has not. No it does not, this is nothing more that what you want to happen

scumedia fakenews BBCBias But the voters love them even more and that's what wins elections lefties... Being an unpopular communist paedophile enabler and placing death cult supporters on the front bench wont get you elected in the UK ever... there is only one crack-pot and he's it. Says which source ?

I have always voted Conservatives . I AM SO, SO ANGRY WITH 10DowningStreet BorisJohnson cummingsscandal borisjohnson borismeltdown dominiccumnings BorisHasFailedTheNation SocialDistancing Total garbage Fake news. Regardless of the rights and wrongs Boris has risked the future of the whole Tory party for one man. Many have fallen in the sword for a lot less to help the party.

Boris you should have dropped Cummings like a hot potato at a BBQ. If your not man enough to do it get Emily to tell him! BorisFail EmilyMatlis Got nothing to report on again 🙄. Instead making stories up for the sake of it. Get back to reporting actual news! Not lefty opinion. More Media poo from Biased Bullshit Corporation! BBC you have been shocking throughout this whole Dominic Cummings/ Lockdown - no support for BoJo at all, can you be any more biased against him and his party? Media witchunt at its best

No one is going to challenge BJ until the CV crisis is over and Brexit done, then he is toast and the Tories will bring in someone with the brains to take us forward..Gove or Sunak Regardless of the details of the Cummings affair. Should we worry that our Prime Minister places so much faith and reliance on one unelected aid? What does it say about his relationship with Tory MPs outside of his small clique.

Can we all please stop talking about this; it’s really embarrassing for Alexander’Boris’. So let’s not mention that Alexander has just lost any level of credibility, his disdain for the people he serves has been shown. His viper of an advisor has garnered greater loyalty This government is a laughing stock....the cabinet is void of any talent with the notable exception of the Chancellor.

Dominic Cummings saga leaves cracking good relationship between PM and party Rubbish All of this could have easily been avoided. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz That’s another load of Sky News B*ll*cks The media have a lot to answer for but people trying to defend the indefensible Cummings have really hit the depths....disgraceful

The 'cracked relationship' is Leave & Remain, it was always there. Together with public and MSM I don't really believe that this is about Cummings breaking lockdown. It's more likely to be about people and MP's disliking him and what he represents so it's seen as a golden opportunity to get rid of him.

GET OVER IT - BBC Jeez 'adventure to the north east' , so biased. Did Emily Maitlis write this article? The people and his own MPs are beginning to see what Johnson is really like. Time for the bloody boring corporation to return to reporting news and stop trying to bring down members of the government.

BBC, CH4, Sky, Guardian, GMB whipped up a lynch mob against an innocent man. It was your saga, your drama, your lack of balance that is responsible for any fallout. People weren't angry until you made them so. Disgraceful. Impartial beeb.... Not a chance Ofcom Stop dragging this story out, BBC. Like bbclaurak you're making yourself look ridiculous. Give it up, it's done. Over. ScumMedia

No it doesn’t how do you know : it’s the remainers coming out for a last dance of death before no transition PalFarrah Cummings still need to learn how to be humble to become better successful. In the minds of the ScumMedia on Twitter in the real world the public find it pathetically laughable actions by a companies that charge us a fee to by fed childish one buys a paper now for the news..crossword and much political slurs in them

The bbc hope. 'Lets put another story out, try to influence ppl again. We will get Boris out. We will stay in Europe' Everybody knows that........ Unfit to lead. At a time when leadership is critical. Well that’s your OPINION! Sucking Cummings would be unfair, unjust and borderline illegal... I gained massive respect for BorisJohnson 10DowningStreet and even though I never voted Conservatives, now I definitely will... I stand against harassment and bullying...

He apparently had no concerns, about his own person health, But what about the people he may infected along the route he chose to take. Yes, people should be upset and have their questions asked, Journalists included. It is about saving lives and keeping people negative! But apparently, his own self preservation and Health meant absolutely nothing.. Of course, people should be angry..

these TORY BACKBENCHERS s o UPSTANDING THEY never break the L A W as Mr. Cummings DIDN'T THEY never S N O R T COCAINE THEY never use the SERVICES of RENT B O Y S Nah it doesn't. You'd like it to but it doesn't. 😅 DC integrity is conspicuous by its absence ... No it doesn't you the media have been found out scum media

BBCWorld claims a 10DowningStreet split with the party Conservatives but won't talk about the abuse of power of a govt that scripts press briefings, bans journalists, refuses questions RT_com Oh Lord Bull I came here to see what's up outside of the US. It's going to shjt here. Is no one going to help?

And again and again Хорошо Doing yourselves no favours bbc suddenly harassing the PM and his advisors is bigger than child sex rings.. shows why you and Laura adore Kier S This is Dominic Cummings’ father-in-law, Cummings shares these views. This is the kind of bigoted, arrogant, sickening person our PM & the tories CHOOSE to follow. They’ve no respect for anyone but themselves.

I Fund This Organisation, But I begrudge with a passion being forced to pay..DefundBBC You already lost the battle I am afraid. This will no doubt generate the normal biased political comments about the media from the dimwits who don’t like their point of views being questioned by journalists doing their job. It’s almost as if the actions of the government’s chief adviser are irrelevant. CummingsLies

This group of tories are untrustworthy. The dysfunctional BBC have been on the side of the virus from the start thinking it could overturn their election defeat in 2019. The ScumMedia have shown their bias for all to see. DefundtheBBC Many will be boycotting the MSM tomorrow like the BBC. Will you? BBC still trying. Public csn see right through the media

media have let this country down so much more than government. They planned infected patients to go from hospitals into care homes with the result thousands died. Its like a govt does Harold Shipman as a strategy. covid19uk carehomes New Zealand has 2 metre rule and no deaths now. We cannot afford to reduce the gap.

There needs to be a no confidence vote on BorisJohnson for siding with someone who broke lockdown rules against the safety of the whole Nation NoConfidenceBoris2020 BarrySheerman Really ....biggest loser trust in the MSM No doubt Boris will put his foot in it again soon. Buffoons just can’t help it.

So? No it hasn't. Oh sorry, you misspelled media and public. Nope.. totally wrong! Gutter press 🤬 tanked Does it? You wish. How's your relationship with your newsnight team? Even the Spectator says he is not fit to lead! Says you ..... Sack bbclaurak for asking shit questions over and over again please! The media are the virus

maitlis tantrum on night strips the last remaining vestiges of respect from the BBC as a news source. I don’t think that’s quite correct 😔 from the once trusted, now sadly very untrusted news corporation 😔 No BBC it doesn’t.. MSM have been on a mission to target Mr Cummings because he handled you extremely well.. We all have enemies part of life..

While the news channels and media are slaughtering Dominic Cummings,the remainers have orchestrated this to try and delay Brexit they are doing everything they can to stop those that voted leave .Can they please give a fair and equal slaughter to Steven Kinnock, What a load of shite, is full of absolute bollocks, pushing its own agenda, no one trusts it anymore regardless of how hard they push it

Storm in a teacup..the economy is the priority not someone who took a long drive to deal with a family issue..time to move on Why dont you try and help the country during this crisis rather than post negative crap? The media has a bug part to play in the mental side of this pandemic and all you are doing is fake news, scaring people and posting false info....

Haven't watched any news channel for ages. Still talking about Cummings ScumMedia Give it a rest , please! Dominic right or wrong stayhomestaysafe Theres going to be a spike More like the media have put the final nail in the coffin fake outrage bias garbage ScumMedia BBC saga leaves public bored with yesterdays news

Funny how populists eat thier own when they become the arbiters of common sense to win at any and all costs as the morons in 3b laugh still as always. FLASH POLL 👇 Has the government’s authority been damaged by Dominic Cummings? bbcqt The greatest loser in this saga is trust in our media. The BBC, Sky, ITV have let the public down most terribly. At a time when we need clear, impartial news; in the midst of a national crisis when our lives and economy are at risk, they've done naught but make political capital.

Maitlis explains absence from BBC's NewsnightPresenter Emily Maitlis took leave after the BBC said her Dominic Cummings remarks 'breached guidelines'. It us a shame. more of the media should choose ‘to take a night off...for a couple of years’. Shame such a well respected program had also fallen into the headline making, sensationalist show. Where is Piers Morgan? Take the rest of the decade if want ScumMedia 🤨

How can any scientists stand by this government now? | Richard HortonThe Cummings saga has made it plain that scientific advisers are shielding the government’s collapsing reputation on coronavirus, says Lancet editor Richard Horton Bribery is one helluva motivator... 'Following the science' was as honest as 'Brexit means brexit'. How can any reasonably reader believe anything the Guardian publishes

Coronavirus updates: UK PM faces scrutiny over senior aide row - BBC News412 more people have died with coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths in the UK to 37,460 It is the fifth day testing data has been unavailable “Temporary pause” - they’re afraid to admit that since the pandemic started they have not tested at least 100,000 PEOPLE a day. Real figures!

A short history of political advisers who caused problemsDominic Cummings is not the first aide to embarrass a leader

'Rising Tory revolt' and families to be 'reunited'The latest developments of the Dominic Cummings row are the focus of many of Wednesday's newspapers. Two labour mps broke lockdown tony lloyd and stephen kinnock. Also snp idiot blandford. Dont see this on bbc. Or that covid has patents and is chimeric gain of function research. DOMENIC CUMINGS IS AN HERO!!! Yep we're all on the same side, the poor on this side, and the rich and powerful on the other protected by our herd immunity and a different rule book. Which only cost us 50,000 lives!

'Cummings defence' could be used in court by people accused of breaking lockdown‘A client will say in court, “I had childcare difficulties just like Dominic Cummings”.’ Boring Yep that's wot I said as soon as seen the excuses well now the excuses from the Tories has backfired and a little bit of justice for the people now real justice would be dominic Cummings sacked along with boris the clown with the rest of the Tory clowns And if they can evidence it, then no rules broken! Time to move on! Focus should be getting out of this COVID-19 shit show and think about how we get the country functioning again!