Covid pandemic is 'nowhere near over', WHO warns

Covid pandemic is 'nowhere near over' and new variants are likely to emerge, WHO warns

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1/19/2022 10:03:00 AM

Covid pandemic is 'nowhere near over' and new variants are likely to emerge, WHO warns

'This pandemic is nowhere near over,' chief of the UN health body Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters from WHO's headquarters in Geneva on Tuesday.

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Stick a fork in it baby! Go to hell you de omicron Mörder you Please give us a break Hold on to those 15 mins of fame, my friend!! Translation :”its my stage and I’m not ready for this show to end quite yet” So, just like the flu then....but milder. I read the report of ONS data on deaths caused by COVID not with COVID. Everyone should read it and ask what the hell has this been about.

Pandemic may teach human to remain united. 1Earth 1Planet and so the Planet defence system against the threat to the Humanity outside & inside earth must be managed by a single Team. like Earth Space Team representing earth & Earth Pandemic team for tackling Pandemic situations. We all know it's going to end in chips. Most likely.

No. One. Cares. Anymore. Himmmmm resigntedros Oh FFS. I'm all for taking care of ourselves but this living in fear thing is not living at all. Enough is enough.

COVID-19: Legal challenge launched against COVID pass in WalesA legal challenge is to be launched against the mandatory COVID pass policy in Wales This pass to will lead to black market dealings to get one..

Oh please. The common cold has been around forever. Influenza too. They mutate all the time. Enough if this insanity. Interdasting sidowen5 Just like the flu It is in the UK Mr WHO & SAGE: Charlatans. Trump was right who 😃😃😃😃 Milking the gravy train to death It's over when we the people say it's over. And we've had enough, the only 'pandemic' is a pandemic of authoritarianism.

So in a nut shell, 'don't stop giving us power over your life'. 'Pay attention to us!'

Former FDA chief says Omicron may be end of Covid as infections and deaths riseDr Scott Gottlieb says Omicrcon likely to become dominant strain of coronavirus Words can neither qualify how helpful your guidance and advice has been to me. I am and will be forever grateful for all your advice and guidance during my enrollment on your platform SamAndCoTradin I hope he's right. 🙏 We need to get back to a normal life. What is Billgates saying? Are there no more deaths in Africa as it was said by him his Belinda?

Bank chief quits after breaking Covid rules with trips to WimbledonA £4 million-a-year investment banking chief has quit his job after he was found to have twice flouted Covid rules, including making visits to the Wimbledon tennis tournament when he should have been in quarantine. Powerful words from Ayanna Pressley: 'We cannot remain silent when our government sends $3.8 billion of military aid to Israel that is used to demolish Palestinian homes, imprison Palestinian children, and displace Palestinian families. A budget is a reflection of our values.' another joining the elite ? “Mr Horta-Osório, who was awarded an honorary knighthood by the Queen last June… “

Hawaii warns tourists must get COVID booster to be 'fully vaccinated'Hawaii Gov. David Ige is currently working to determine what 'actions are necessary' to implement the booster shot requirement in the state's Safe Travels program. GovHawaii I hope your tourism industry tanks in 2022

Omicron Covid wave may finally be retreating as infections drop says Gov adviserSAGE member Professor Mike Tildesley has said by the end of the year the country may have a 'flu-type' relationship with coronavirus because of milder Covid strains

Mother hospitalised with Covid grateful for supportA young unvaccinated mother who was in intensive care with Covid, thanks local people for their help. Another no Vaxer. Most cryout regret for not getting vaxed, as they lie in an ICU bed clinging to life. This one is a slow learner. It’s stated she still isn’t sure about getting immunized. I guess I can only feel bad for her family. Another unvaccinated rat taking up a bed, why don't these mongrels have to pay it is ridiculous. Stopped reading when it said she is still not sure about getting vaccinated...what a joke... why have the bbc given her the time of day?

WHO chief warned against dismissing the coronavirus Omicron variant as mild. Omicron more contagious than previous variants but causes less serious disease. Some have suggested that Covid is passing from pandemic stage to endemic. But Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that the sheer numbers of people still being infected will mean many vulnerable people falling ill and dying