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Covid-infected body washes up on Vanuatu

Covid-infected body washes up on Vanuatu forcing officials to ban all travel from the island nation

4/20/2021 4:28:00 AM

Covid-infected body washes up on Vanuatu forcing officials to ban all travel from the island nation

The body of a Filipino fisherman was discovered near the capital of Port Vila on April 11 and was then taken to a local mortuary for testing - where the man was found to have Covid-19.

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Brits touch down in Portugal: 'It feels unreal'

Leisure travel from England, Scotland and Wales, to a select number of countries, is now allowed.

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Covid: Plan for two pills to treat Covid at home 'by autumn' - BBC News'It hasn’t yet been deemed a variant of concern' PM Boris Johnson says India is on the UK travel red list on a “purely precautionary basis” and surge testing is taking place while the Indian Covid variant is being investigated And we believe him , why ? Amazing news, but get everyone vaccinated first/as the priority. Hmm is this the disinfectant now being bottled by Trump Industries?

Covid jab could ‘cure’ long-Covid as third of sufferers see symptoms disappearCORONAVIRUS vaccines could “cure” people suffering with long-Covid as over a third of sufferers have seen their symptoms disappear after having the jab, new figures have revealed. New d… This could is a great word.

Covid in Scotland: Family warning after 45-year-old dies of CovidThe death of Stephen Stewart, a married father-of-one, has shattered those closest to him. You are awful So sad “Let the bodies pile high in their thousands” - Boris Johnson. The man elected to keep safe the nation. Instead he put safety second to greed. BorisTheButcher BorisMustGo letthebodiespilehigh

India's Covid crisis: NI donate oxygen generators to India Covid fightThree generators, each producing 500 litres of oxygen a minute, will help during India's second surge.

COVID-19: Long COVID clinics may be needed beyond April next yearNHS England has spent £34m on opening 83 clinics but they could be necessary for longer than first thought. Fortnite Give it up, only the very stupid are still falling for all this hogwash. Sky,