Cummings' lockdown-trip cottage plans investigated

A council is looking into whether where the PM's adviser stayed had the correct planning permission.

6/3/2020 8:45:00 PM

Durham County Council investigates complaints that property used by Dominic Cummings during lockdown trip did not have correct planning permission

A council is looking into whether where the PM's adviser stayed had the correct planning permission.

Dominic Cummings drove 260 miles to Durham with his wife and childA council is investigating complaints that the property Dominic Cummings used during his lockdown trip did not have the correct planning permission.The PM's adviserstayed with his family in what he said was a"cottage" on his parents' farm in Durham, in April.

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The only planning applications listed on the council's website for the farm are for a roof over a swimming pool in 2001, and the removal of various trees.Durham County Council and a local MP have received a number of complaints.Downing Street has declined to comment.

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Over-excited BBC biased fibbing again. What was it in the planning officer’s statement that you misunderstood? Wow there is a surprise. Cummings doing something against the rules. Who would have thought the same planning permission required applies to him too? When nothing else seems too. DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO - very much comes to mind!

Do they never give up. Nothing better to do. Obnoxious press. Correct? You either have it or you don’t. Oh ffs what next Why is this even news, the BBC has become a huge joke. NotMovingOnTilDomHasGone Jacob_Rees_Mogg BorisJohnson MattHancock and Cummings driving UK back to a feudal system where laws only apply to the poor, only the poor contribute yet the rich own property, have a decent home, enough food and enjoy good health and education. No thanks. CummingsMustGo

FFS who really cares!!!! Get over it it’s hardly great news now!! BBCPolitics Also, his name is on the deeds. This makes him a co-owner. As such, this property would fall under the category of a “second home” would it not? SackCummingsNow Shades of Al Capone here NotMovingOnTilDomHasGone This has really become farcical. Have the looney left go e nothing better to worry about? - BBC.

Scumedia still trying for the coup to get rid of BREXITand our democratically elected government so they can force their momentum labour communist masters into office. Have they checked his library card as well , hope so . Funny how a complaint wasn’t raised before Cummings trip to Durham. Perhaps DCC should consider this a political complaint and nothing to do with planning permission?

Please credit RespectIsVital with this story. Just drop it l, it’s over and old news, he did nothing wrong. Wow. You couldn't make this up. 1984. BBCPolitics Media will be checking to see if he hasn’t paid his gas bill next. Or if he triggered a speed camera on the A1. It just looks petty and vindictive now.

Well considering labour MPs did worse today in London. I wouldn't bother. Unless you're going to be bloody hypocrites again. Bar Council rules forbid me from refusing any instruction, on the basis of it being repellent. Its okay im sure boris will sort it. BBC Please shut the fuck up thank you 🙂 This story is a bit of a slow burn but I can wait 😈

BBCPolitics For goodness sake! BBC drop this. It’s got very boring!! Good work, RespectIsVital ! ✊ Someone at the Bbc really doesn't like this man! After that failed interview, he surely have: We will soon be dancing on your ashes in front of a headstone that reads YOU’VE ONLY YOURSELVES TO BLAME! ScumMedia not content to victimise Cummings now going after his parents.

They might ad well not bother now. Thousands have done far worse celebrated by MSM ffs BBC Give it up BBC. You're just showing your true colours Ahh my people, there really are better things to be investigating than a tired politician who may or may not have disobeyed his rules. Oh ffs. Just drop it for all our sanity enough is enough. Please

I predict he will get away with it. You do know the majority of the public think your a gang of wankers?does anyone check the comments it will give you a bit of a feel what the public think. Talk about kicking a man while he's down. BBCPolitics GraceBrodie God sake look at the title deeds his house 2nd home another breach

He’s definitely trying out a new disguise here, but is he being Bono or The Edge? This is people, so called 'protestors', In London now. Don't seem to be obeying the lockdown. Expect the BBC to get really agitated about this 🤔 Big fucking deal. Again. What do you want? Gallows and trapdoor? Still at it. ScumMedia.

May word we’re now having local planning permission sold as news. BBC you are the top of your game, top tweet guys 🤪 What for a Rave?Get a grip lads I can still hear the sound of all those BBC licences being cancelled.... 😂😂😂 Give this a break, please? Oh FFS will these commies stop at nothing. Ludicrously transparent.

Oh fucking just give it up. The world is on fire. OMG!! Give it a rest please 😔 I hate this government as much as the next, but I genuinely couldn’t give a flying fuck about his trip to Durham. How anyone can think Cummings actioned were acceptable is beyond me.. DominicCummings will walk on water and the ScumMedia will report it as 'Dominic Cummings can't swim'

Pathetic!!!! Planning permission or not, it won't affect BREXIT in the slightest.......Remoaners tried, it didn't work, cry me a river. Pathetic! The BBC’s vendetta continues Hi PR Why have you not cited RespectIsVital in your article? It was his original investigative work that uncovered this story. Refusing to credit hard working journalists for their scoops is an absolute insult to the profession. Be better.

For God sake Dear oh dear BBC So sad to see you fall so far 😔 BBCPolitics Maybe the council should investigate why their policy of placing hospital releases into care homes led to the most infections in the country!!!! Durham labour led council should spend money on this huge failure first Still at it then?

Just shows that the BBC & its leftist 'Be Nice to each other' sjw's & their npc's, really just want to make anyone who disagrees with them life a misery. 🤦😴😴😴😴😴 You're meant to be the BBC, not BuzzFeed. And where did you get that 'scoop' from? And why not cite him The BBCs idea of a peaceful protest

What? Oh my God. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 MikeAmesburyMP Good DominicCummngs SackDom notgoingaway Oh right but when are WEIRBY COUNCIL going to investigate who keeps writing 'bev binch has got a face like a minge' on the park benches? Please respond ASAP 😡😡😡 Lol!!!🤣 More BBC political activism masquerading as News.

lampard_callum Mmm. Boris What's going on here then? He wasn’t there was he, I thought rodents live by the riverside. ? Ah ffs!!! And you wonder why people are switching off in droves haroldcurran Family of frauds? == please click == DOMINIC CUMMINGS TOOLKIT == Everything you need to discuss Dom everywhere The questions, the links, the memes Remember years from now you want to be able to point to things you said that were true bjcum

Give it a bloody rest ScumMedia I love the BBC, and think it is worth every penny of the licence fee, but boy when theTories make you a commercial enterprise and you want the nation to back you up you’re going to find yourselves wanting. Wasters. So what Why do some people have so much hate in them and the MSM just lock on to them like leaches 🤔

Was it built on instinct? Feral rats running all over London and this is what you go with Planning permission of a house. Jesus Christ A number of flaws with this, not least that Durham County Council have no planning powers. Seriously? Are you going to report all planning issues now or those those your remain lefty leaders dislike? Remember you are supposed to be neutral?

His whole family are cheats We are not nteresred in Dominic Cummings anymore, this is old news so I suggest you call off your witch hunt. Which of your weasel journos wrote this? And ? BBCPolitics Fingers crossed CummingsMustGo If this is true and after Johnson said Cummings is on his final warning, does that mean Bozo will sack him? I doubt it 😏

BBCPolitics Who gives a fcuk The world is so full of poisonous individuals - who would complain about this? Oh come on !! I can’t stand the weasel but even I think that’s a bit much Cummings knows the game because he plays the game. If he thought he could go on this path of spinning the public a bollocks line and not bring down a level of scrutiny that will affect all around him, then he is extremely naive. He would do it to others in a heartbeat.

Neither have half the houses in Birmingham including the one that backs onto mine but there’s a thing called retrospective planning and it basically means there’s nothing you can do about it Give it up BBC. You are not meant to be Labour's mouthpiece, you are meant to be impartial. You will pay for your treachery.

Maybe dc couldn't read the paperwork bbc... GET A LIFE Drystonesonnet He just can't stay out of the news can he? ffs Pathetic He thinks he’s above the law , it does matter most people do planning permission correctly obviously not the Cummings . Bull doze it down .

'Air bridges to replace quarantine in weeks' as PM wants to keep holiday hopes aliveQUARANTINE rules could be scrapped in just weeks as Boris Johnson wants to keep summer holiday hopes alive for lockdown-weary Brits. The PM has reportedly told ministers to work on solutions to kee… That's not what priti Patel is going to say later. 🤔🤔

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Keir Starmer warns PM: get a grip or risk second coronavirus waveThe Labour leader launched a stinging attack on Boris Johnson accusing him of ‘winging it’ There won’t be a second wave, this is not flue. Imagine the current cabinet was the senior management team in your company /organisation- just imagine what the consequences would be...

Keir Starmer warns PM: get a grip or risk second wave of coronavirusThe Labour leader launched a stinging attack on Boris Johnson accusing him of ‘winging it’ Boris is hiding once again! The govt. advice to ease the lockdown is against the expert’s advice! This govt. has continuously ignored warnings and this only makes us wonder if they want to save lives or want more people to die! Rules are taken lightly since Cummings got away! How can he warn him what sanctions has he they are literally killing people with their ineptitude

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