Covid: Labour suspends Oxford councillor for getting jab 'privately'

Labour suspends Oxford councillor for getting covid jab 'privately'

3/3/2021 11:44:00 AM

Labour suspends Oxford councillor for getting covid jab 'privately'

The Labour party investigates after Jamila Azad claims to have been vaccinated by a private doctor.

Councillor Jamila Azad declined to comment about the issueA Labour councillor has been suspended from the party after claiming on social media to have received a Covid vaccination from a private doctor.Jamila Azad, who has been elected to both Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council, has since removed the post from her Facebook page.

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The government said jabs were only allowed to be administered by the NHS.Ms Azad said she did not want to comment. The Labour party confirmed an investigation was under way.The original Facebook post showed Ms Azad and a woman thought to be her daughter receiving injections from a man in medical scrubs and PPE, according to the

.'Suspended by the whips'It was accompanied with the comment: "My darling daughter took me to a Private Care Doctor for Covid 19 vaccine. A long wait for NHS waiting list. We had take away from Akber take away."It is unclear where Ms Azad and her daughter, who works in London and the Middle East, may have received the vaccine.

A spokesman for the Department of Health and Social Care said: "It would be illegal to administer vaccines outside of the NHS and, if this happened, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) would take enforcement action."

Susan Brown and Liz Brighouse, the leaders of the Labour groups at Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council respectively, issued a joint statement in relation to the post.It said: "Following a recent post on her Facebook account about her Covid-19 vaccination, Councillor Jamila Azad has been suspended by the whips of both the Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council Labour groups, pending further investigation.

"Councillor Azad has now removed the post in question."We will be making no further comment on this matter until formal investigations into it have been completed." Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Some are more equal than others BikerGary17 You gotta love a bit of champagne socialism dhs14651 That’s socialism for ya ......! dhs14651 A neighbour mentioned her son who’s an housing officer in a labour run council, had his because he was a key worker! What about all these shop-workers that have been on the tills keeping the economy ticking over , do not they deserve it.

JimLockett6 Typical socialist principles Neoliberals always look after themselves and each other. ghm58 She can have mine! Why does it predominantly seem to be labour councillors up to no good Is that Rachel Levine's long lost twin brother? Typical corrupt Labour I didnt know it was available privately Course she did.

Another inspirational example of “New Leadership” Starmer? Keir_Starmer UKLabour You are not supposedly able to get a private vaccination in the UK. Either the vaccine was stolen from NHS, or it was imported in which case that vaccine has not been certified. Police should be involved LeslieH24367191 Privatisation seems to work.

The usual suspects... Well if she paid I dont see that as the problem but seems to be for the privilege fee..and yet she is a labour MP If she was a Conservative the BBC would have a picture of somebody dying in hospital in the corner. InvictaRegina In her fanny? Typical Labour Well that’s what she said she got. Doesn’t mean she did. Obviously not the cleverest one is she.

Probably Labour bought from Putin. Russia support socialists LTHlondon See you at the tribunal ... dont forget your cheque book Whatever the rights and wrongs politically, ethically and morally how could she be so stupid to put it on social media I didn't know you could have it privately. How is that possible if the vacs makers are only selling it to Public sector?

WeNeedR2PInMyanmar SaveMyammar WhatsHappeninglnMyanmar Holbornlolz Standard Labour, do as I say not as I do! Cheat and cut corners it comes naturally to them. Atleast she never claimed it on expenses. Or did she . . . . ? Waiting for Dr Rosena Khan to comment. Since when was it available privately? If some doctor is selling it illegally then that should be your story !!

Seriously? So what. The vaccine won’t keep you from getting it and if she hasn’t had Covid by now, she most likely wouldn’t get it. It was a wasted vaccine. She should probably be sacked for stupidity. If you are going to 'cheat' the system, you don't tell everyone. Absolutely disgraceful. If she wanted the vaccine privately then yes. Iam still waiting to be contacted by my GP for the vaccine and Iam 69.

Is it because they missed a photo opportunity for some pr stunt Well I hope at least she had the Oxford vaccine. I don't understand. What's wrong with that? It means she paid for a jab rather than adding to the queue. Folk get so worked up over this. We all need the jab by any means and if those with more money want to pay for it, then that's fine by me. No over-analysis required. Geez

Ridiculous, q jumping. Should be sacked due to abusing position. Sack her. Is that a he or a she? She isn’t the parties property! It’s her business! The bedwetter party Will DrRosena be making a statement? Labour ! ‘The party that keeps giving’ - sorry, I meant ‘Taking’ Holbornlolz You get free ear phones worth £250 with each jab...

“Some animals are more equal than others” oink oink Trust a labour councillor to go private. Trailer_Swift69 Ha ha so a labour councillor tried to discredit the governments vaccine roll out and it has massively backfired 😂 is that not good it helps the HNS and it saves lives & her life ( oh and is it not this gov idea in trying to give as many jabs to as many people as soon as poss

I thought the vaccine is not available privately. What’s going on? Do not go into any invest without a proper knowledge of when to invest, where to invest and how to invest.. for investment ideas contact adinksphillip This is a huge surprise Keir_Starmer Should be sacked not suspended. turquoise1112 Another disgraced Labour councillor.

You foget it's really just elites and then the rest of us. Holbornlolz Hypocrisy in the Labour Party; I'm shocked!!!!! Labour double standards own goal...🤪 😂 wow For the few not the many. There are shortages in Scotland, why are the vaccines available to Private Clinics? in principal doesn't sound so bad; but they have taken a dose from someone else; as likely not on record; will be allocated another one so take more doses. so in total 4 doses. 2 maybe from abroad; but still someone else's & shows uncontrolled vaccines out there supported by them

And with a qualification in ‘stupidity’ it would seem! Does she even know 100% what she was injected with? I’m not an anti vaxxer by any stretch but getting a black market inoculation just feels a bit dodgy. If true, it’s disgraceful. Trailer_Swift69 Entitled? Much ? Probably used taxpayers money to pay for it as well.

Crime of the century. People jumping on the fact it’s a labour councillor 🙄 I bet there’s loads of tories doing the exact same, just not been spunked across the press 👀 Up the essential workers. While the rest of us have to wait Not only her but the person who administered the vaccine should be prosecuted

How stupid do you have to be to put it on social media 🤣 How is this even possible? It is illegal for the jab to be given outside of the NHS. The rich should not be able to cue jump when it comes to public health. Not surprisingly it’s a Labour candidate doing this. Practise what you preach and all that.

labour for themselves She got the jab...why does a goverment have to control people's preferences? and I suppose the honourable BBC has no evidence of tories doing the same thing? it's the old Bentley syndrome, OK for the tory to turn up for a meeting in a posh motor but god forbid a union/labour representative doing likewise.

What has this to do with the Labour Party? Thank God they are not in power! Holbornlolz Labour party again? Very telling that she felt ok about talking about it. Bad judgement and socially unaware. Should not be a councillor. How do people get these jobs? They are YOUNG , they are INNOCENT. They don't deserve to be treated like this. The police and military in Myanmar are all TERRORISTS. SaveMyammar WhatsHapppeningInMyanmar

I am wondering if some doctors are taking the daily unused vaccines (the ones that would have to be destroyed at the end of the day) and selling them after hours 🤔 Holbornlolz Personally I'd rather the odd person paid privately than thousands refuse to have the jab. We need to protect people, and the best way of doing that is if everyone is vaccinated. Obviously we don't want vaccines diverted from the NHS.

Holbornlolz Some animals are more equal than others Government have said it will not be available Privately. What is going on ? !!!!! A Labour politician jumps the queue once again. Holbornlolz True socialism 😂😂😂 What she meant was she slipped an NHS doctor a bung. Who is selling vaccine ? Surely that's a more concerning question.

And so she should. Labour are suppose to be behind the NHS and a party member goes privately. How is this happening? How are private doctors getting hold of the vaccines?. Absolutely unbelievable!!!!!! Wow how is that possible ! Suspended for a couple of months, then when the voters are looking the other way. Quietly reinstated & put back on the money train, a working class vote for labour is a vote for self harm.

A corrupt Labour politician? I'm shocked. 🤣 The question you need to ask is whether she is in the uk or overseas? I find it hard to believe any Dr private or not in the uk would do this as they will lose their license. What a shock!!! It’s funny the amount of privatisation, exclusivity and law-breaking the left will allow in their own self-interest.

How bizarre. The Rich and privileged are queue jumping Why?, if she could afford it and payed for it, surely that's up to her?. But won't touch AngelaRayner or DawnButlerBrent Odd. Why would anyone vote for the labour party? Why do people hate our country so much that theyd vote for labour politicians? its sad.