Covid: Woman given vaccination on 108th birthday

Marion Dawson has received the Covid vaccination on her 108th birthday 🎁

1/19/2021 10:50:00 PM

Marion Dawson has received the Covid vaccination on her 108th birthday 🎁

Marion Dawson from Renfrewshire is the third oldest person in Scotland to be given the vaccine.

A 108-year-old woman has received the Covid vaccination on her birthday.Marion Dawson, from Houston in Renfrewshire, is the third oldest person in Scotland to be given the vaccine.She received her jab at Houston and Killellan Kirk, which is being used by the local GP surgery to deliver vaccinations to the community.

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Born in 1913, Mrs Dawson has lived through two world wars and the Spanish flu pandemic.Dr Diane Fisher, who gave the injection said: "We are so excited to be starting vaccinations of our over-80s, and that our first patient to be vaccinated is doing so on her birthday."

Local treasureMrs Dawson is the most senior person in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde to be given the vaccine.After receiving her injection, she said: "I'm glad it's passed. I never felt a thing."Kirk minister, Rev Gary Noonan said: "Mrs Dawson is a local treasure in Houston, until the lockdown she never missed a week at church.

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That nurse isn't wearing gloves! Happy birthday Marion. What a milestone. May you have many more! God bless why? Why is fact that one of the biggest risk groups in UK is 60-65 year old males not being covered by the press. It obvious on the ONS statistics. This group is still out and about keeping country running, being hit by high death rates, but low down list for vaccine.

source for Germany. USA and Thailand to follow Why Maybe we should inform UK elderly of potential risks Why? She’s done a cracking job so far bless her Good on you Marion. Far beyond the life expectancy of this generation, let alone previous generations. Personally, I would rather have a smaller number of good years, rather than get to such an advanced age.

That's great Wait... the THIRD oldest? Why she's managed to survive this long she doesn't need that toxic vaccine which is giving people side affects. She has lived through break through treatments for tuberculosis, and diphtheria. Yes I have been watching Charité on Netflix 😁😁😁 If I were her, I would have offered it to a front line worker...

Abuse 🇺🇸 sad 😔 why I hope she is well in 6 months 🇺🇸 She looks amazing I'll donate 200 grand to her 112th birthday gift. I don't get why its headline news because someone decided to have a vaccination? Raah 108 ukno and you think you're tired. Big up Marion though This is how I would have done it and if that would have been the case, this country would have been up and running by now.. END OF LOCKDOWN

1913 she was born. Let that sink in!!! I recon she has another ten in her 👍 Dont tell Lord Sumption Please God don't let me live this long 🙏 Microchipped GG Why ?