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Crowded camps, garbage piles, extreme heat: migrants in Texas face unlivable conditions

Crowded camps, garbage piles, extreme heat: migrants in Texas face unlivable conditions

9/22/2021 11:19:00 PM

Crowded camps, garbage piles, extreme heat: migrants in Texas face unlivable conditions

An estimated 14,000 have crossed the Rio Grande only to be faced with squalid living conditions and possible deportation

and didn’t want his last name published. Mackenson made the journey with his pregnant wife, traveling from Tapachula, Mexico, over 1,100 miles from the Texas border, after spending the past three years sheltering in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Panama. “It took us two months to get here on foot and by bus.”

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Like Mackenson, the journey to the US for many Haitian migrants has been a treacherous one that is sometimes months or years in the makingthrough South American countries. Arriving in waves with their families in tow, asylum seekers bring few provisions – food, mattresses, diapers – to survive while they wait to see if they will be admitted to the US.

A Haitian man crosses the Rio Grande near Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, to the encampment on the Del Rio, Texas, side of the border.Photograph: Paul Ratje/AFP/Getty ImagesThe temporary camps under the Del Rio bridge provide limited respite from the difficulties of the trek. In the crowded camps, migrants sleep in tents or in the dirt surrounded by growing piles of garbage, all in sweltering 100F (38C) heat.

A shaded temporary staging area under the bridge meant to “prevent injuries from heat-related illness” according to US border patrol, offers some shade, but is often equally crowded. Food and water is growing increasingly scarce, with. But many migrants and refugees worry for their family, especially those accompanied by young children who have to shoulder Texas’s extreme heat and a recent storm.

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Texas that will suffer cwisskirchen They put themselves in that situation. They made their living conditions that way…looks a lot like their previous home. Trash everywhere. They could go home if they don’t want to be there When you overwhelm a broken system- shits gonna happen. Forget the migrants. Imagine what Texas residents must be going through.

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Doctor who performed abortion in defiance of new Texas law is being suedThe law prohibits abortions once medical professionals can detect cardiac activity, which is usually around six weeks and before some women even know they are pregnant. Women have the right to decide to not Continue a pregnancy. Nobody has to like it, or agree with that decision. We only have to respect that its not anyone else's business and stop punishing people for doing it just because it goes against a set of morals that's not involved.

US launches mass expulsion of Haitian migrants from TexasThe US has started expelling Haiti ans from a large makeshift camp at the Texas border, in an operation that could become one of America's swiftest large-scale expulsions of migrants in decades If you are brown come around, black go back. Did Biden and his boys not slag off old Trump for expelling migrants? Pot/black etc

Texas abortion: Doctor sued in first known challenges of new lawThe cases against a doctor who admitted to performing an abortion are the first known lawsuits. Not for the baby Life is a human right.

Texas doctor who performed abortion becomes first person sued under new lawArkansas man stands to win at least $10,000 in damages if civil suit is successful Going to be an interesting test case. Hopefully the constitution will be upheld, and these Texas laws declared illegal. This is an awful law that The big Lone Star state has whipped up after the highest court in the land voted giving a women the right to terminate a pregnancy as this is her right. I cant believe Texas doesn’t protect people against the virus that will die.

US and Mexico expel thousands of Haitians at Del Rio bridge in TexasOfficials say thousands of people fleeing conditions in Haiti removed from encampment, via planes and buses Very poor people who suffered a destructive earthquake can't find a better life.🇪🇬 I think you spelt whipping and abusing wrong