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Daniel Andrews, Coronavirus

Covid update: Victoria premier Daniel Andrews calls for ring of steel around Sydney – video

Covid update: Victoria premier Daniel Andrews calls for ring of steel around Sydney – video

7/23/2021 6:06:00 AM

Covid update: Victoria premier Daniel Andrews calls for ring of steel around Sydney – video

The Victoria n premier has called for a 'ring of steel' to be put around Sydney to contain the spread of Covid-19 after Victoria recorded 14 new cases

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almost like some sort of... iron... curtain build a moat around them Dan keep our vaccines here . tell Glad bags and Dr Chant it’s not easy to lockdown they need to keep the course. I must have a ring of steel I often see rust stains on my Jocks ....boom 💥 This is why we need a monarchy, DanielAndrewsMP. A unified approach.

Just like Chinese Premier who said he would defend his country with a ring of steel. Nailed it! Mexico will pay for it…!!! A vaccine is not an antidote, carry the mask, distancing and washing hands. The best thing to do to avoid the worst. Whether you are vaccinated or not. Premier of the state in the middle of its 5th lockdown in 16 months,with by far the most covid deaths in Aus,should be reluctant to tell other premiers how to handle the virus.NSW hasn’t handled this well,but I don’t buy the notion that Andrews is completely blameless,either

Covid in Scotland: 'Reassuring' results in Covid vaccine side effects studyA survey of more than 12,000 people says fewer than 8% experience significant side effects after their jabs. ASTRAZENECA, PFİZER-BIONTECH AŞILARINDAKİ YAN ETKİLER SINIRINI ÇİZDİĞİNİZ KONULARDAN İBARET DEĞİLDİR.! AŞILAR KAN HÜCRELERİNE ZARAR VERİYOR.! BU YÜZDEN AŞILAR VİRÜSÜ DURDURMUYOR.! BU YÜZDEN AŞILARDA ANTİKOR ÖMRÜ YOKTUR.! BU YÜZDEN AŞILANSADA VİRÜS BULAŞIYOR,VİRÜS BULAŞTIRIYOR! The issue is not side-effects primarily, but vaccine-induced immune escape mutants. Why is Delta spiking in the most vaccinated countries ?

Spot on Dan, get them told thanks I want 1 of those!

Victoria Covid update: cases reach 10-month high, with 22 new local infections Health minister optimistic state getting ahead of the outbreak as South Australia reports one new case

‘I am incredibly fearful’: regional Victoria pushed to its limit by Covid outbreakWith a third of the state’s close contacts located outside Melbourne, anxiety is mounting over long testing lines, lack of surge workforce and limited vaccine supply Where is are ring of steel DanielAndrewsMP Covid has hit Heyfield now. How did this happen truly after the horse has bolted? Yes it’s hit Heyfield in Victoria now. What happened to protecting the regional areas? Last time,”ring of steel”. Now a hoolahoop

‘We were just shocked’: community mourns after Covid death of Sydney removalists’ motherChurch group pays tribute to 57-year-old mother of five Saeeda Akobi Jjou Stu, who immigrated with her family from Iraq in 2016 Had the lady had a vaccine shot? RIP. this is terrible news Removalist?

Boris Johnson faces major Tory rebellion over Covid vaccine passport plansOver 40 MPs have signed pledges to oppose measures No more kissing and groping outside Whitehall Isn't it strange that, when BorisJohnson wants to restrict folk from going into nightclubs, etc., the Conservatives MPs call foul, but when he restricted the ability of folk to go and live and work freely in the EU, they backed him to the hilt?

First athlete quits the Tokyo Olympics due to Covid infectionFernanda Aguirre, a Chilean taekwondo fighter, (pictured) and Candy Jacobs, a Dutch skateboarder, are the first athletes forced to quit the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for Covid.