Covid: No 10 'keeping a close eye' on rising Covid cases

Downing Street says it is 'keeping a very close eye' on rising Covid cases

10/19/2021 7:46:00 PM

Downing Street says it is 'keeping a very close eye' on rising Covid cases

But Boris Johnson says the rollout of a Plan B to control the virus in England has not been discussed.

Getty ImagesDowning Street says it is "keeping a very close eye" on rising Covid cases - but the cabinet has not yet discussed rolling out its Plan B to control coronavirus in England this winter.Daily cases have been above 40,000 for seven days in a row, with 43,738 new Covid cases reported on Tuesday.

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Another 223 deaths have been reported, the highest since March, but Tuesday figures are often bigger than others. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Sitting back and watching the death rate rise after setting the virus free. ☹️ Effectively culling the weak herd members. It's all about £ with the Tories. Is that after Johnson has had his Christmas holiday abroad! We still have a little bit more room for a few more bodies to stack high in the streets!

Oh good that’s put my mind at rest then. Just wait for another month or two and when it gets critical start harping on about ‘hindsight’ and blaming us for not wearing masks etc,ya know,the Tory way of doing things. ToryCovidDisaster Bullshit Does anyone believe any of this anymore ? The people in Downing St are elected and paid to do something, not just tuck into the popcorn.

A reminder that the World Health Organisation described BorisJohnson's reopening plan as 'moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity'... Watching covid rise, inflation rise, interest rates about to rise, economy plummeting down, shortages rise. Watching while the country collapses. Tom_Randall I am very concerned that Downing Street are only keeping a very close eye on rising cases. We are by far the worst in Europe. We need plan B now. And what has happened to booster jabs? Everything has gone quiet!

But that eye has trouble opening and focusing

UK Covid cases near 50,000 in one day as No 10 warns of ‘challenging’ winterReported number of cases rise steadily in October to reach highest level since 17 July Challenging to find a sun lounger by the pool in Marbella…or challenging to find a wallpaper shop open on Christmas Eve? Boris all over, knee jerk reaction after the fact. Europe also heading into winter & kids at school and whatever other excuse he comes up with. But hey, they mainly wear masks in shops, public transport oh and you have to be vaxxed to go to a cafe or restaurant Is the UK still only giving 12-17s only one shot? Why is that? I thought everyone was saying that creates conditions for a vaccine-evasive virus?

A glass eye? Downing Street could do better than that, if it chose. Why do you not report the actual truth of what they're doing, let the people know? Is that not your job? On rising covid cases? Or their standing in the opinion polls? Vax programme disintegrating, no restrictions, hospitals struggling, and an airliner full of people dying every day. That should be the news...

and still ignoring what's in front of them. No rush! Boris Johnson “keeping a very close eye’ on rising Covid cases does not ease my concerns. That doesn’t fill me with confidence. They are incapable and been late with every other decision. Covid19UK No they ain’t It's not necessary, just to make sure, people are all vaccinated.

In between Tignello bottles & child minders .

How Japan became a Covid success story as daily cases drop below 100Almost overnight, Japan has become a stunning, and somewhat mysterious, coronavirus success story 'Almost overnight, Japan has become a stunning, and somewhat mysterious, coronavirus success story' It's a mystery 🙄 Why not talk about other countries whose numbers are less than 50? 1 example no one will talk about is Saudi Arabia. They reported 38 cases yesterday & are phasing out the precautionary measures (masks) in public outdoor places. Talk about New Zealand & how they did it.

Let’s hope that the people who die are not truck drivers. Those numbers are a disgrace, close it down for winter open it up in summer, but what ever you do don’t try and stop it. They want to make sure the numbers don't get too low Is that the same as “ putting their arms around care homes”? So that’s okay then😬

Oh well that's ok then Wow, so much action. Other countries must look at our govt. with envy. [SARCASM ALERT.] You are a disgrace. Yes, you, Now they’re not. Boris couldn’t give a shit. Seriously folks - when is going to be clear to all? It will be too late AGAIN when they realise it's getting out of hands!!

rawls_heather Phew that’s fine then Watching won’t help us. It’s doing we need but being proactive isn’t their way

COVID-19: UK records 57 more coronavirus-related deaths and 45,140 new cases, daily figures showThe latest figures come after as former prime minister Gordon Brown told Sky News a failure to send unused COVID vaccines from Europe and the US to developing countries would be an act of 'criminal' neglect. Winter scaremongering campaign launched!👏👏👏 What do they want in return Fear and anxiety in the public so they will go for the covid jabs😒 They will rather accuse us of misinformation and disinformation😆, calling us antivaxers They level of hypocrisy is mind-blowing! Mzansi follow uk trends I would find more relevant how many people have had two vaccines? You can still get the flu even after the flu jag, it’s the vaccine that helps you not get it as bad. Covid is not going away but better reporting of how effective the vaccine is working is what’s important

ScottishIndependence3 COVID-19 jags, and we’ll be HomeFree No, what the govt is saying calm down dear. Everything is under control. We know what we’re doing. You just get back to work and pay your ever increasing taxes. It’s a horrific way to nudge the public into accepting the unacceptable. Yeah..Sure, Maybe they should ask the 'babysitter '

About as close an eye as daredevil I assume Well that’s reassuring isn’t it? 🙄 10DowningStreet if only a general guide to start wearing masks in all public places this would help!! How very reassuring going to be late again boris Have they borrowed Dominic2306 eyes after his visit to Barnard Castle I really really hope so, the numbers are a little scary - and this is before Christmas mingling and winter flu!!

Covid-19: Impact on music industry revealed and why UK cases are so highFive things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Tuesday morning.

Also known as: doing absolutely fuck all about it despite the highest absolute infection numbers globally, and the highest death rate. Go on BBC, call it out as a travesty rather than commenting blandly and moving on to the weather. Well that's all right then. Blah, blah, blah. ToryLies People aren't wearing masks

We all are as the media ram it down our throats. too late as usual Oh well we all know how well that will work won't we ! More like a very CLOSED eye! That’s alright then 🙄

UK teachers and parents: how is your school coping as Covid cases rise?With Covid-related absence on the increase among pupils in England and low rates of vaccination among 12-15 year-olds, what has it been like for school leaders, teachers and parents this term? When I look at my register, I have approx 4 students who are positive and self-isolating. While their friends are in class coughing My daughter's primary school has over 20 cases and 7 is in my daughter's class, majority of parents are not wearing masks or social distancing, the schools needs to do much more. RealityOfRapture TheMessiahIsComing BeHoly BeRighteous RepentRepentRepent RealityOfRapture 아버지 하나님을 알도록 택함 받은자가 당신입니다

They forgot the d 'Closed eye' A report just exposed their fatal errors in Covid handling contributing to avoidable death of the public , yet absolutely nothing was done to prevent that happening further + same death-causing mistake-makers still in charge of people’s lives ?! How, why? 😶 You know what's coming when they mention that

Jacinda Ardern blames rule-breakers as New Zealand sees record rise in Covid casesHealth officials have not been able to link over half of Tuesday’s cases to existing infections Does she not realise it's airborne yet? It will get in regardless & isolation weakens immunity by both introduction & psychological effects of hormone boosts by being around others.