Covid vaccine update: When will one be ready?

How do some of the coronavirus vaccines which have published trial data compare?

11/24/2020 5:20:00 PM

How do some of the coronavirus vaccines which have published trial data compare?

Hopes are rising that an effective vaccine against Covid-19 will be available soon.

Who will get the vaccine first?This depends on where Covid is spreading when the vaccine becomes available and in which groups each is most effective.Older care home residents and stafffollowed by health workers like hospital staff, and the over-80s.Age is, by far, Covid's biggest risk factor.

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What still needs to be done?Trials must show the vaccine is safeHuge-scale development must happen for the billions of potential dosesRegulators must approve the vaccine before it can be givenResearchers still need to find out how long any protection may last

It is thought that 60-70% of the global population must be immune to stop the virus spreading easily (herd immunity) - billions of people, even if the vaccine works perfectly.What do I need to know about the coronavirus? Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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PM should 'meet the people whose lives he's destroying' via YouTube 😡😡😡😡😡😡 why would we want a vaccine full of crap when our bodies can fight 99.9% off illnesses ! NOWAYHOSAY I have seen no information in print or on the news regarding the length of immunity the vaccines Provide. Earlier research showed that antibodies didn’t often last that long in those with covid. Any research following up on trial participants a few months after vaccination?

Yes, when are they available? Can’t wait for MattHancock to receive a large prick - will probably be after he’s imprisoned for crimes against personal liberties.. But most people are not at risk of developing a serious case of covid ... most people don’t need this vaccine. Never will take it. No matter how many lies the BBC tells

These are not vaccines in the traditional sense. GET SAVED WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME OR THE UN WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. BBCScotlandNews When the suitable Tory donor (no experience in the field necessary) of choice commits to producing 65m Union odd miniature flags to slap on the packaging? 'Three Covid vaccines have been making the news recently. Do they work?' Edited that for you. And the answer is 'we don't know, and shouldn't be guinea pigs for this'.

Out come the foil hat brigade. I’d guess 7th December 😉 If you're going to take one, make sure it's the Oxford.... fakepandemic More good news please((( Vitamin c for a cold, don't be an idiot and buy this propaganda And what are the long term risks? a question that cannot be answered yet. BBCWorld No one still would be available !

I think the Pfizer vaccine acts like viagra as well as a nice side affect. BBCWorld What about Coronavac made in China? BBCWorld Oooh bull.😌 YE SARE LOG KO SRCC ME MILJAYEGA ADMISSION. YE WAHI KA CUT-OFF HAI. BBCWorld Cool Good old Lemsip for me! 👍👍👍 Didn’t the world come together to find the one vaccine?

I will take the Oxford one thanks not interested in the others BBCWorld ‘Published’ or just ‘posted’? Can’t seem to find any peer-reviewed references. BBCWorld What the fuck is 62-90%? BBCWorld Price, please BBCWorld As shown in the table the Russian one seems better overall BBCWorld US 'vaccines' are not vaccines, says this presenter.

BBCWorld Where´s the side effects percentage in this chart? BBCWorld Would someone let me know please, what is State wise Corona figure in India? Why are we touting a vaccine with a 90% (ish) effectiveness rate to combat a virus that has a 99% survival rate? The immune system is far better than old Frankenstein!

Getting the Oxford or dare I say it Russian vaccines to the poorer countries is likely to be far easier based on the storage requirements alone. very misleading table. BBCWorld BBCWorld Oxford for Africa on the way! I heard that Johnson owns plenty of fridges of different kinds and sizes. After the euphoria when positive announcements came thick and fast it looks as though it might not all be as rosy as we’d hoped. There seem to be regulatory issues both sides of the Atlantic and the logistical challenges are immense. Time for calm heads and clear thinking

Irrespective of any safety concerns regards the rapid development of vaccines, I still haven't heard any reasonable argument as to why Governments are promoting mass vaccinations against a virus that has a current (no vaccine) survivability rate of 99.97% You should also compare the price as that is the biggest difference!

BBCWorld Oxford said 1 Dose or 2? hah so the russian one is better than ours that is classic britain being a flop, get brexit done Two Never used before RNA ones - no thanks A GM virus one, I assume as no isolated virus strand has ever been presented - no thanks And a Russian one called Sputnik - no thanks

Imagine if england was the only honest one here 🤮🤮🤮🤮 I’ll take a couple of doses of the Sputnik V please. What a quality name 😊 I volunteered for the Russian vaccine trial, here in the Uk I received my first shot and wanted to let you know that it’s completely safe with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши

pfizer doing well in the stock market. seems very calculated and a great way to make money. i will take the vaccine but a lot of powerful and already rich people are benefiting from this pandemic financially What about coronavac? I will take the Oxford one thanks not interested in the others The poison dart will turn you into an AI/human hybrid if it doesnt kill you altogether. This is literally a life or death decision for people. RESIST!

Hands up if you're looking forward to a vaccine called Sputnik V.