Covid vaccine mandate could result in loss of 1,000 staff at leading hospital

Around 10 per cent of workers at King's College Hospital have yet to receive a first dose of the coronavirus vaccine

Vaccines, Nhs

1/9/2022 10:56:00 PM

The mandatory vaccine law for healthcare workers could result in the loss of 1,000 staff at a leading hospital, its chief has warned

Around 10 per cent of workers at King's College Hospital have yet to receive a first dose of the coronavirus vaccine

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Nicola Sturgeon feels the heat as four in 10 Scots in hospital for ‘non-Covid illnesses’🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Four in 10 people in Scotland’s hospitals with Covid are being primarily treated for other conditions rather than being admitted because they require medical care for the virus Yeah...thats what Hospitals are built for🤪 Hospitals have people requiring treatment for more than Covid-19 shock horror scandal - says xenophobic newspaper telegraph who obsess with attacking them Nicola, I don't think you've listened to a word we've been saying.

Covid 'should be treated like flu' and mass vaccination 'needs to end'Dr Clive Dix helped pharmaceutical companies create Covid jabs and is a supporter of the booster campaign, but he said it is now time for hte UK to change tact and return to a 'new normality' careful mate you might get banned for such comments Treat it like the flu, so you vaccinated every year. Your headline makes no sense. Mass lobotomies are the answer. The no brain antivaxers won't be alone.

Scientists in Cyprus identify new 'Deltacron' Covid strainLeonidos Kostrikis, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus, said the strain has a similar genetic structure to Omicron with the genomes of Delta. No they didn’t Wrong again!!!! You're now rubbing your hands with excitement, do you pray for a new variant weekly?

Lessons on how to live with Covid-19 are still to be learnt\n\t\t\tLet our global subject matter experts broaden your perspective with timely insights and opinions you\n\t\t\tcan’t find anywhere else.\n\t\t Roughly 90% of all coronavirus deaths will occur in those 60 years of age and older. Equally roughly 90% of the virus’s social and economic consequences will be paid by those younger than 60. It’s an intergenerational conflict of monstrous proportions. 1 test first

Covid: UK records more than 150,000 deathsThe UK is the seventh country to pass this number, after the US, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico and Peru. BBCPolitics Death within 28 days of a positive test/covid mentioned on death certificate does NOT equate to people actually dying of respiratory difficulties caused by active infection. It’s actually so far away from that. Change the narrative and be honest: covid deaths are much lower. Maybe you should start holding the government to account instead of posting this self-serving drivel. 150’000 testing positive with covid why’s the narrative changed

Minister Nadhim Zahawi breaks ranks over Covid quarantine to back cutEducation Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said taking two days off the current seven-day isolation period would be 'helpful' in getting the UK back on its feet as Omicron rattles through the population. Clearly has no idea about child care and the how the positive tests show in family groups.