Covid: Third wave of cases is inevitable, says top doctor

Third wave of coronavirus 'inevitable', one of Wales' top critical care doctors says

3/3/2021 10:23:00 PM

Third wave of coronavirus 'inevitable', one of Wales' top critical care doctors says

The timing and peak depend on how and when lockdown is eased, a critical care doctors says.

The possibility ofopening self-contained accommodation before Easterwill also be considered.Meanwhile, the boss of a body representing police in north Wales said officers were entering a period of uncertainty and support from the Welsh government had been "woeful".

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"Police are damned either way - they're damned if they do, damned if they don't," said Mark Jones, general secretary of the North Wales Police Federation."If the police enforce, they're being accused of being heavy-handed and if they don't enforce they're accused of being too soft."

He said the Welsh government needed to be "crystal clear" in its communication of what restrictions allowed in the future and called for partner agencies with enforcement powers to use them to support the police.Dr Simon Williams, a senior lecturer at Swansea University who is studying public attitudes towards lockdown, said there had been "much confusion" about the rules, particularly when UK nations had taken differing approaches.

He also warned about so-called "alert fatigue" where people may "switch off" from changes to the rules when they happen frequently.He said it would be better if the Welsh government introduced "wholesale changes" less frequently and explained why these might be different to other UK countries.

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Covid: PM praises 'patience' as England restrictions ease - BBC News

Boris Johnson says the next step on the lockdown roadmap can happen, with retail and hospitality reopening.

Africa Ghana Accra vaccine shot How about Africa Ghana Accra city Strawb15Stephen Schools back and super spreader groups not yet vaccinated and folks still doing selfish moronic things potential high risk of it increasing Won't we all be vaccinated by then? I thought vaccines were going to prevent hospital admissions and deaths from Covid!

Have they made any predictions for flu cases? Sorry, I forgot, we have miraculously eliminated the flu virus! At least the medical profession are acknowledging this. Can we make sure the NHS is ready this time. One scaremongering doctor’s opinion Meanwhile the consensus of scientific opinion is: analyse the data and open up appropriately when it’s safe to do so.

I’ve been saying this for a long time now, and it’s going to be ferocious... I'm just tired. Exhausted with all the scaremongering, the negativity, the constant bullshit that the media is feeding us. Just let it be. Lets wait and see. But for now just let 21 June be that glimmer of light at the end of this Covid Tunnel! pleasestop sickofthisbs

For everyone calling this article negative.. Sage have modelled 4 scenarios for reopening. Each leads to a 3rd wave around July. The severity of the peak being determined by how fast restrictions are eased. Drakeford is on record saying it's 'baked in' Hey who saw this coming, bbc full of shit as usual

Type5V1 X7 THROW QHow much of an impact will the third wave have in; A1/The UK? A2/The USA? A3/Europe? (3-Word Answer) A1(+25)=...and BURN down... A2(+29)=...Zala HAD accepted... A3(+19)=...he HAD leafed... Note: It doesn't look good especially for the UK. Maybe younger people will be hit more as they wouldn’t be vaccinated

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I thought the elderly and vulnerable had been vaccinated and considering the death toll on them since Christmas how can that be? If the vaccine stops transmission, how is that going to happen we already had it u inept 🦠s 👀🤔🤷‍♂️😷 Oh. This is going to upset a good number of covidiots who think that the pandemic is over and we should reopen everything right now.

Someone ought to tell him about the vaccine. Of course, because all the f$kwits will get drunk and there will be no keeping apart in the night time economy. No cause there's a vaccine out there that prevents a third wave so thats stupid no way it will happen. BBC don't publish this. Delete it. Bury it. Or are you lockdown lovers too busy jerking off to young people's depression and suicides