Covid: Wales at start of third coronavirus wave, warns first minister

Wales at start of third Covid wave, says first minister

6/18/2021 4:23:00 PM

Wales at start of third Covid wave, says first minister

First minister says Wales' rates may be a few weeks behind England as he delays easing lockdown.

Lockdown changesDespite the rise in coronavirus rates, the first minister announced a series of small measures he said were designed "to make those regulations easier to understand and to apply to everyday life".They included:The number of people who can attend a wedding or civil partnership reception or wake, organised by a business in an indoors regulated premise, such as a hotel, will be determined by the size of the venue and a risk assessment

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Small grassroots music and comedy venues will be able to operate on the same basis as hospitality venues, like pubs and cafesPrimary school children in the same school contact group or bubble will be able to stay overnight in a residential outdoor education centre

Pilot events in theatre, sport and other sectors will also continue throughout June and JulyRules in Wales will be reviewed again on 15 July.The Welsh Conservatives called for Mr Drakeford to give more clarity on when restrictions would be eased further.

James Evans, the party's shadow minister for mental health and well-being, said: "We do have to be cautious with the Delta variant spreading across Wales and the UK. However I would like some light at the end of the tunnel from the first minister.

"Hospitalisations are 95% lower than their previous peak, deaths are 99% lower then their previous peak. 80% have antibodies, 96% of those of the over-65s and in the vulnerable groups have antibodies, and I think in Wales we do need to have some idea of Freedom Day - the vaccine programme is working, we just need a bit of light at the end of the tunnel."

Plaid Cymru said the pause of easing restrictions "made sense", but called for greater support for those directly affected.Sian Gwenllian, the party's deputy leader in the Senedd, said: "We don't know how much pressure this will put on our hospitals, so keeping the status quo for a further four weeks does make complete sense, as does the focus on vaccination to maximise protection.

"But I do think we need clarity from Welsh Government on support measures, for businesses, for those needing to self-isolate, and for the track and trace work of local authorities." Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Scaremongering bull. Keep up the pretence, keep people locked up with freedom removed. What kind of a psychological problem are the scientists and politicians breeding here? Humans are meant to be free. Why have the vaccine? Obviously not working. World still turning! The 31st ranked cause of death in Wales

Telling people to get the vaccine and saying there’s going to be a third wave is a complete oxymoron… England too but chumcock and Boris want money and back room deals done before the third lockdown Sorry to be a gloom and doom. England will be nexted. Then Scotland in 14 days time. Then back to square one. Hope you all had a great time on holiday.

Anything to keep the restrictions going. No wonder ... R rate of DELTA is between 5-8 Oh, so 90% have been vaccinated and there's another wave, put your energy into something more useful media bullshit, PCR false positives, this is the new agenda This whole pandemic response should have been done centrally from Westminster as if we were at war. Not surprised of confusing messages.

So what you fool!!!!! By the end of all this, the Welsh would have been locked away longer than Drakeford's son

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They are lying just like the tories did. He must be so happy. According to the BBC it’s one in every 1500 people !! Hardly a wave

Covid now 31st leading cause of death in WalesThe mortality rate for Covid in Wales drops to its lowest level in the pandemic, analysis shows. I doubt covid has ever been number one The first still being 'death by internal bleeding caused by sheep kicks' ? Hey now, hey now, don't say it's over..........

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