Covid LIVE: Horror update as UK hits highest daily death count since MARCH –lockdown fears

Worrying news just in Covid LIVE: Horror update as UK hits highest daily death count since MARCH –lockdown fears

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10/19/2021 6:35:00 PM

Worrying news just in Covid LIVE: Horror update as UK hits highest daily death count since MARCH –lockdown fears

BORIS JOHNSON is being urged to immediately ramp up the UK's Covid vaccine booster programme as the nation hits its highest daily death count since March, raising fears new lockdown rules will be needed.

Profesor Neil Furguson said the government"was very clear it wanted to move away from social distancing measures".The Sage member added that"people need to be aware that we have currently higher levels of infection in the community than we've almost ever had during the pandemic - for the last three or four months we've been up at well over 1% of the population infected at any point in time".

When asked whether people are now too relaxed he said it's"prudent to be cautious in everyday interactions" and said"we're not completely out of the woods yet".He added:"Coming into the winter, there may be a Plan B which needs to be implemented, which involves some rolling back of measures, but I doubt that we'll ever get close to lockdown we were in in January of this year."

8 hours agoFrancesca Edwards'Number of reasons' UK has high infection ratesProfessor Neil Ferguson, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) from Imperial College London, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme there is"a number of reasons" why the UK currently has higher infection levels than many other European countries.

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"First of all, we have lower functional immunity in our population than most other Western European countries and that's for two reasons."Partly, we were very successful in getting vaccination rolled out early and we know that gradually immunity wanes over time after you've had that second dose, so how early we were means we are a bit more vulnerable.

"Second, we relied more on the AstraZeneca vaccine and, while that protects very well against very severe outcomes of Covid, it protects slightly less well than Pfizer against infection and transmission, particularly in the face of the Delta variant.

"And finally, we just sit behind a few other countries, not dramatically, but we're no longer in the top rank of European countries in terms of overall vaccination coverage, particularly vaccinating teenagers. Overall coverage rates here are considerably lower, for instance, than in Spain, Portugal and Denmark."

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8 hours agoFrancesca EdwardsThousands fear lockdown will returnNearly half of Brits fear there will be another lockdown later this year, according to a new poll.Savanta ComRes conducted a survey which found 49 percent of people believe there will be additional lockdowns and 74 percent of people were concerned about another wave this winter.

Fears are highest among those aged over 55 at 78 percent.

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Have the children been vaccinated as promised? Are booster being rolled out? Did relaxing of rules contribute? More to the point. WHAT ARE THE GOVERNMENT'S PLANS NOW. WE ARE AT LEAST TOP OF EUROPE FOR SOMETHING.

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